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Buy bathroom tile wholesale or connect with a granite slabs manufacturer - everything you need to start building with these beautiful & durable substances. Locate the Most Dependable Granite Stone Suppliers
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Ceramic Granite

  • Floors Allways
    Floors Allways

    Allways reinvents natural elements, translating them into a ceramic product with a soft, pastel tonality. A porcelain stoneware interpretation of wooden floors, inspired by Swedish modern style, takes on a new, contemporary role characterised by a spotless graphic purity and captivating nuances that warm up any home environment.

  • Wall coverings Privilege
    Wall coverings Privilege

    Privilege slabs are almost magical. Research and creativity have merged with dreams thanks to the modern technology that now allows us to choose, interpret and imagine the most precious stones and the most fantastic colours: onyx, gems, crystals and minerals. Imagination is free between colours and materials combining and enlarging geodes and onyx transforming them into large slabs.

The cultured marble manufactures you'll find here in the WorldBuild365 directory produce a huge range of tiles, stone slabs, ceramics, and other building materials. You'll find it simple to locate the materials which are right for you, taking into account:

Aesthetic requirements - there are dozens of different types of porcelain, ceramic, and marble available, in many different colors and shades.

Maintenance needs - most of these materials require almost zero maintenance of any kind.

The project at hand, with all types of building material being available - find stairs, tiles, and more!

With a huge range of granite stone suppliers listed right here, there'll always be one that provides the quality and quantity of material that you need. Instantly buy a granite countertop wholesale, or quickly search the product lists of all the top floor tile suppliers in the industry...

Natural Stone and Granite Floor and Wall Tiles

Whether you need to buy wholesale ceramic floor tile or purchase a small or large quantity of materials for inside or outside construction work, you'll find the right suppliers and manufacturers here...

White clay walls tiles reproduce the look of natural stone. Suitable for spaces which are aiming for concision and precision in their aesthetic appearance, this material offers a surface which is rich in detail while remaining minimalist.

Blue pearl granite may well be available from your granite slabs manufacturer. It is a widely used material in the construction of office and commercial spaces, and is equally useful for building steps, paving slabs, and a variety of other forms.

Red marble is another hugely popular type of granite used in both residential or commercial construction projects. Ranging from a dark burgundy to a lighter almost cherry color, with white striations, this material allows you to create a wide number of different effects.

Porcelain tiles have been used in construction for a long period of time due to their excellent qualities of durability and resistance to mechanical damage. In addition, they resist weather and aging effects well, as well as being easy to install and requiring almost no maintenance to retain their timeless look. Porcelain tiles tend to be harder wearing than their ceramic equivalents due to the more refined and purified nature of the clay which is used.

Treated Floor and Wall Tiles

Buy wholesale ceramic bathroom floor tile and match any aesthetic requirements you might have. These are materials which have been glazed or otherwise treated...

Ceramic granite is a next-generation building material. Its qualities of high strength and resistance to abrasion make it an ideal choice for almost any environment, especially in situations where heavy use or foot traffic are likely. It offers a high frost resistance with minimal water absorption.

Patterned glazed porcelain tiles allow you to create a rustic effect, especially when the pattern consists of white, cream, and terracotta shades. This type of tiling can suggest an appearance reminiscent of a Mediterranean villa or hotel space. They are usually available in a wide array of geometric patterns, matching any design requirements you might have.

Resinated porcelain stoneware comes from specialist suppliers. Ask your porcelain tile manufacturer if they provide this interesting new take on classic stoneware. The original precious material of this substance is laid onto a printed support base covered with a special resin which enhances both the natural patterns of the material and any printed designs. Because the process is not machine-based, small naturally-occurring imperfections make every piece unique.

Clinker tiles are partially vitrified during the process by which they are made, resulting in a toughened and water-resistant material that's ideal for exterior and interior use.