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WorldBuild365 is your online products directory for the high quality items offered by concrete blocks suppliers & interlocking bricks suppliers worldwide.
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Concrete Blocks Suppliers - Retaining Walls, Decorative Concrete and Glass Blocks

  • Blocks LL500
    Blocks LL500
    Lammin betoni

    Introduced in 2013, the new block LL500 suggests a whole new level of energy-efficient construction. According to the thermal insulation properties of this block, it is the best on the market (value of U = 0,11).

  • Blocks LL400
    Blocks LL400
    Lammin betoni

    The most popular in Finland block LL400 is also an excellent choice for building a modern energy efficient building. This unit allows you to build a solid, sealed, safe and warm wall.

  • Thermal Insulation Blocks EMH350
    Thermal Insulation Blocks EMH350
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    EMH350 - one of the most famous and oldest thermal insulation blocks on the Finnish market. It is an excellent choice for the construction of houses, garages, warehouses and industrial premises.

  • Blocks MH150
    Blocks MH150
    Lammin betoni

    Production line MH150 can be used for the construction of a wide variety of objects. The blocks are stacked without mortar, placed in the cavities of all the necessary services so that after casting forms a solid ready structure .

  • Blocks MH300
    Blocks MH300
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    MH300 product line is used in the presence of large loads that require massive structures. The entire line of products MH300 is a thoughtful set of blocks, comprising corner and end elements. Units are designed for 2M- module (200 mm).

  • Blocks MH250
    Blocks MH250
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    If you need to create a solid wall with a large contact area, it is used blocks of line MH250. In addition to the basic elements of ordinary MH250 product range includes corner and end blocks. Units are designed for 2M- module (200 mm).

  • Blocks MH200
    Blocks MH200
    Lammin betoni

    MH200 product range is suitable for a wide variety of objects. Blocks are placed quickly, and after filling the structure becomes strong and airtight. Thanks to the easy workability blocks can be used for masonry walls of apartments and load-bearing walls. By product line includes rows of blocks, corner blocks and end blocks.

Get through to the most experienced and reputable concrete blocks suppliers, via WorldBuild365. The broad variety of materials here in our online directory lets you ensure that you:

Meet building codes in countries across the world.

Have durable and weatherproof materials suitable for any climate, and any design requirements.

Get products that are ready to use, because we offer precast and pre-made blocks of all kinds.

You'll quickly find the retaining wall blocks suppliers you need, in addition to cement pipe manufacturers, decorative concrete blocks manufacturers, and more...

Concrete Blocks

Conventional building materials make up a large proportion of our orders. We work with leading concrete blocks suppliers across the world to provide...

Concrete blocks, including corner pieces are available from most of the hollow bricks suppliers you'll find in our online directory. These bricks make it easy to construct a solid concrete wall.

Precast products offer a wide variety of ready-for-construction materials. Many companies are interlocking bricks suppliers in addition to being concrete retaining wall blocks manufacturers, and many offer kerbstones and paving slabs as well.

Arched blocks are those specifically designed to build archways. Arches are a popular architectural element because they visually expand the available space. The WorldBuild365 catalogue offers arched blocks from a number of different concrete blocks manufacturers.

Concrete Pipes and More

You'll find concrete pipes suppliers here that offer a number of other ready-made construction materials, because...

Concrete pipes manufacturers often provide other infrastructural components too. These can include U-channels, manhole systems, gullies, and working as reinforced concrete pipes suppliers and precast concrete pipe manufacturers.

Bricks and Other Materials

As well as concrete wall retaining blocks suppliers, the WorldBuild365 directory numbers the makers of various other materials, including:

Ceramic bricks are amongst the most popular building materials. They're immensely durable, and provide a now-traditional look to any building.

Imitation log blocks are often referred to as block-house, and are widely used in both interior and exterior construction projects. These materials are divided both by quality of the wood and cut used, as well as by the sustainability of the trees sourced to make it.

Glass Blocks

The glass block manufacturers you'll find listed in our product directory offer high quality materials ideal for many construction projects...

Functional glass blocks can be used to build floors or walls, stairs, balconies and terracing, floors and landings. They're a brilliant combination of function and design. They're thin enough to let the light shine through, but also durable enough to meet building safety codes. They're also available in a variety of thinner thicknesses for different projects.

Colored glass blocks are available from several glass bricks suppliers. In our online directory you'll find more than 16 colour and shade options, ranging from sapphire blue through ruby red to emerald green. All are provided with a metallized outer coating that prevents wear.