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Is durable enough for any circumstances, and for any environment your project might be exposed to.

Sheet Metal Parts Suppliers Are Easy to Find Here!

  • Preis Bearing Body
    Preis Bearing Body
    Preis Group

    The production of different bearings of Y-type.

  • Zeman Lightweight frame
    Zeman Lightweight frame

    Sin profiles combine the advantages of framework - lightness - with those of the welded plate girder - rational production. The profiling of the web gives it a high weight-bearing capacity with low construction weight. This produces a particularly economical solution for larger spans.

  • Expanded-sheet type Chrystal 200M
    Expanded-sheet type Chrystal 200M

    The expanded metal sheet by Staco company is a metal grid with diamond-shaped cells. Such a grid passes a lot of light, but at the same time it has light-, sound-, and airisolating properties.

  • Fencing system
    Fencing system

    High-quality louvered panels are used to protect the territory on residential, industrial facilities. Similar panels are especially relevant are for fencing cooling and ventilation systems.

  • EMM Mesh
    EMM Mesh

    Mesh EMM (expanded metal mesh) is a universal material that is applicable in many areas because it performs several functions. First, the grid decorates the surface; secondly, it corrects the acoustic environment; third, it provides fire safety. The grid is also used for the manufacture of ceiling, wall, and facade panels.

  • Suspended ceiling
    Suspended ceiling

    The rack-mounted suspended ceilings find their use when installing ceilings in premises of completely different types. It can be public spaces, train stations, educational institutions, industrial facilities, etc. The suspended ceilings is an amazing piece of furniture together with the solution of functional tasks.

  • Ceiling Profile 60Х27
    Ceiling Profile 60Х27

    Ceiling profile in the form of the letter C is used in the formation of the skeleton of suspended ceilings of various types and wall cladding. The center of the screw is made in three grooves of the shelves and profile backs. CP is attached to the bearing base by means of special suspensions.

  • EUR fence picket. Metal Picket Fence Wide 115 mm
    EUR fence picket. Metal Picket Fence Wide 115 mm
    Centr Metallokrovli

    Metal euro-barrier in the shape of the letter P has a width of 115 mm. It is produced from high-quality thin-sheet steel with a double-sided and one-sided polyester coating: premium coating for stone and PRINTECH Korea wood), premium coating of Steel Velvet from the company.

  • SteeldecorLine Collection
    SteeldecorLine Collection

    The SteeldecorLine collection is a ready-made raw material with a "tree-like" texture. SteeldecorLine consists of metal (steel). The natural "tree-like" type of metal is extravagant and attractive. The texture is resistant to corrosion and aggressive environments.

  • Light Steel Villa
    Light Steel Villa
    Zhong Da Enterprise

    A few years ago, the production of country houses made of light steel was considered impossible. Today Zhong da enterprise successfully produces energy-efficient houses made of light steel.

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By making it simple for you to view the product lists of a number of leading sheet metal manufacturing companies, WorldBuild365 makes sure you always get the best deal. Plus, of course, you'll always find the product which:

Matches your design requirements - many companies will provide custom or customizable options.

Comes in the quantity you need, including wholesale and large-scale shipments.

Is durable enough for any circumstances, and for any environment your project might be exposed to.

Find a drainage system supplier who'll meet your requirements for tough gutters, or locate sheet steel for building fences or walls. WorldBuild365 lists a huge range of products from specialist companies...

Steel Structures and Furniture

Sheet metal parts suppliers often offer complete buildings - either in modular format or to-order - as well as furniture and interior pieces...

Steel building suppliers - especially the reliable companies you'll find in this directory - provide a wide array of flexible-format buildings, which often come as modular components or sections. Generally these sections will allow you to create a structure which can fulfill any requirements you might have. Talk to your steel structures manufacturer first if you have specific needs. Steel structure solutions are suitable for hangars, garages, halls, warehouses, housing, and other similar buildings. They're essentially a ready-to-construct building of whatever type is required.

Steel racks can be bought in a number of sizes. Their strength makes them ideal for storing small and medium products, for exhibition or archiving purposes, and for use in any office or commercial environment.

You might also be looking for console racks, steel storage racks, or a clad rack building to store bulky goods.

Metal furniture includes common items like chairs and tables. The durability of the materials used in their construction results in a long service life, and the ability to withstand large changes in temperature. All products are made in full concordance with European quality standards.

Precision Sheet Metal Components

WorldBuild365 offers you access to a wide range of companies, so you can always get a great deal when you buy steel components wholesale...

Trusses, roof supports, and other components come in various sizes to match any size and loading requirements. Trusses are most commonly designed as hollow sections, but can be produced in other formats as required.

Formwork girders are tough and rigid components that are used extensively in the construction industry. You'll always be able to find the kind of sheet metal products manufacturer you need via the WorldBuild365 directory, meaning you can always find steel girders that meet your project's requirements. They come in numerous strengths and lengths, including those suitable for building walls, and those cost-effective enough for use in custom formwork.

Drainage systems are usually made out of galvanized sheet steel with a polymer coating. Galvanized steel gutter systems are also available, specially constructed to provide sturdy functionality for many years, and on offer in many colors.

Steel wall sheeting is designed for maximum durability and weather resistance. There are a number of highly regarded sheet metal manufacturing companies in this directory, supplying steel composite panels and steel building panels in various thickness and formats.

Corrugated steel sheets are designed for use as cost-effective roofing, as well as for erecting fencing or building facades. Standard lengths usually range from 0.5m to 8m, with custom lengths being available from several of the precision sheet metal components manufacturers you'll find here. These products can be purchased in more than 20 colors, and they require minimal supporting elements, making constriction swift and easy.

Galvanized and painted steel sheets can be bought from your chosen sheet metal products manufacturer in various colors and sizes. These items usually come with a zinc and polyester coating, but can be provided with a different coating after discussion with your supplier.