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  • Evlashevskiy DOK (1)

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  • Проект каркасного дома DK 150
    Проект каркасного дома DK 150
    Evlashevskiy DOK

    Как же здорово жарким субботним днем всей дружной семьей собраться за горячим обедом! А обед покажется еще вкуснее, если его устроить на просторном балконе нашего замечательного дома DK 148! Равнодушных не останется! Двухэтажный дом, общей площадью 148 квадратных метров, поражает продуманностью планировки и обилием пространства: 4 спальные комнаты, просторная гостиная и кухня-столовая, и даже навес, который защитит ваше транспортное средство от непогоды. Данный проект панельно-каркасного дома является типовым, но мы с легкостью можем изменить его, если есть такая необходимость.

Wood concrete - also known as faux bois, literally "fake wood" - is a tough and hardy material that can be molded, stained, and dyed to produce almost any aesthetic effect. In this directory you'll be able to quickly source a fake wood company that can provide you with a material which is:

Durable and resistant to environmental conditions - concrete is one of the toughest available building materials

Available pre-molded or stamped in place, depending on the particular needs of the project you have.

Matched to any design, with the acid and dyeing options to recreate any type of wood.

Find manufacturers and suppliers of wood concrete composite building materials - and entire faux bois buildings - here on WorldBuild365...

Wood Concrete Building Materials

Talk to an imitation concrete supplier who can provide the materials needed for building everything from a small decking area to whole structures made from wood concrete composite...

Wood concrete floors are usually for exterior use. As with all concrete that's been imprinted or otherwise treated to give the aesthetic appearance of other materials, concrete wooden floors retain all of the toughness and long-wearing capabilities as concrete. Often used as patio or decking areas, they offer all of the convenience of maintenance that concrete offers and never risk splinters, while still allowing you to design an area that looks rustic or traditional.

Interior wood concrete floors tend to be laid with a slight recess to create the appearance of boards, and then stained while in place. This option is great for properties where true wooden floors aren't possible, or would quickly become worn due to foot traffic or other conditions.

Wood concrete composite kitchen counters are becoming more and more popular. Usually pre-cast in moulds, this type of material can be stained with various dyes to create the effect of almost any tree species. Wood-effect countertops are easy to maintain and clean, as well as being immensely durable.

Board formed concrete is often dyed to look freshly cut or roughsawn. This gives it a more natural or rustic appearance when used as a building material, for both the inside and outside of structures designed for both residential and commercial purposes.

Faux Bois Structures

Get all the decorative concrete materials you need to construct a whole building made of this durable substance. Wood stamped concrete, as well as scoring and staining techniques, now mean that building from imitation wood is now much simpler than before...

Wood concrete house and full building sets are available in various sizes to meet client demand. Speak to your wood concrete composite supplier about your specific needs.