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Protect precious electrical equipment that would be very expensive to replace if broken.
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Many Lightning Rod Manufacturers Can Sell Items Wholesale

There are many different surge protection device manufacturers, lightning rod manufacturers, and other lightning protection providers. They can offer items that will…

Improve safety during lightning strikes.

Reduce damage caused during lightning strikes.

Protect precious electrical equipment that would be very expensive to replace if broken.

Get more information about these earthing equipment supplies below:

Surge Protection Systems and Devices

A wide selection of lightning protection equipment suppliers can offer surge protectors and similar devices. These are specially designed to protect electrical devices from voltage spikes. They do this by limiting the amount of voltage that can be supplied to a particular device at any given time. Any additional voltage that is above a safe threshold – this may happen during a lightning strike – is blocked or put to ground. These items include...

Surge protection systems should be installed on both ends of a direct current network. They’ll protect against any sudden lightning surges. Plus, they have modules which facilitate quick and easy maintenance in case of any faults.

Surge protection adapters can have up to four different electrical devices connected to them, and have in-built protection against electrical spikes. This makes them ideal for continuous protection against lightning.

Surge protection devices for indoor power supplies will limit instant surge voltages and discharge any surge currents. They need to be installed in close proximity to the power supply in any domestic property in which they’re going to be used. It's possible to buy this type of surge protection wholesale.

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Lightning Rods and Cables

Any lightning protection manufacturer will say that rods and cables are vital to lightning protection. This is because these metal rods and wires can be fixed to exposed parts of buildings and then used to divert lightning harmlessly to the ground. There are two main types – conductor cables and ground rods. Conductor cables carry currents from rods to the ground and are normally installed along the tops of roof edges. Ground rods are very thick, buried underground, and ensure that lightning discharge has a safe path to ground. More information is given here...

Early discharge lightning rods are superior to standard rods and have 100% discharge efficiency. Also, most rods of this type will have very long functional lifespans and will generally never require maintenance.

Copper bonded grounding rods will resist corrosion for up to thirty years, and feature an electrical conductivity rating of over 20%.

Lightning protected power cables are easy to maintain, have long life spans, and can be used in a wide variety of different applications. These cables are specially designed to protect any electrical devices they’re connected to during a lightning storm.

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Lightning Arresters

A lightning arrester is a type of device that connects to an electrical power system in order to protect its insulating and conductive elements. Some examples are...

Smart lightning arresters offer full reliability even in the event of an extreme lightning storm. They can withstand multiple lightning strikes and will remain durable and maintenance free throughout their service life.

Silicon rubber housed lightning arresters provide better electrical performance and reliability than most other types of arresters. They’re also explosion and shatter proof, and have fewer electrical features which makes them better suited to resisting lightning.

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