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Search a vast database of the most trusted concrete reinforcement manufacturers & concrete aggregate suppliers, at WorldBuild365. Find the ideal one for you

Find Highly Rated Concrete Reinforcement Manufacturers and More

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Find the construction materials you need for any project. WorldBuild365 lists a broad range of renowned manufacturers who supply:

The right material for any construction - you'll find concrete aggregate suppliers, fiber cement manufacturers, and more...

The correct anchors and pins - no matter what size of construction work you have planned.

Hard wearing materials developed and manufactured using the latest in materials science.

You'll always find the right material for the job here...

Concrete Aggregate and Reinforced Concrete

Choose between concrete manufacturers who offer a range of products suitable for any construction needs...

Concrete beams and elements are generally provided by concrete reinforcement manufacturers for building bridges and other large constructs. They're usually supplied pre-cast into multi-section metal formworks. Both pre-stressed and post-stressed beams are available, with the stressing related to when the metal part of the beams is treated during the manufacturing process.

Reinforced concrete, the high-strength option provided by many concrete suppliers, is a construction component with high operational properties. Using it means that the overall amount of material required for a construction project will be reduced. This in turns leads to a decrease in the weight of the building, and in the amount of transport and handling fees required to get the material to the site in the first place.

Stationary CTTs for aggregate mixing are readily available to match the products of the concrete aggregate manufacturers you'll find here in the WorldBuild365 directory. Large and modular, they offer great storage and custom configurations to suit almost any stationary installation.

Expansion joints - the products offered by expansion joint suppliers are designed to expand and fill gaps between concrete slabs. Usually made of a material called "expandacork", or similar, they help prevent problems caused by heat expansion or contraction in other materials. Expansion joint manufacturers build products which dilate to fill any space.


Fiber cement manufacturers usually produce other similar products too, but they're best known for:

Fiber Cement is a material used in both commercial and domestic construction work to clad the exterior of a building. For this reason it's sometimes known as fiber cement cladding in the UK and Australia. In sheet format, it can also be used as soffit or eave lining, and as the underlay of tiles in bathroom and decking construction jobs. The material is made of sand, cement, and cellulose fibers.

Cement you purchase via our online directory is always acquired through trusted suppliers. This staple building material is ideal for structures that require high strength and durability.

Anchor Bolts and Other Fasteners

Use the WorldBuild365 directory to source anchor bolts manufacturers and other companies that supply high quality construction fastenings...

Anchor bolts suppliers provide a range of bolts and pins that secure the base layer of concrete. These come in various sizes and strengths.

Fiberglass fittings are immensely durable, and available in a wide array of different sizes, usually ranging from 4 to 20mm.

Fixings for fittings are made from polymeric materials, and are designed to join vertical elements of a concrete construct to horizontal ones. They are built for both strength and elasticity.

U-turn removable anchors are designed to hold temporary earth retaining walls in place. Load Distributive Compressive Technology ensures that the load is dispersed evenly along the wall's length.