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They’ll make a floor totally smooth, and make sure it's flexible and resistant to moisture in the long-term.
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A large number of self levelling compounds manufacturers and suppliers provide products which are usually used to smooth areas of flooring. This means coverings such as tiles, stone, carpet, and wood can be laid properly. There are many different types of these compounds – the main types being acrylic-based and water-based. But they all have the following attributes in common...

They’re easy to apply - most solutions can be applied in less than thirty minutes.

They’re fast drying - a surface will be ready for use approximately twenty hours after a compound has been applied to it.

They’ll make a floor totally smooth, and make sure it's flexible and resistant to moisture in the long-term.

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Compounds for Construction Applications

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Self levelling concrete compounds don’t need to be applied by professionals. They come in packaging that has simple instructions which will allow any user to identify the amount needed, and how to apply it. These compounds will take about ten minutes to dry once put down and are suitable for many different applications, including plywood sub-floors.

Self levelling cement compounds can be used to level inner floor surfaces in both residential and commercial spaces. They can be stirred with water manually or mechanically and offer high compressive strength and wear. Certain cement compounds are better suited to leveling surfaces before a rubber overlay is put down because they offer greater surface fluidity, as well as precision smoothness.

Self levelling mortar compounds are usually made up of a combination of rigid inorganic composite materials. This makes them appropriate for floors which are going to be covered with anything from rubber to carpet. These particular self levelling floor compounds offer many desirable advantages including increased compactness, quick setting times, and low contractibility.

Self levelling water reducer compounds can be used as dispersants which can help avoid particle segregation and improve the flow attributes of concrete mixtures. In addition to this they also greatly improve the strength and durability of the resultant concrete.

Comparable products to those above cover floor levelling compounds, self-levelling floor compounds, smoothing compounds, materials for levelling concrete floors, self-levelling compounds for cement and aggregates, as well as DIY self levelling compounds.

Compounds For Rubber Flooring and Marine Applications

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Self levelling bedding compounds are produced for marine applications, and once applied form a durable elastomer. These compounds require no mixing whatsoever, and are suitable for both small and deep joints. They also offer excellent durability, high acoustic ratings, and corrosion resistance.

Self levelling rubber underlay compounds are environmentally friendly and long-lasting. They can also come in a wide range of different designs, densities, and thicknesses according to specific requirements. Plus, they have the added benefit of strong vibration, impact, and noise resistances.

Similar products include levelers, leveling compounds, self leveling items for bedding, self leveling products for rubber underlays, and self-leveling floor compounds.