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It's on WorldBuild365 where a host of professional artificial stone manufacturers can be found - they offer high quality faux bricks, tiles, & much more.

Quartz and Other Artificial Stones from Top Suppliers

  • Facade tiles
    Facade tiles

    Our technology, on which are made of decorative concrete artificial finishing stone, you can create a unique landscape and interior design. Similar in beauty with natural stone finishing stone has a greater plasticity, variability, and has a smaller mass.

  • London brick Artificial Stone
    London brick Artificial Stone
    White Hills

    "London Brick" is intended for facades, interiors and other elements of landscape architecture. The texture of the brick imitates the "age-worn" brick wall. It was used in Gothic architecture. The brick fixed with a seam.

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Artificial stones are...

Stronger and more durable than natural stones

Cost-effective and less expensive than natural stones

Shaped and cast according to specific requirements

On WorldBuild365 there's a list of artificial stone manufacturers, cast stone suppliers and manufacturers, as well as quartz stone suppliers and manufacturers. And they can provide stones that have all the above qualities described above. More detail is given below:

Cast Stones

Artificial stone suppliers can sell:

Imitation quartz that’s suitable for various applications including countertops, kitchen-tops, work-tops, table-tops, vanity-tops, flooring tiles, wall tiles, and more. The quartz surface manufacturers in this directory can offer both slabs and tiles of many different sizes, all coming with a polished and honed finish. What’s more, this artificial quartz has a non-porous surface which ensures it has a high resistance to scratches, stains, heat, corrosion, and even bacteria. In addition, little water will be absorbed by the surface.

Imitation veneers are man-made using the highest quality materials – a superior mixture of cement, aggregate, and light aggregating agents colored with iron oxide. These innovative and aesthetically pleasing products provide all the benefits of authentic natural stone with none of the drawbacks. For example, the veneers are simple, convenient, and easy to install, and they can come in a wide range of shapes and colors that could all be mistaken for different types of real stone.

Imitation paving block stones that provide many advantages, including exceptional physical performance. These units are ideal for paving not only landscapes and park areas, but in front of offices and administrative buildings, shopping centers, exhibition centers, and similar structures too.

Imitation countertop stones that are both practical and functional, and last two times longer than real stone. Like the other artificial stones on offer, these countertops can be delivered in numerous different styles – their color, shape, and level of gloss can all be customized according to individual requirements. In addition, it should be noted that due to the nature of artificial stone the accumulation of bacteria will be prevented. This is especially useful in certain areas of a property, such as the kitchen.

Styled Bricks

The products offered by the artificial brick suppliers you'll find in our product list can all be installed directly to a sidings surface. Moreover, these units have much lower maintenance requirements and much higher durability than real bricks, as well as better resistance to fire and moisture. They cover:

Faux natural bricks which will give a property a classic look. They’re an excellent alternative to clinker, and much more cost-effective.

Faux slate bricks that can be used for more unique masonry projects – some fantastic patterns can be achieved with these products.

Faux aged bricks that can give a building a refined and antiquated look and feel.

Faux elegant bricks ideal for decorating both houses and cottages. They look exactly like the real thing.

Imitation Tiles

Wholesale artificial stone suppliers can deliver tiles which can be used to create unique interior and exterior designs. Furthermore, these products have a greater plasticity, variability, and lighter weight than real stone tiles. And they can be delivered in many different styles including, but not limited to:

Marble imitating tiles suitable for a variety of applications.

Granite imitating tiles perfect for exterior projects.

Sandstone imitating tiles indistinguishable from the real thing.