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  • U-Plast Thermal Insulation System
    U-Plast Thermal Insulation System

    The U-Plast insulation system has established itself as a reliable solution for home thermal insulation. The thermal insulation system consists of a vapor barrier film (Megaizol B), a lath, a heater (mineral wool), non-combustible thermal and sound insulation boards, a vapor-permeable wind-moisture-proof film (Megaizol A), and U-Plast Siding.

  • Toray Membrane
    Toray Membrane
    Rus Interra

    Toray thermal insulation membrane provides a high degree of waterproofing of the dwelling. Moreover, the film also prevents the passage of water vapor into the walls of the house, and thus does not contribute to condensation. It is also recommended when finishing the facade with fiber-cement panels.

  • Taiho Soundproof sheet
    Taiho Soundproof sheet
    Rus Interra

    Taiho soundproof sheet provides comfortable living indoors. It has unsurpassed sound characteristics, reducing the noise level by 20 dB. The sheet can be used in finishing both external and internal walls, and the soundproof layer in the inner walls can be laid twice on each side of the wall.

  • Acoustic Insulation
    Acoustic Insulation
    Amorim Cork

    Cork soundproof materials by the Amorim Cork company is a highly effective alternative to synthetic products. Plates made of cork and recycled materials are resistant to pressure and are effective for the reliable protection of various surfaces from damage, and increase the acoustic characteristics of structures.

  • Trimoterm Sound Acoustic Panels
    Trimoterm Sound Acoustic Panels
    IQ Facade

    Among the whole variety of panels of the Trimocompany there is a special product - acoustic Trimoterm Sound panels. They provide exceptional protection against noise, comfortable staying inside people. This acoustic panels have an excellent sound-absorbing properties.

  • PureOne URSA 37 RN Insulation for facades
    PureOne URSA 37 RN Insulation for facades

    PureOne URSA 37 RN has the highest environmental characteristics and it is recommended by the Scientific Center of Health of the RAMS for use in construction. In addition, the product received the EcoMaterial Absolute certificate, which reveals the effect of thermal insulation throughout the l

  • RPG Foiled panels
    RPG Foiled panels

    Foiled RPG panel is an original product by the Ruspanel company, which is used for thermal insulation. The middle layer of the panel consists of extruded polystyrene Styrofoam, which is coated with metallized reflective layers.

  • RPG Antiknock
    RPG Antiknock

    RPG Antiknock perfectly suited for the solution of soundproofing of the floor against shock noises on the bases of various types,. Also panels have excellent properties of heat insulation and waterproofing. The noise reduction level of the panels is 60 dB with a thickness of only 14 mm.

  • Comfort Soundproof Panel
    Comfort Soundproof Panel

    The Comfort panel is perfect for solving the problem of sound insulation in rooms of various types on concrete, brick, wooden bases. It can be used for laying on the floor, walls or even on the ceiling.

  • RPG Shungit
    RPG Shungit

    Shungite Panels is a RPG panel that is designed to create a human environment with a reduced effect of electromagnetic radiation. The panel includes the natural mineral Shungite, which protects from external and absorbs the impact of internal sources of electromagnetic waves. Panels create a special microclimate, and reduce static tension.

  • Foamed polyurethane
    Foamed polyurethane

    Foamed polyurethane is used in various areas, especially this material will be actual in the heat insulation of facades and roofing.

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Thermal and acoustic insulation are essential construction components. They're needed to meet building codes, to ensure the comfort of a building's occupants, and to minimize energy wastage. Search the WorldBuild365 platform to:


Materials and Products for Thermal Insulation

Many products intended for heat insulation also offer a degree of sound insulation. Check the product specifications from your thermal or acoustic insulation supplier for performance details and technical reports when making your selection.

Mineral wool slabs - intended for use in civil and industrial construction, these provide thermal and acoustic insulation. Slabs can be used on horizontal, vertical, and slanting surfaces, and are suited to internal and external use. Thermal insulation material suppliers offer mineral wool products specifically for flat roofs, for floors, and for walls. Many of these products are also suited to multi-layer insulation systems.

Extruded foam polystyrene sheets - durable, fire resistant, and non-degradable extruded foam polystyrene sheets are used to create an internal thermal barrier for floors, walls, or roofs of any type of construction.

Fibreglass insulation - often comes in rolls, is extremely flexible, and can be cut or shaped to fit around intrusions in the surface to be protected. Can be used as thermal insulation for attic floors, or to provide both heat and acoustic insulation of walls and partitions. Also suitable as thermal insulation of pipelines and furnaces.

Sprayable insulation - is supplied as a liquid which is sprayed onto the surfaces to be treated, where it expands to form a barrier against heat transmission. Sprayed on insulation has significant advantages when surfaces are irregular or curved as no cutting, fitting or joining is required. The foam simply forms a seamless barrier which will protect against not just heat loss, but also dust and other pollutants

Synthetic rubber insulation - typically, thermal insulation suppliers offer synthetic rubber as a roll or cylinder. The material is flexible, making it perfect for pipes and ducts of air conditioning or refrigeration systems.

Foil laminated insulation rolls - two outer thermal reflective foil layers sandwiching a foam, paper, or polyethylene bubble. These products act as thermal and acoustic insulation and as a medium strength vapor barrier. With no fibres, irritants or allergens, this is a clean and simple-to-use insulative product suitable for walls and as roof insulation too.

Polystyrene foam plates - intended primarily for thermal insulation but with audio-insulative properties. The plates are intended to be placed beneath underfloor heating systems to minimize heat loss into the base.


Materials and Products for Acoustic Insulation

Minimize sound transmission between rooms or floors of a building:

Floor insulation - eco-friendly cork and recycled tires are formed into 'acoustic blankets'. These are metre-square slabs which are placed between concrete bases and the final floor finish. This product is suitable for commercial or residential buildings and even for pro-audio applications.

Foam acoustic panels - fabric covered panels used to dampen echo and reverberation and to maximize the quality of acoustics in a room. Uses include acoustic insulation for high end home audio rooms, conference chambers, or anywhere where clear transmission of sound is required.

Wooden sound diffusers - Panels are fixed onto the interior wall, so they're suited for retrofitting, break up sound waves, and aid even sound transmission in concert halls, recording studios, and Hi-Fi rooms.