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Suitable for a large amount of applications where straightness, concentricity, and tolerances may be required.

Purchase Rolled Metal Items Such As Profile Pipes Wholesale

  • Rolled metal
    Rolled metal

    Rolled metal are products, produced at rolling mills by hot, warm or cold rolling of metals

  • Profile pipes 20 * 20 * 2.0mm steel St3
    Profile pipes 20 * 20 * 2.0mm steel St3

    Profiled steel pipes are the basis for many areas of residential and industrial buildings: playground and benches and furniture, machinery equipment, shipbuilding, agriculture, and of course, automobiles.

  • Hot dipped galvanized Steel Coil
    Hot dipped galvanized Steel Coil
    Shandong Huayun New Material

    This product has been hot-dip galvanized by the "Improved Sendzimir Process" and the equipments are designed by Beijing Central Iron & Steel Research Institute.

  • Aluminium Coil
    Aluminium Coil

    PT Starmas Inti Aluminium can offer its customers aluminium coils of different sizes.

  • Galvanized metal with decorative SteelArt pattern
    Galvanized metal with decorative SteelArt pattern

    SteelArt is a galvanized sheet of steel with a printed pattern using the offset printing method. SteelArt uses state-of-the-art equipment, which ensures extremely stable printing and product quality. The sheet is covered additionally with a layer of 3D varnish, which creates an effect of the naturalness of the coating.

  • NA-F Lead
    NA-F Lead
    Aurubis Finland

    Aurubis produces purified lead in bars with a lead content of at least 99.985%, being one of the most mild and technically important heavy metals.

  • Профнастил

    Профилированный лист – практичный строительный материал, отвечающий высоким требованиям прочности и надежности

  • Alfa-Metal Brass Pipe
    Alfa-Metal Brass Pipe

    The high-quality pipe (with a round section) for general purpose, made of brass of the grade L96 is manufactured according to GOST 617-2006.

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Sourcing a cold rolled steel manufacturer who can fill specific needs is simple when you use the WorldBuild365 directory. But these aren’t the only rolled metal workers that can be found on this site. Also featured are hot rolled coils manufacturers and galvanized steel coil suppliers who know the importance of providing materials that are...

Properly manufactured using either specialist hot rolling or cold rolling techniques.

Suitable for a large amount of applications where straightness, concentricity, and tolerances may be required.

Resistant to different weather conditions.

An overview of the types of products that each steel coil supplier can offer can be found below – they can deliver items such as profile pipes wholesale.

Hot Rolled and Cold Rolled Steel – The Differences in Attributes

The rolled metals featured on this site are produced at rolling mills using either hot or cold techniques. These metals can be used to create a host of different items ranging from pipes and fittings to steel plates. More information about the methods used to roll them is given below:

Hot rolled steel is made by rolling at a high temperature. This is normally over 1700°F, and therefore higher than the steel's re-crystallization temperature. At this level of heat the metal can be both shaped and formed as required. As a result of this, hot rolled steel can be purchased in much larger sheets. Plus, there are no stops in the process and therefore additional resources don’t have to be spent to reheat the metal. This in turn means that hot rolled steel is generally less expensive than cold rolled steel. The applications of hot rolled products are wide ranging, but they’re normally used in the welding and construction trade where precision shapes aren’t a necessity.

Cold rolled steel is refined further than hot rolled steel in cold reduction mills. In these structures the metal is cooled to room temperature – allowing the steel to cool slowly removes any internal stresses and increases its strength. What’s more, this process will produce a range of dimensional tolerances and make sheets suitable for a range of surface finishes. In short, when compared to hot rolled metals, cold rolled metals are superior in straightness, toughness, and reliability, but are more expensive.

WorldBuild365 also lists standard rolled steel, cold rolled metal, hot rolled metal, metal hot rolling, and metal cold rolling in its manufacturers' products range.

Rolled Steel Plates, Angles, and Pipes

This includes:

Rolled steel plates, which come in the form of cylinders, cylinder segments, full cones, and cone segments. The plates the steel roll manufacturers featured in this category produce are suitable for ventilation systems, duct work, and similar applications.

Rolled steel angles are ideal for construction environments where the temperature is relatively low. This is due to their high yield point.

Profile pipes, also known as cold rolled steel profiles, can be used as the base for many different residential, industrial, and agricultural buildings and pieces of equipment. This covers not only machinery, but automobiles too.

Also on this site are standard rolled metal plates, rolled metal angles, rolled metal profile pipes, hot rolled profiles, and cold rolled profiles.

Galvanized and Pre-Painted Steel Coils


Hot dipped galvanized steel coils have undergone anti-corrosion treatments, chromium passivation, non-chromium passivation, and other strengthening procedures. The majority of the metal coil suppliers on WorldBuild365 can provide coils with thicknesses of between 0.144mm and 1.2mm.

Pre-painted steel coils can be expertly covered in a specific color and type of paint – there are several pre-painted steel coils suppliers that can be contacted via this site.

In addition to the above items, standard galvanized steel coils, pre-painted rolled metals, and painted metal coils can also be found on this digital platform.