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Many porcelain tile manufacturers & suppliers, & other professional suppliers of ceramics, are listed in this comprehensive online directory - WorldBuild365

The Ceramic Tiles Listed Can Be Bought Wholesale

  • Marvel Gems - porcelain & wall tile
    Marvel Gems - porcelain & wall tile
    Atlas Concorde

    Marvel Gems: floor and wall tiles inspired by Venetian Terrazzo Floor and wall tiles where Venetian Terrazzo is interpreted in a modern key with creativity and elegance, in line with Italian imagination and tradition.

  • Marvel Stone - porcelain & wall tiles
    Marvel Stone - porcelain & wall tiles
    Atlas Concorde

    Marvel Stone: marble-effect and stone-effect floor and wall tiles for spaces of absolute luxury An authentic furnishing project for floors and walls that combines surfaces inspired by luxuriously sophisticated marble and the simple natural elegance of stone to create spaces and areas of high visual impact and a truly contemporary feel.

  • Marvel - porcelain & wall tiles
    Marvel - porcelain & wall tiles
    Atlas Concorde

    Marvel: the highest ceramic expression of marble for charming and prestigious architectures Project inspired by precious marble: marble look porcelain floor tiles and coordinated wall tiles faithfully reproduce natural marble.

  • Supernova Onyx Wall Tile
    Supernova Onyx Wall Tile
    Atlas Concorde

    Aristocratic wall ceramic tiles from white clay with a texture for natural marble.

  • Dwell - porceilan & wall tiles
    Dwell - porceilan & wall tiles
    Atlas Concorde

    Dwell. Resin and concrete look coordinated floors and walls A project of floors and walls inspired by the world of brushed concrete and synthetic resins, for covering contemporary style venues, in architectural spaces that are avant-guard and original.

  • Clinker tiles Berg
    Clinker tiles Berg

    Clinker tiles gained their populariry because of their well-looking appearance and quality characteristics.

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Ceramic tiles are extremely versatile. They're also....

Durable, as they're highly resistant to wear and staining.

Adaptable and suitable for many different locations in a property, including both inside and out, on walls and floors.

Easy to maintain and repair, since it only requires the amount of cleaning regular flooring would get.

In the online catalogue here at WorldBuild365 are a host of ceramic wall tiles manufacturer and porcelain tile manufacturers, as well as numerous suppliers. These experts can produce and deliver ceramic tiles and sell them wholesale. The products they offer include...

Floor Tiles

Your ceramic tile supplier can provide:

Polished marble tiles which have an excellent aesthetic appeal and can be fitted in most domestic properties. They’re highly regarded by interior designers for their durability and beauty – the material is stainless, can’t be scratched, and can last for many years. In fact, if maintained properly the marble can last an entire lifetime. It should be noted that the manufacturers on this site can offer those that have high gloss and depth of colour, and those that are incredibly flat.

Ornamental cement tiles, which can be used for anything from creating special interior designs to restoring monuments. There are products that can fit rooms of any size, and their surprising versatility can be put to use in most areas. Also, these cement tiles are highly durable and long lasting.

Steel raised floor ceramic tiles that can have a base of cementitious steel, ceramic, or granite. These items are widely used in rooms made for banking, telecommunications, petroleum, and similar applications. This is because these tiles have class A fire resistance, high physical performance, long life spans, and total stability.

Artificial wood tiles that are more durable, sustainable, customizable, versatile, and cost-effective, than real wood flooring. These tiles look exactly like the real thing when fitted properly, and are very easy to maintain. Their enhanced durability also means that users don’t need to be concerned with scratching the surface like they would if it were authentic wood.

Special slip prevention tiles that are not only practical and functional, but tough, and highly resistant too. They feature special grooves that make them slip resistant, even in the event they’re covered in water – like if they were placed in a bathroom in a home.

Wall Tiles

Ceramic tile wholesalers can deliver:

Classic ceramic tiles that can come in a wide range of different styles. These are much easier to maintain than wall paper, paint, and other types of cladding. What’s more, the tiles can resist both moisture and humidity, which makes them ideal for damp environments and areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. Not to mention the fact that these ceramic tiles supplies are also stain and fire proof.

Rustic porcelain tiles of AAA grade – these products are of the highest possible quality. They’re also incredibly smooth, and available in specific special dimensions if required.

Micro-crystal tiles made with a combination of one-firing and 3D technology. These modern diamond blue glazed tiles feature a 2mm glass non-slip surface that’s resistant to acid, bacteria, sound, and water. In addition, these tiles also act as heat insulators.

Artificial brick tiles which have been designed to be much easier to install than authentic bricks. They’re lighter and actually more durable as well.

Façade tiles which have an extremely high resistance to various weather conditions. They’ve been used for many different kinds of exterior applications from outside subways to outside military barracks.