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Made of quality materials that will ensure structures have long life-cycles.

A Wide Range of Wholesale Modular Systems Are Listed

  • Slim-Line

    Slab depth 20 - 45 cm Void former height 100 - 260 mm Particularly suitable for low slab depth Exceptional savings potential of cost and material Exceptionally eco-friendly construction Suitable for spot projects in countries without distribution partners Economical transport options

  • Portable Cabins
    Portable Cabins
    Europa Prefabri Group

    Our prefabricated modules are ideal for several uses such as: portable offices, toilets, changing rooms, temporary houses, laboratories and many more.

  • Prefabricated Modular Buildings
    Prefabricated Modular Buildings
    Europa Prefabri Group

    Thanks to the great versatility of modular construction, we can design and manufact modular sets adjusted to the specific needs of our clients concerning space dimensions. It can be achieved thanks to attachment of various modular units.

  • Special Modules
    Special Modules
    Europa Prefabri Group

    In addition to our standard modules, we design and manufacture tailor-made modular buildings for multiple applications adapting to the customer’s needs.

  • Foampolystyrene Boards
    Foampolystyrene Boards

    Foampolystyrene boards are building panels made of expanded polystyrene. Expanded polystyrene is a widely known material that is used in many spheres of life.

  • PSM Single Panel
    PSM Single Panel

    The panel is ideal for the construction of walls, internal partitions, dividing and enclosing structures of, floors and roofs of buildings for civil and domestic purposes.

  • PDM Dual Panel
    PDM Dual Panel

    Double insulating panel is ideal for the construction of load-bearing and basement walls of reinforced concrete.

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Various qualified and specialist fiber cement panels manufacturers and portable cabins manufacturers and suppliers - many of whom offer wholesale modular systems - have signed up to WorldBuild365 and showcased what they offer. Their products are all...

Made of quality materials that will ensure structures have long life-cycles.

Designed to be installed quickly and safely.

Customizable, and can be adapted to each customer's requirements.

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This covers, but isn’t limited to, the following:

Fiber cement panels, which are both practical and eco-friendly. These panels are resistant to both fire and insects, are highly durable, and can even act as an extra insulation layer. Plus, they’re longer lasting than panels made of vinyl, aluminum, or wood.

Similar composite materials on offer from the fiber cement panels manufacturers on this site include composite industrial construction fittings, wood-polymer fence profiles, cellular polycarbonate plastic reinforcements, and more.

Cement particle boards are ideal for applications that require high load-bearing qualities. These boards can be used as an alternative to chipboard or plywood and, once installed, will provide excellent acoustic properties, as well as excellent fire, impact, and moisture resistance. It should be noted that available thicknesses range from 10 to 24m. Smaller sized panels will come in pallets of up to 60 sheets, while larger sized panels will come in pallets of up to 25 sheets.

Modular Structures

Such as:

Prefabricated warehouses that can be used for many different purposes. These foldable buildings have been designed for both ease of installation and dismantling, and can be adapted to suit any particular customer requirements. The expert production of each individual component takes place in an indoor specialist plant. This ensures high robustness and reliability.

Standard modular buildings that can be quickly and simply transported to a location of a customer’s choosing. The size of any specific building type can also be changed to suit certain needs. In addition, the time it takes to complete the installation process will be reduced significantly because the building elements – lobbies, roofs, facades, and so on – will be already assembled upon delivery. These structures include schools, shops, mobile stations, and even hostels.

Tailor made modular buildings that can be constructed specially to suit requirements that a particular user needs fulfilled. Everything about these structures can be adapted. This covers the technical features, materials, finishings, facades, doors, windows, and even the equipment used. Furthermore, the types of buildings that are available are suitable to be used for sales rooms, modular offices, event spaces, and even as ephemeral architecture. And what’s more, upon request three-floor prefabricated structures can be made.

Comparable products listed in this online directory include special modules, modular systems, modular building systems, and more.

Portable cabins that can be utilized as offices, toilets, changing rooms, temporary houses, laboratories, and so on. These cabins have guaranteed sturdiness due to their steel frames, and feature optimal thermal and acoustic insulation. Also, the portable cabins suppliers on WorldBuild365 will fit lighting and power points, as well as high quality toilet facilities.

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Formwork and Supports


Concrete formwork which speeds up construction – modular systems can be pinned, clipped, and screwed together much quicker than traditionally built structures. This formwork is incredibly durable, and is resistant to major forces.

Stair modules which can be customized in-depth. The angle, number, and size of the steps can all be changed. These modules remain fire-retardant no matter what adjustments are made.

Masonry supports which increase the lifetime of buildings, as well as general crack resistance and reliability. They’re an excellent solution to acoustical and vibrational issues.

Prefabricated wall elements such as ventilated facades, self-enclosing elements, and high-strength concrete wall units that all provide high strength and effective insulation.