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Look for trusted suppliers on WorldBuild365 – the online directory of waterproofing membrane manufacturers, damp proof membrane manufacturers, and PVC membrane manufacturers.

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  • Izoplast Waterproofing Material
    Izoplast Waterproofing Material

    "Izoplast" is produced by applying double polyester-based bitumen-polymer binder consisting of a bitumen, thermo-butadiene elastoplast or similar polymers and fillers. For the top layer of the roof is made.

  • Mariseal 400 Waterproofing Coating
    Mariseal 400 Waterproofing Coating
    Maris Polymers

    The high quality waterproofing coating for roofs, terraces and pedestrian crossings produced by Maris Polymers.

  • Xypex
    Ettrilat NT

    In more than seventy countries, the proprietary crystalline waterproofing products of Xypex Chemical Corporation are stocked, sold and supported by a worldwide network of distributors and licensees.

  • Waterproofing "Penetron"
    Waterproofing "Penetron"

    PENETRON is a surface-applied material which waterproofs and protects concrete in-depth. It consists of Portland cement, specially treated quartz sand and a compound of active chemicals.

  • KTtron-10 2K (two-component elastic waterproofing)
    KTtron-10 2K (two-component elastic waterproofing)
    KT Tron

    KTtron-10 2K two-component elastic waterproofing. The first component - a dry mixture consisting of cement, mineral aggregate and reinforcing fiber modifying agents. The second component - impact modifier, a viscous white liquid.

  • Megafleks A140
    Megafleks A140

    "Megafleks» A140 - is a vapor permeable membrane construction increased strength, designed to protect the insulation from external moisture. At the same time, "Megafleks' A140 allows erode due to condensation microperforated structure.

  • A waterproofing membrane Izolteks
    A waterproofing membrane Izolteks

    A waterproofing membrane Izolteks used to protect floors against water, various leaks, to protect the foundations of the circulation of water through the capillaries of the concrete bases.

  • PVC membrane THERMOFOL M
    PVC membrane THERMOFOL M

    BauderTHERMOFOL M - polymer waterproofing, reinforced with a special mesh made of polyester. It is produced in a thickness of 1.2 mm, 1.5 mm, 1.8 mm and 2.0 mm.

  • PVC membrane THERMOFOL U
    PVC membrane THERMOFOL U

    BauderTHERMOFOL U - versatile polymer waterproofing material, reinforced with polyester mesh. It is produced in a thickness of 1.2 mm, 1.5 mm, 1.8 mm, 2.0 mm, 2.4 mm.

  • PVC membrane THERMOFOL U 15 V
    PVC membrane THERMOFOL U 15 V

    BauderTHERMOFOL U 15 V - polymer waterproofing 1.5 mm thick, reinforced with polyester mesh with an additional geotextile lamination thickness of 2.0 mm.

  • Paro hydro insulation
    Paro hydro insulation

    "Megafleks A" - construction is vapor permeable membrane designed to protect the insulation from external moisture. At the same time, "Megafleks A" allows erode due to condensation microperforated structure.

  • Folgoizolon

    Steam waterproofing film, steam gidropronitsaemye membrane reflects heat insulation, foil for pools, fiberglass.

  • Reflective insulation Megafleks IPP-L Gold
    Reflective insulation Megafleks IPP-L Gold

    "Megafleks" A metallic - it's construction, rugged, versatile, reflective insulation, designed for comprehensive protection of insulation from internal condensation, external moisture and wind. The main function of "Megafleks» A metallic is reflected.

  • Penetrating Waterproofing
    Penetrating Waterproofing

    LAKHTA Penetrating Waterproofing is used for waterproofing of concrete and reinforced concrete structures and for isolating waterproofing in concrete and reinforced concrete structures or in brickwork (rubble masonry).

  • Seam Waterproofing
    Seam Waterproofing

    LAKHTA Seam Waterproofing is used for waterproofing of seams, cracks, moulding joints, pipe or cable lead-ins, places of connections of cast-in-situ and precast concrete and reinforced concrete structures.

  • Elastic Waterproofing, two-component
    Elastic Waterproofing, two-component

    LAKHTA Elastic Waterproofing, two-component is used for waterproofing of surfaces of concrete, brick, reinforced concrete, foamed concrete, gas concrete and metal structures susceptible to cracking, exposed to subsidence and vibration.

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The thin layer of watertight material that’s laid above the roofing slab and below the finish tiles is the waterproofing membrane. Look for trusted suppliers on WorldBuild365 – the online directory of waterproofing membrane manufacturers, damp proof membrane manufacturers, and PVC membrane manufacturers.

These membranes need to be:

Of high quality for flexibility and durability.

Strong enough to ensure a long service life.

Resistant to precipitation.

Membranes and Sheets

A complete range is available from the waterproofing membrane suppliers you'll find in this directory:

Waterproofing sheets are designed to have superior resistance from extremes in temperature, and against acidic and alkaline chemicals. This type of waterproofing system is very effective in preventing the passage of water and water vapor, as they’re specially reinforced with polyester spunbond and coated with polyethylene film. Sheets can be used for basement tanking, and damp proofing.

Homogeneous PVC waterproofing membrane is suitable for applying to drinking water and other water tanks as it’s vapor permeable without reinforcement. It can also be used as a top layer for water channels. The light weight makes for fast and easy installation, giving adaptability as well as the required protection.

PVC waterproofing membrane is classified into three categories: smooth, fiber fleece back, and reinforced. Only waterproofing membrane manufacturers with the latest formulation of UV-resistant polyvinyl chloride resin provide this option. It's combined with filing and auxiliary agents, molded together by high-end technology, and delivers a pliable and durable sheet. This reinforced construction enhances the tensile and tear strength.

Waterproofing layers are covers designed to create appropriate solutions for every kind of roof and walling system. The vapor permeability feature prevents air flow coming in through the walls, and allows water vapor to escape from inside. Buildings are protected from water accumulation, potential condensation, and mold formation.

Cement, Liquid Rubber and Polymers

Added extras to seal and protect.

Waterproofing cement is water resistant cement suitable for outdoor use – it’s environmentally friendly and safe. Ideal for filling potholes, cracks, and crevices, this cement mixture is ready to use. Add water, and apply to a previously prepared and cleaned surface. The texture makes it suitable for water tanks, swimming pools, and other water-related projects.

Cement-based brushable sealing slurry is ideal for flexibility when a waterproofing layer is needed, as on a roof or in the bathroom. This product is classified as a coating for the surface protection of concrete, and is a one-component, fiber-enforced, polymer-modified sealing slurry. Use for waterproofing plaster, bricks, and cement blocks. You'll also find two-component flexible brushable sealing slurry on this site.

Polymers are liquid pigmented, wear resistant, and semi-rigid components. The reaction with ground and air humidity causes them to harden. Used for roof waterproofing, balconies, terraces, and verandas, as well as for decks and walkways. Liquid applied elastic polyurethane polymers are elastic to repel the cold, and are used for long-lasting roof waterproofing.

Waterstops are used for waterproofing cold and expansion joints. They reduce the stress on the structure caused by temperature fluctuations and uneven ground subsidence. Cold and water resistance are heightened, and the appearance of the structure improved. The waterstops are manufactured in 20m rolls.

Liquid rubber is designed for waterproofing and corrosion protection of concrete, brick, and metal structures. The bitumen-polymer emulsion is hardened with a crystalline powder, giving it the ability to adhere to any base material. It forms a seamless, highly elastic, rubber-like waterproof coating, and complies with all roofing and waterproofing specifications - it’s also environmentally safe. Also available is liquid rubber single component.

Extra Protection

Invest in specialist exterior coatings from waterproofing membrane manufacturers

Coating waterproofing is specifically for use at very low temperatures. The material doesn’t flow, and so is ideal for vertical surface work. It has a high level of adhesion to concrete, metal, and wood, and is easy to apply. Low water absorption is also another feature.

Penetrating waterproofing is used for concrete and reinforced concrete structures, and for isolating waterproofing in brickwork. The waterproofing effect is achieved by the filling of voids and pores with water insoluble compounds that are produced by the reaction of the chemical additives to the cement stone phases. Advantages include resistance to corrosion, retention of vapor and air permeability, and long lasting waterproof qualities.

Seam waterproofing is perfect for waterproofing cracks, molding joints, pipes, seams, and connections. It has high water impermeability, doesn’t shrink, and is resistant to thermal and mechanical deformations. It can be used under intensive water pressure, and complies with all dry building mixtures recommendations.

You can also view basic repair composition, elastic waterproofing, and penetrating waterproofing on this digital platform.