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Browse our product directory to find lightweight concrete blocks suppliers and buy aerated concrete wholesale.
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    WarmHouse TV 1-100 Raw Blocks
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    Environmental building blocks TV 1-100 significantly reduce the load on the material consumption of the foundation due to the ease, which is achieved by including closed air pores and polystyrene in the blocks.

Aerated concrete is a valuable and versatile construction material. Browse our product directory to find lightweight concrete blocks suppliers and buy aerated concrete wholesale. You'll be able to:

Connect with aerated autoclaved concrete manufacturers - to find the right size and density of blocks to suit your specific needs.

Find everything needed to use cellular blocks to their best advantage - tools to cut and shape them, and specially formulated adhesives and plasters to use with them.

Low Density Thermally Insulated Building Blocks

The best ACC blocks suppliers deliver an option that's easy to work with, suitable for internal and external construction, and noted for speed and ease of installation...

Flat faced barrier blocks - used in the construction of internal partition walls. These blocks are thin, yet self supporting, low cost, and provide great thermal and sound insulation.

Tongue and groove barrier blocks - all of the advantages of the flat faced block, but the tongue and groove ending speeds the construction process.

Flat faced wall blocks - combine high insulation and load bearing capacity. Useful for a range of construction products. Use for external or internal load bearing walls in low rise construction or as infill for external self supporting walls in high rise housing projects. Different densities of blocks are suited for different uses, your aerated concrete suppliers will advise on exact product specifications.

Tongue and groove wall blocks - as with the partition blocks above, the tongue and groove fitting speeds installation. It also reduces adhesive consumption.

U-shaped blocks - use these to form hidden bridges, columns and beams. The width of the formwork corresponds to the width of various blocks.

Both wall blocks and barrier or partition blocks come in a range of sizes and densities. Optimize your construction project with ease.

Aerated concrete chippings - another insulation option. Use aerated concrete chippings as bulk insulation in cavity walls.

While you're looking at ACC slabs you may also like to consider foam concrete, silicate blocks, and cellular concrete.

Supplementary Materials

Your autoclaved aerated concrete suppliers will provide not just the blocks themselves, but also all the supplementary items needed to use the slabs to their full potential...

Glue for laying blocks - use of the correct adhesive will increase the water and frost resistance of the blocks, and improve the strength and durability of the wall.

Adhesives with added antifreeze - use this variant when construction continues even through the winter months. The glue allows building to continue safely even in sub-zero temperatures.

Dry mix - formulated for screed and plastering of lightweight blocks.

Tools to Work ACC Blocks

Whilst autoclaved blocks can be cut and shaped using most standard carbon steel power tools, you'll increase efficiency and speed production using tools specifically designed for working with autoclaved concrete slabs. Some possibilities include...

Adhesive trowels - for both horizontal and vertical application. Available in a range of sizes from 100mm through to 500mm.

Adhesive carriages - for uniform application of adhesives to the horizontal surface only, again come in a range of sizes.

Wall chasers - to make channels in blocks quickly and accurately, mostly used for creating wiring channels, available in large or small size for thick or thin channels.

Saws - power or hand saws, for cutting blocks to the exact size required.

Planers and sanding tables - to level uneven cellular concrete slabs and remove surface irregularities after cutting.