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Specially colored and transparent materials suitable for advertising and many other applications.

Wholesale Plexiglass Sheets Are Available in This Directory

  • Polycarbonate

    Sheets polycarbonate have excellent characteristics: practicality, versatility, pleasant appearance. Cotovy polycarbonate, whose price is much lower than that of the glass used previously for similar operations.

  • Plexiglas

    Plexiglas - it's very hard, and at the same time, the plastic material, which weighs two and a half times less than the silicate. If we compare the polycarbonate and acrylic by weight, then they are identical and both heavier than 15% polystyrene.

  • Cellular polycarbonate
    Cellular polycarbonate

    Even more often in building modern building materials are applied, from which the most functional and esthetic are plastics. One of the most popular building plastics in Russia is cellular polycarbonate.

  • Cellular polycarbonate
    Cellular polycarbonate

    The perfect combination of physical and mechanical properties, which are stored at different temperatures and humidity levels.

  • Sunray Solid Surface
    Sunray Solid Surface

    Sunray Solid Surface is the result of modern manufacturing technologies. It is used for treatment of walls, architectural signage, furniture and accessories.

  • Prism Lighting Sheet
    Prism Lighting Sheet

    The polystyrene, uniformly scattering sheet in the form of a concave prism is intended for use in lighting products as a diffuser.

The wide range of providers on WorldBuild365 include polycarbonate roofing sheets suppliers, as well as a specialist plexiglass supplier. They know how to produce...

Specially colored and transparent materials suitable for advertising and many other applications.

Sheets with high resistances to heat and weather conditions.

Products ideal for walls, roofs, and even items such as name plates.

Get more details below:

Plexiglass - Its Many Attributes and Uses

Choose a plexiglass manufacturer who can offer:

High quality plexiglass – a material that has many excellent attributes, making it suitable for use in various fields. It’s waterproof, resistant to numerous weather conditions, has high strength and reliability, and features a high degree of transparency. The host of products that can be created using plexiglass include, but aren’t limited to, illuminated signs for advertising, thermoformed layout goods, protective glazing, and suspended ceilings. Using WorldBuild365 it's quick and easy to get wholesale plexiglass sheets today. Bear in mind this material is referred to as Plexiglas, which is a brand name used in certain other regions, however they are one and the same.

Plexiglas sheets, materials made of plexiglass, plexiglass sheets, plexiglass panels, Plexiglas for windows, plexiglass for advertising products, plexiglass for floor lighting, Plexiglas for souvenirs, plexiglass for key tags, and plexiglass for nameplates can also be purchased through this online directory.

Polycarbonate Panels and Transparent Variations

Pick a provider who can supply:

Polycarbonate panels have excellent versatility and practicality, as well as a surprising amount of aesthetic appeal. These units, produced by the several polycarbonate panel manufacturers on this site, consist of several layers – a smooth outer layer and an empty inner cell which has many layers, and is separated by partitions. This structure means that the products have excellent thermal and sound insulation characteristics.

Transparent polycarbonate sheets are ideal for glazing and cladding. These materials can be provided by any of the clear polycarbonate sheet suppliers featured in this directory. These companies can usually cut them to specific dimensions.

Polycarbonate roofing sheets are lightweight and can withstand extremely low and high temperatures. This makes them perfect for use on the roofs of structures such as conservatories.

Roofing sheets made of polycarbonate, panels of polycarbonate, sheets of polycarbonate, sheets of transparent polycarbonate, and see-through polycarbonate can also be sourced here.

Colored Polycarbonate Sheets

Check out the items below and decide which manufacturer is most appropriate for your requirements:

White polycarbonate sheets are often used in the construction of stylistically neutral, practical, and high strength translucent designs.

Blue polycarbonate sheets are highly popular and regularly utilized for advertisement applications due to their unique style.

Bronze polycarbonate sheets are not only very attractive but also offer higher fire and sound resistance than most other polycarbonates.

Green polycarbonate sheets have obvious aesthetic advantages but are also extremely strong and reliable.

Red polycarbonate sheets offer enhanced protection against ultra-violet rays and can be used for many different purposes, such as advertising and protecting plants.

Acrylic sheet supplies, a wide range of colored polycarbonate sheets, specially colored polycarbonate, polycarbonate sheets for advertising, polycarbonate sheets for plant protection, and UV protective polycarbonate are other items that are available on this platform.