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Aesthetically pleasing, and can be used as exhibition homes too.

Buying Carports Wholesale and Finding Log Cabin Suppliers

  • Children's House "My Joy"
    Children's House "My Joy"

    Children - it is our happiness, our pride and the meaning of life. From their birth, we choose for them all the best, safest and most beautiful.

  • Mobile bath "Extra"
    Mobile bath "Extra"

    At the moment this is the most significant project in the line of TopsHause Mobile baths. Bath "Extra" is the most multifunctional bath in this line.

  • Duplex type Country house "Olli"
    Duplex type Country house "Olli"

    Duplex type Country house "Olli" designed with the current trend of modern contry houses.Large windows across the facade and "second light" helped to create large and bright living room with access to covered terrace without fences.Large logs size allows grading large home size.

  • Planed logs steam baths "Bazhen"
    Planed logs steam baths "Bazhen"

    The project steam baths "Bazhen" developed under the hand cutting of planed logs. The project provided a podium in front of a steam bath for summer use, a fireplace room with the second light and the balcony.

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Log cabin manufacturers and suppliers, mobile homes manufacturers, and a range of other professionals can all be sourced in the massive WorldBuild365 directory. The structures on offer are...

Aesthetically pleasing, and can be used as exhibition homes too.

Made of strong materials such as timber.

Wide ranging, covering not only houses, but outbuildings and more.

Further details about these structures are given below. It should also be noted that large-scale orders can be made – when you need to buy carports wholesale, for instance.

Log and Wooden Houses

The items that can be provided include, but aren’t limited to, the following:

Standard wooden houses, which are highly durable. The way they’re built means they have excellent air exchange properties. This means they preserve heat and maintain a stable humidity. It should also be known that these buildings can be heated quickly, and require much less ongoing maintenance than structures constructed out of materials like brick or concrete. The wooden house manufacturers and suppliers on this site can provide many different kinds of structure.

Three-floor premium houses that are made of Finnish Glulam. This wood has excellent strength and an outstanding visual appearance. It is also widely used in quality construction projects. This is because it can be shaped, cut down, or finished in many different ways – meaning the structure will be both robust and long lasting.

Frame panel houses that are reasonably priced, made solely out of natural materials, and which can be customized according to specific customer requirements. Moreover, these structures require no complicated internal finishes, and have an extremely short construction time – no more than six weeks. What’s more, the way these frame panel houses are made puts a minimal load on the foundation system, meaning it can be easily maintained and will stand erect for many years.

Standard log homes that are constructed out of special gas-silicate logs, and chopped timber logs. In fact, the buildings supplied by the log homes manufacturers in this directory include large terraces suitable for barbecues and carparks.

Products with similar attributes cover exhibition houses, and more.


The products below can be delivered:

Small cottages, which are extremely cost-effective. They feature a pantry, boiler room, dining room, three living rooms, bedrooms, and spaces for both nurseries and offices. Furthermore, many log cabin suppliers can provide room for terraces and balconies too.

Timber cottages, which have an impressive level of durability. This is because of the advanced technology that has been used in their production. Also, each piece of timber used to make these structures has been specially selected.

Outbuildings and Bath Houses

The subsequent structures are all available from the range of modular building manufacturers you can find in the WorldBuild365 directory:

Outbuildings suitable for many different applications. They include models fitted with roofing shingles, doors, windows, and much more.

Mobile bath houses, which have excellent natural ventilation as a result of the micropores in the wood they’re made from. Additionally, they have fantastic hygiene and environmental attributes, heat-saving properties, and long life spans.

Wooden carports that can house up to two cars. These are usually fitted with vented walls, and the roofs can be red, gray, or brown according to user preference.

Children’s miniature houses made of natural, ecologically friendly materials. They’re totally safe and can be used safely for all sorts of games.

Other structures on this site that offer similar advantages include timber household buildings, as well as red, green, and brown comfort arbors. In addition, country houses, logged steam baths, and one-floor bath houses are also available.