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Capable of greatly increasing the rate at which oil paints dry.

Wholesale Solvents Can Be Found on WorldBuild365

  • Masonry mortar OSNOVIT PUTFORM MC114 L
    Masonry mortar OSNOVIT PUTFORM MC114 L
    TD Cedrus

    Highly effective heat-insulating masonry mortar BASIN Put FORM MC114 L is designed for laying walls made of materials with increased thermal insulation properties, namely from lightweight hollow ceramic blocks and blocks of concrete on porous aggregates.

    TD Cedrus

    Color grout for jointing is BASIC designed for finishing joints: brickwork; masonry of natural and artificial stone; clinker tiles and thermopanels.

  • Ready-made Elastic Waterproofing will establish AQUASCRINE
    Ready-made Elastic Waterproofing will establish AQUASCRINE
    TD Cedrus

    Waterproofing finished elastic AQUASCRINE NA64 is designed to create a waterproofing barrier on horizontal and vertical surfaces with periodic humidification in rooms with any humidity level for subsequent laying of ceramic and clinker tiles, ceramic granite, natural and artificial stone. It is used for base installation with the "Warm Floor" system.

  • Butyl glycol
    Butyl glycol

    Butyl glycol is a glycol ether. This chemical compound has a wide range of applications.

  • 319 Heavy Duty PVC Cement
    319 Heavy Duty PVC Cement
    HP International

    319 Heavy Duty PVC Cement for all for all classes and schedules of pipe and fittings.

There are many solvents manufacturers and producers of siccatives who can deliver products which are...

Suitable for use, with a huge range of different paints and varnishes.

Able to effectively thin paints to a specific desired viscosity.

Capable of greatly increasing the rate at which oil paints dry.

More details about the individual items these solvents suppliers and siccatives providers can offer are given right here:


Solvents are liquids in which a component – otherwise referred to as a solute – is dissolved in order to form a specific solution. In painting, solvents are regularly used as paint thinners for oil-based paints. More information about the wholesale solvents sold by current providers is provided here...

Paint dilution and varnish solvents can be applied to many different kinds of oil paints and will ensure the desired viscosity is achieved. This particular type of solvent can be provided by some of the suppliers on WorldBuild365.

White spirit paint thinner solvents are of very high quality, but for the most part are reasonably priced. They’re ideal for use with both paints and varnishes, and have a low aromatic value.

Turpentine solvents are also frequently utilized as paint thinners, and can also be used to produce varnishes.

Paint thinners, paint thinning solvents, turpentine paint thinner, white spirit paint thinner, mineral paint thinner, solvents for oil paints, thinners for oil paints, solvents for producing varnishes, paint solvents, and solvents used with paints and coatings can also be purchased on the open market.


Siccatives, otherwise known as oil drying agents, are usually used to speed up the drying of paints. To find out more about the wholesale siccatives that are available on the market today, look below...

Cobalt driers are produced using metal salts which are dissolved in solvents, oils, or resins. They’re very effective and will greatly improve the speed at which oil color paints dry, so if too much of these solutions are used they can ruin a painting – most siccatives manufacturers will recommend that no more than five drops of these driers should be used at any given time.

Manganese driers offer very quick drying attributes, and in most cases won’t discolor paint the way that lead drying agents will. However, the majority of siccatives suppliers will say this agent does have a natural dark brown color and is therefore not suitable for use on lighter paints.

Iron and vanadium driers are both only active at high temperatures and are normally used for stove paint finishes.

Japan driers are a broad range of drying agents mixed with boiled linseed oil and alkyd resin paints. They can be used as gilding and can even dry paints which are layered over already dried oil paints. Note: the name of these agents refers to the term japanning which meant literally to dry oil, and isn’t meant to indicate they’re all sourced from Asia.

Drying oils, oil drying agents, driers for paints, paint driers, oil-based paint driers, oil for drying paints, standard siccatives, and high-end siccatives are also available for purchase.