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This product directory can be used to find many different rigid PVC pipe manufacturers, PVC film manufacturers, & more - all products are of high quality.

PVC materials on WorldBuild365

  • Decorative laminates SLOPLAST D
    Decorative laminates SLOPLAST D
    Zavod Sloistykh Plastikov

    Laminate SLOPLAST D is a multi-functional material for interior design of public and industrial premises , where wear resistance, hygienic and excellent aesthetic properties are required. SLOPLAST D is used for decorationof walls, elements of design of office premises, retail and entertainment complexes.

  • Decorative laminates difficultly SLOPLAST TG
    Decorative laminates difficultly SLOPLAST TG
    Zavod Sloistykh Plastikov

    Laminate SLOPLAST TG is used in transport segment. This not easily combustible material (flammability class G1) is designed for interior decoration of public transport vehicles – metro vans, passenger railway cars, and other means of transportation. This laminate is used as interior design material for walls, ceilings, doors, tables for passengers.

  • Decorative laminates SLOPLAST F
    Decorative laminates SLOPLAST F
    Zavod Sloistykh Plastikov

    Decorative plastic SLOPLAST F - plastic self-supporting high-pressure decorative surfaces used in the exterior, in particular, in a system of ventilated facades, resistant to mechanical damage and aggressive environmental influences and has unique insulating properties. Material refers to the slow-burning material flammability group G1.

  • Roof liner film
    Roof liner film

    Our roofing membranes are suitable for a wide range of roofing applications and are available in several thicknesses and configurations. The roof liners comply not only with strict non-flammability specifications, but outperform most standards, environmental resistance and strength, preventing from stretching or shrinking. Roofing membranes from PTMC are developed to provide steady integrity and

  • Tent constructions
    Tent constructions

    Objects using PVC membrane - Awning building, geodesic domes, canopies, storage Hangars, pavilions for events, and more.

  • Nordside Plastic Panels
    Nordside Plastic Panels

    PVC wall panels have good aesthetic and technical characteristics which are superior to many other materials. The reasonable price is one of the many advantages.

  • PVC Film
    PVC Film
    Saros Design

    SAROS DESIGN delivers high quality PVC film for suspended ceilings the best producers from France and Germany.

  • Timberblock Vinyl Siding
    Timberblock Vinyl Siding

    Vinyl Timberblok Siding is perfect for the house facade decoration. Lightweight material, compared with wood, will present a perfect sight for many years.

  • 10 PVC Panels
    10 PVC Panels

    U-Plast panels 10 cm wide are used in decorating the balconies and loggias, bathrooms, terraces, garages, storage rooms. It can be used as a false ceiling.

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A host of different PVC materials suppliers, rigid PVC pipe manufacturers, and more can be found here on WorldBuild365. The materials they produce are:

Strong and able to resist heat, cold, and a range of other factors.

Long lasting, with some having warranties of up to 50 years!

Easily installed due to their light weight and flexibility.

Other products supplied by professional PVC plastic manufacturers can be found below.

PVC Pipes, Siding, and Connectors

PVC wholesale suppliers can provide:

Pipes made of PVC can be used in a wide variety of applications, and they offer many benefits. For one, they are lighter than most alternative piping materials and therefore safer to handle. For another, the material offers excellent resistance to fracturing – the pipes have a certain amount of elasticity, which allows them to yield under the weight of large loads. And furthermore, the material gives good flame resistance and versatility, and features no toxins whatsoever. Note: these PVC pipes can be sold wholesale.

Vinyl siding is highly durable and is capable of withstanding strong winds, both high and low temperatures, as well as moisture. As a result of this strength the siding is long lasting, with warranties covering up to 50 years. It should also be noted that this type of siding can be easily installed due to its light weight. And in addition, the siding will only require periodic cleaning and isn’t likely to rot, crack, or become damaged by insects.

Universal connectors that can be used to bridge any two structural PVC elements. For instance, connecting a window unit with a balcony door. Like the previously listed siding and pipes, these connectors are highly durable, resistant, and long lasting.

PVC Tiles and Panels

PVC products manufacturers can also supply:

PVC tiles suitable for residential, industrial, and commercial use. These are easier to transport and stronger than linoleum tiles, and come in a wide variety of colors and textures. And unlike granite tiles, they won’t break or crack. Not to mention the fact they can be easily installed on almost any kind of property.

Vinyl tiles are ideal for high-activity areas such as commercial floors due to their high resistance to abrasion and impact damage, as well as general durability. They can also be fitted over ceramic, concrete, and wood floors. And if they're installed correctly, can be repaired and replaced locally. It’s also important to take into consideration that vinyl tiles require very little maintenance.

Artificial wood tiles have the same attributes as the other PVC tiles listed here, but give the appearance of stylish wood. Despite the difference in style, these tiles still don’t require additional maintenance.

Wall panels made from PVC are resistant to colour change and fading, and are available in different styles such as artificial marble, onyx, and wood. These are highly durable products which require very little ongoing maintenance.

PVC Film

PVC film suppliers are able to produce:

Embossed film that can be used for book covers, semi-glass decoration, and more. It comes with an adhesive on the back, and no further glue is required. It’s also water proof and washable, and comes in many different designs – no color fading will occur.

Marble film is ideal for decorating kitchens and tiles, and won’t fade over time. It can be pasted on straightaway and can then be re-positioned at a later time. If it gets dirty it can be washed. There are a range of designs to choose from.

Transparent film that can be used to cover student books, as a transfer film for plotter cutting, and for many other uses. There are many elegant designs that can be chosen, and the product is durable, adaptable, and washable.

Roof liner film is suitable for a host of roofing applications, and is available in several different thicknesses and configurations. It has great strength and environmental resistance, and therefore won’t stretch or shrink. And of great importance: it’s totally non-flammable.