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Various highly regarded cement board manufacturers, suppliers, & other makers of walls & blocks can be found on WorldBuild365's online digital platform.

Cement Bonded Particle Boards & More Made by Professional Manufacturers

  • Ekopanely Boards
    Ekopanely Boards
    Ekopanely Servis

    Ekopanely boards are ecological diffusion-open construction boards. They are pressed at high temperatures and under high pressure from corn straw using no bonding agents, and are glued using recyclable adhesive. Ekopanely boards are a 100% natural.

  • Fibrabel

    High quality lightweight MDF board for non load-bearing applications in dry conditions. MDF board with a hard, fine and smoothly sanded surface. MDF Fibrabel® is has low formaldehyde emission (E1 class). Moreover, MDF Fibrabel® meets the requirements set

  • Structural panel
    Structural panel

    Structural panel (LSU - magnesite glass sheets) are used for exterior and interior decoration. The composition includes LSU natural magnesite, magnesium chloride, expanded perlite, a reinforcing layer of glass and wood chips.

  • Insulated panels
    Insulated panels

    Front panels for cladding and insulation of exterior walls of buildings. The material gives the building a stylish, rich look. Facade insulated panel containing a layer of Styrofoam pellets have performance thermal conductivity less than 0.35 W / m.

  • Velox Fixed Formwork
    Velox Fixed Formwork

    Velox fixed formwork is made of cement boards by energy-saving system.

  • Double wall
    Double wall

    The double wall in reinforced concrete consists of two slabs of vibrated concrete (thickness from 5 to 8 mm.) couplet by electro-soldered latticework incorporated into the casting and by standard reinforcement iron rods having diam. 5-8/20” anchored or clamped to latticeworks.

  • The slab
    The slab

    The slab is mounted on the construction site and ends pouring concrete. The lower surface of the plate perfectly smooth and can be painted without plastering.

  • The barrier blocks Azag
    The barrier blocks Azag
    Azag GBR&O

    Azag offer products of high strength with excellent thermal and sound insulation and excellent water vapor permeability. The material combines all these properties with an optimal size.

  • Wall blocks Azag
    Wall blocks Azag
    Azag GBR&O

    Wall blocks Azag is a products of high strength with excellent thermal and sound insulation and excellent water vapor permeability. The material combines all these properties with an optimal size.

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The walls and blocks listed on WorldBuild365 are:

Very strong, and made of various composites of materials such as concrete and wood.

Long lasting and therefore suitable for use in all kinds of construction work.

Versatile and ideal for both interior and exterior and projects.

These items are provided by professional cement board suppliers and manufacturers, cement bonded particle board manufacturers, concrete retaining wall blocks manufacturers, and many others. They can facilitate wholesale orders of wall blocks, and so much more. In fact, the products they can offer cover:

Wall Boards


Wood wool cement boards that are a versatile building material made from a combination of wood, wool, and cement. They are highly durable and suitable for many different kinds of climactic conditions. In fact, their main characteristics include strong resistances to fire, wet and dry rot, freeze-thaw, termites, and vermin, as well as good thermal insulation and acoustic performance. It should also be noted that they’re available in a wide range of different finishes, styles, and colors from the cement board suppliers on this site.

Cement bonded particle boards that are manufactured out of cement, wood, and a very small number of additives. They’re ideal for both interior and exterior use, and are completely asbestos free. Also, like wood wool cement boards, they have strong resistances to a wide range of insects and climates, and are very versatile.

Plasterboards that have been tried and tested to ensure they have excellent fire resistance, as well as strong insulation and acoustic absorption. These boards have a 100% natural plaster core, and are lined on both sides with a special cellulose sheet. They’re also suitable for a wide range of applications.

Ecological diffusion boards that are pressed at high temperatures with corn straw, and without bonding agents, so they’re 100% natural. They’re also glued using a recyclable and environmentally friendly adhesive. The advantages of these types of boards include quick and easy installation, strong sound insulation, high durability, and more. Moreover, these types of boards can be used to complete turnkey wooden building and DIY house construction projects.

Wall Panels


Insulated panels which can be used as cladding and insulation on the exterior walls of buildings - these panels contain a layer of Styrofoam pellets that have been designed for high performance thermal conductivity. In addition, despite their high level of practicality, insulated panels are also highly attractive, and can be provided in styles that imitate natural, stone, wood, and other materials.

Finishing panels which have been designed to be used as front panels for the exterior walls of buildings. The panels will give a building a refined look, and there are a wide variety of stylish colors and textures to choose from. These include wood, brick, stone, and other material imitations. This is ideal for projects and users that desire a large amount of personalization.

Structural panels which can be used for inside and outside decorative purposes. They’re composed of a natural magnesites, magnesium chloride, expanded perlite, and a reinforced layer of glass and wood chips. This makes them highly durable.

Formwork panels which have been produced to act as columns, outer corners, and straight sections of walls in buildings. This type of panel has been designed to withstand high concrete pressures.

Sandwich panels which are highly efficient, light, long lasting, have low thermal conductivity, and can be installed quickly. The sandwich panels available from the manufacturers in this directory have metal shells and can act as thermal insulation layers in construction work.

Wall Blocks


Concrete retaining wall blocks which can provide functioning support for soils, prevent sink holes and flooding, and reduce levels of required maintenance, as well as erosion. They can be installed on the exterior of almost any building.