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Source high quality, sustainable, & other types of tree logs via WorldBuild365. Buy lumber wholesale, or find the right supplier for the timber you need!

Find the Right Solid Wood Manufacturers For Your Needs

  • Sainik ply 7 plywood
    Sainik ply 7 plywood
    Century Ply

    Quality plywood, which preserve the color and texture of wood.

  • Lumber "Baswool"
    Lumber "Baswool"

    Lumber "Baswool"

  • Black Forest Wesa Decorative Veneer
    Black Forest Wesa Decorative Veneer

    Black Forest Wesa Decorative Veneer is a dark color natural veneer. Ideal for interior decorative applications, including usage in panels, partitions, furniture, cabins, etc.

  • Indian hardwood timber
    Indian hardwood timber
    Pyramid Ply And Wood Products

    The hardness of the wood (tree) - is the ability of wood to resist the introduction into it more solid. Hardness affects the operational and consumer properties of structures and products of wood. For example, resistance to scratches and dents in the wood products, wear a variety of floor coverings, stair treads, etc.

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 Searching for an online wood supply? WorldBuild365 lists a huge range of tree logs suppliers - specialist outfits who can provide both freshly cut timber, and cut or processed varieties of lumber. You'll find it easy to locate:

Almost any species - this directory contains both hardwood lumber suppliers, and a range of others.

All qualities of wood, suiting everything from solid construction needs to fine cabinet making.

Other wooden products, such as wood fuel and panels.

Contact your local wood logs suppliers, or talk to the most reliable manufacturers in other parts of the world to get the best value for money when you're buying hardwood logs wholesale...

Timber and Wood Logs

When you need to find whole logs for sale, this is the sort of product listings you should be looking for...

Planed timber has been given the most basic of expert attention - planed on all sides, and dried using a special chamber. It can be used as a finishing material without further attention. The drying chamber is used in the readying process to reduce the moisture content of the resultant timber bar, which should be less than 18%. This moisture level ensures that the bar retains its original dimensions and geometry when used in construction.

You might also be searching for: log supplies, building logs, wood logs, planed logs, or fresh-cut timber.

Massive and oversize logs may well be available from your chosen lumber supplier. These oversize cuts are used in construction projects usually, and range in size from 180-270cm x 260cm upwards. If you're looking to buy log home logs wholesale, these may be the variety that you're searching for.

Other similar searches might include wholesale logs, logs for building log homes, or log cabin logs.

Cut Wood and Lumber

Most solid wood manufacturers offer cut or partially processed versions of their products in order to allow the construction process to begin more quickly...

Pine lumber wholesale purchase is a popular option when it comes to buying materials for construction projects. Pine is also used in the manufacturing and packaging industries, and when a woodworking lumber supply is needed for the creation of various items of furniture. Talk to your online lumber suppliers about the specific quality and quantity you require - this is often measured in the amount of moisture that specific cuts contain.

Cedar lumber, fir lumber, and redwood lumber are other popular types of wood used in construction work.

Solid wood will almost certainly be available from the lumber manufacturer you select from the WorldBuild365 directory. A completely natural and sustainable material, solid wood is used in furniture building, stair and door manufacturing, home, office, sports hall, and even yacht decoration, in floor and ceiling coverings, as well as in numerous other areas. Tough and decorative in appearance, your solid wood supplier will provide a wide range of sizes and thicknesses of this cost-effective material.

Fuel briquettes are suitable for burning in any kind of furnace, fireplace, stove, or grill. Made out of pine shavings, they provide constant combustion for around 4 hours.

Door panels are a popular product stocked by many online hardwood suppliers. They are made out of various different species of tree, but spruce remains a common choice because of its lightweight nature.