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Many MDF board manufacturers & other highly regarded professionals use WorldBuild365 to list the wide range of specialist products they both produce & sell.

The Wood Frames in This Directory Can be Sold Wholesale

  • Suteki Wood System
    Suteki Wood System
    Suteki Europe

    The Suteki Wood System has taken the traditional Japanese method of building wooden frames to a higher level. Glued laminated timber (or glulam) High performance. Structure and strength

  • Modern

    A distinctive feature is the presence of these arches decorative block (falshbloka), through which much upraschaet process of installing the product.

  • Umidax

    High quality moisture resistant MDF board for use in humid conditions, also suitable for construction purposes with instantaneous or short-term load duration. High-density MDF board with a hard, fine and smoothly sanded surface.

  • Wooden Houses Liga
    Wooden Houses Liga

    Whatever your comfortable and eco-friendly wooden house, you still you want to relax in the fresh air, feel the cool breeze and have a great time with family and friends.

  • Facing Board (lap siding)
    Facing Board (lap siding)
    Balt Trade

    Lap siding is used for cladding the exterior walls by applying one board to the other, giving the front of your home the beauty of natural wood and at the same time protecting it from external influences, like weather and physical.

  • Lanik Glued Laminated Timber
    Lanik Glued Laminated Timber

    LANIK designs and develops glue laminated-timber structural systems. Glue-laminated timber is a proven technology. It makes an ideal building material and is a perfect alternative to others like it.

  • WPC fence profile
    WPC fence profile

    Wood-polymer material is a composite alloy consisting of 60% of wood powder, 30% of polyethylene (eco-friendly polymer), 10% of the stabilizers and colored pigments of high light resistance which increase the protective properties of the material (fire resistance, protection against decoy, mold, pests, sunlight).

  • Glued laminated timber 190 x 242 mm
    Glued laminated timber 190 x 242 mm
    Vyatsky Dom

    It is used to build homes year-round in the European part of Russia. Profile of the timber characterized in that it avoids the installation of insulation between joists.

  • High-gloss MDF
    High-gloss MDF

    The Evogloss are glossy panels for modern interior decoration. Kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, cloakrooms and walls in any living space will obtain a special lustrous shine when decorated by Evogloss.

  • Plywood
    Parizhskaya Kommuna

    Plywood is a plate of typeset and glued veneers, fiber direction were symmetrical veneer layers at the same angle.

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Wood frame structures can be utilized for many different projects, jobs, and applications. Those listed on WorldBuild365 are:

Stable and can handle heavy loads.

Resistant and can last several years.

Versatile and can come in many different finishes and styles.

All of the melamine faced chipboard suppliers, MDF board manufacturers, and other professionals in this directory provide products that have the above characteristics. Also, the wood frames listed can all be sold wholesale.



MDF boards that can be painted and stained to look like real wood. Once installed, they'll take and hold paint exceptionally well. And despite not being as strong as real wood, the material is durable and can be used for a large number of different jobs. Also, the MDF board suppliers in this directory can apply finishes if needed before sales.

Chipboards made by pressing under wood under high pressures and temperatures. Due to this these boards are sturdy, and are well suited to protecting items during shipping, and for use in solid wood furniture – any items made out of this material will be completely stable. In addition to this, chipboards can have a huge range of finishes applied to them.

Melamine faced boards including those made out of MDF and chipboard. The melamine increases the durability of the boards and makes them easier to clean and maintain. These products are best for kitchen cabinets and other pieces of residential and commercial furniture. The melamine board suppliers we work with can deliver many different types.

Fibreboards that can be used for construction, decoration, production, and so much more – this composite material is actually so multi-purpose that it can even be used in the manufacture of packaging. Moreover, these boards offer excellent thermal and acoustic improvement, can hold paint well, are lightweight and easy to handle, and have fantastic weight resistance.

Beams, Frames, and Veneers


Formwork beams which have up to three times the lifespan of other beams on the market due to built-in shock absorbers. These beams have been deemed safe for all kinds of formwork – beveled flange-ends protects the ends of the beam from damage, and the lightweight nature of the products make them easy to handle, install, and fix.

Glued and laminated timber frames which have been proven as an ideal building and an alternative to standard structure bases. In fact, the timber frames suppliers in this online catalogue supply frames created using a computerized design and manufacturing system that ensures proper fabrication and adhesion. As a consequence of this, they’re highly robust and ready to be used in a wide range of applications.

Raw Materials


Sawn timber perfect for industrial processing. This covers not only glulam products, but solid wood materials for the construction industry, and slab timber for the packaging industry. The sawn timber suppliers on this site can provide boards, beams, and square edges according to specific individual requirements.

Round pine logs that come in sizes from 180mm to 260mm. There are many uses for them including in the construction of seasonal houses, cottages, as well as bathhouses, farm buildings, and other similar structures.

Untreated chipboard that hasn’t been treated in any way – no polish or coatings. This material is very strong and smooth, and due to its low formaldehyde level, it's suitable for a variety of uses such as construction repairs, housing designs, and furniture production. Additionally, once purchased this chipboard can undergo lamination, veneering, foiling, pasting, and so on.

Untreated MDF that’s both unpolished and uncoated. From its untreated state, this material can be prepared for a wide range of different applications and designs. There are also a large amount of surface finishes that can be applied to it.