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WorldBuild365's catalogue includes prefab house manufacturers, as well as many others. All the structures listed in our directory have been tried & tested.

Connect With Prefabricated Structures Manufacturers

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Pre-fabricated structures are fantastic alternatives to traditional buildings. They’re...

Lighter on average due to the highly efficient use of steel in their construction.

Quicker to build, since special computer programs are used by prefabricated structures manufacturers in their design.

Simple to erect once on-site due to the standardized sections and connections they contain.

On WorldBuild365 there are a wide range of items, from prefab houses to inflatable halls. All produced by highly recommended pre-engineered building manufacturers. More details are provided below.

Housing and Industrial Buildings

Prefab house and commercial building suppliers can offer the following and much more...

Modern modular housing which has a structure of light steel and sandwich panels. This building type is very strong and can resist high grade hurricanes and earthquakes. The installation process can be completed within just one month. What’s more, the pre-engineered steel buildings manufacturers we consult with allow for numerous customization options, including the locations of windows, ceilings, doors, and more.

Large accommodation buildings suitable for housing many different people, and which can be rapidly constructed. They’re reliable, fast to install, energy efficient, and environmentally friendly. Once the structure has been transported to the desired location, the wall panels, window units, and door blocks can all be fitted quickly.

Large commercial and industrial steel buildings, which have been designed for high energy efficiency and maximum interior space.

Leisure Facilities

Pre-engineered buildings suppliers and manufacturers can also provide...

Indoor soccer stadiums which are fully functional, and require no lateral structural elements whatsoever. This allows for additional elements such as bleachers and walkways. Moreover, the structural ceiling of the pre-made stadiums enable better lighting of the field.

Ice rinks of many different shapes and sizes – from just one-rink arenas to full-scale multi-rink structures. Each design provides superior luminosity, and therefore maximized interior visibility. And of course, the structure can be easily installed.

Inflatable halls can be quickly put up and are suitable for a variety of different business, sport, and other uses. It should also be noted that they’re strong, reliable, and produced by highly regarded prefabricated shelters manufacturers.

Other Prefabricated Structures

These are the other types of buildings that be found on this directory and delivered...

Aeronautical buildings made of steel – each individual project can be adapted to suit specific needs and requirements. Furthermore, each building supplied will have a bright interior and be easy to maintain.

Agricultural buildings including barns, calf-houses, pigsties, stables, sheepfolds, animal shelters, and much more. These fully galvanized and resistant structures can be easily constructed and deconstructed as required.

Green houses constructed with total stability, durability, and ease of maintenance in mind. These can be adapted to suit individual needs.

Municipal buildings of excellent construction quality. These structures are highly durable, and as a result will be long lasting. Numerous interior finishes and architectural treatments can be applied.