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Find a wide range of interior glass partitions from leading suppliers & manufacturers, here on the WorldBuild365 directory. Buy glass domes, and more!

Buy Framed and Framless Glass Partitions Wholesale

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    Partitions is a great option for rooms of any size. The practicality, functionality and versatility of the system is a guarantee of easy installation of partitions.

Whether it's a rooflight dome or office glass partitions you're searching for, the WorldBuild365 directory contains all of the leading manufacturers and suppliers. It'll take you just a couple of minutes to find a product which is:

Suitable for home or office installation, meaning you'll always be able to match the aesthetic of any location.

Functional or decorative, with many options available in terms of color, scale, and durability.

Ready made or in material format, so that any design requirements can easily be met.

Search the directory now, and easily source internal glass partitions, exterior glass roof domes, and more - all from trusted, experienced manufacturers and suppliers...

Glass Partitions

Choose either framed or frameless glass partitions suitable for any interior space, in both domestic and commercial environments...

Glass partitions for office use come in a range of varieties from the manufacturers you'll find in this database. Most are universal, offering several different types of fitting and fixture options, as well as films and frostings of different shades and colors. These partitions are used in all kinds of office and commercial spaces, including malls and shopping centers, trading halls and trading floors, and other open-plan spaces.

Glass partitions for the home are available from most of the glass suppliers you'll find here. They're a terrific option for rooms of all sizes, giving great advantages in terms of practicality and versatility, as well as requiring a very simple installation process. They can be taken apart and moved as needed, and provide a great way to separate a space without making it appear confined or enclosed.

Glass Roofs and Roof Structures

In addition to interior glass partitions, you'll also find it easy to source glass domes, hatches, and other products for exterior use...

Rooflight domes are ventilated and locked units which replace the traditional structure used on flat roofs. They're remarkably fast and easy to install, and can be installed easily on various roof types and sealing systems. Designed to fulfill all the safety requirements of European Law, they're heat insulated, offer a strong snow and rain weight-bearing capacity, solid acoustic insulation, as well as providing a significantly reduced risk of condensation compared to classic alternatives.

Exit hatches are also available from many glass manufacturers. These units function as both skylights, and as access points to the roof in case of emergency - or sometimes when space beneath the fitting is too limited to allow a staircase or other form of access. Sometimes fitted with toothed linear drives to allow automatic opening and closing, these hatches can be used to allow smoke to vent out.

Round acrylic domes, while not strictly speaking made of glass, are a popular alternative to true glass domes.These round roof skylights are purchasable in various diameters and dome heights.

Other items you might be looking for include glass roof domes, plastic roof domes, roof skylights, glass skylights, and roof hatches for buildings.

Transparent Building Materials

Get the raw materials you need for your latest construction project...

Solid polycarbonate sheets are some of the toughest transparent building materials currently available. The manufacturers you can contact through this directory offer numerous options when it comes to shade, color, and opacity of the finished material.