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Need silicone sealant manufacturers that provide adhesives, tapes, sealing foams, spray foams & more? WorldBuild365 has access to the best manufacturers.

Get Sealing Foam Wholesale Through WorldBuild365

  • Apex Bituminous Sealant for Roofing
    Apex Bituminous Sealant for Roofing

    The Apex bituminous sealant is used for roof insulation. With its help, it is possible to conduct sealing of roofing and repair of downspouts. In addition, it is used for cold gluing of roofing felt of any kind, a variety of building materials and elements.

  • Mage F2 Corrugated band for abutments
    Mage F2 Corrugated band for abutments

    Corrugated tape F2 by the Mage company is used in the abutment of roofing materials. A A Knots of the roofing cover usually are under heavy loads, they get a lot of moisture from rain water and snow. A corrugated ribbon with the addition of aluminum perfectly copes with the protection of the roof and prevent corrosion.

  • PSUL tape
    PSUL tape

    Self-adhesive tape of elastic polyurethane foam is impregnated with a mixture of modified acrylic.

  • Hermetex LM Dif Mounting Tape
    Hermetex LM Dif Mounting Tape

    The Mounting tape Hermetex LM Dif has an excellent vapor permeability and waterproofing properties. The tape is used as a material of the outer layer of the assembly seam.

  •  AVIORA Reinforced waterproof adhesive tape (TPL)
    AVIORA Reinforced waterproof adhesive tape (TPL)

    The reinforced adhesive tape is a universal moisture resistant product for insulating and plumbing works with moisture contacting surfaces: reinforcement of joints of pipes and cracks, winding of damaged pipes, elimination of leaks, protection of air channels from water, steam.

  • Hermetex G
    Hermetex G

    Hermetex G is a self-adhesive butyl rubber bundle. The surface of the bundle is fully ready for operation.

  • EKF Insulating tape
    EKF Insulating tape

    The EKF tape is an indispensable product. Insulating tape is made of high-quality non-combustible PVC material.

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Sealants and foams play a major role in construction projects. A precise selection will ensure longevity, weather resistance, and quality insulation.

Guaranteed durability will be attained on products obtained only from quality sealants suppliers.

Easy application of caulking will only be assured by using a reputable company.

Energy efficient insulation will only be provided by trusted silicone sealant manufacturers.

WorldBuild365 provides a wide range of leading products, and are the providers of reliable waterproofing supplies which will ensure quality insulation.



When good adhesion, elasticity, and weathering capacity are essential.

Sealing compounds can be used on interiors and exteriors for setting glass, and to fill any cracks between various building materials such as ceramics, wood, and enamel. These constant elastic and waterproof sealing systems are flexible and provide maximum chemical protection.

Bitumin sealant has great adhesion to concrete, wood, metal, and plastic, and is perfect for waterproof sealing of down-pipes, roofs, and guttering. Leaking roofs can quickly be repaired as the sealant is fast drying. It’s also suited for protecting and waterproofing fences, railings, and gates.

Acrylic sealants used in the construction and repair of panel joints, door and window frames, concrete, and brickwork are of high quality, and suitable for both inside and outside use. Most acrylic sealants are also paintable.

Silicone sealants are suitable for many general construction applications as they have excellent resistance to shrinkage, cracking, discolouring, and ageing. They’re easy to use and can be applied in all temperatures, and they also possess the ability to stick to many non-porous materials, including glass. Other benefits include weather and moisture resistance, alongside ozone and UV protection.



For ease of use and portability:

Foam universal sealants can bond, fix, and seal. A combination of great foam volume and strong adhesive force make them especially useful in the advanced engineering sector. Other features include good elasticity, high strength, and low temperature resistance. Sealants can also be used for heat insulation and gap filling.

Spray foams have unique formulas that combine natural ingredients with modern production standards. These environmentally friendly and energy-efficient products can expand to more than 100 times their initial volume, and so offer the perfect solution to escaping air. The insulation barrier they complete seals leaks in walls, attics, vents, and soffits.

Sealing foams from wholesale suppliers are one-component sealants for interior and exterior use. They can be applied at a range of temperatures, and quickly form a film. The durable seal won’t crack, and the application also prevents the formation of mould.

Polyurethane foams come ready to use. When exposed to moisture in the air they turn into a semi-solid product which is flexible, and offer great insulation benefits for residential and commercial buildings. Suitable for use on concrete, wood, glass, stone, and metal, as well as for ventilation and heating systems.


Adhesive Tapes

Take full advantage of flexible and strong bonding features with:

Double sided adhesive tapes are base materials coated with adhesive on both sides, and then closed with a release liner, are available from the top adhesive suppliers we work with. The thickness of adhesive may vary, and in turn this affects the strength of the system. Thick tapes are better able to bond with highly patterned and textured surfaces. Double sided tapes reliably stick to metals, paper, cardboard, and sealed wood.

Foamed tapes are self-adhesive tapes based on foamed polymers – a composition of a polymer matrix distributed in a gas state. Foamed tapes bond, cushion, and seal, and can be used for draught excluding, mirror mounting, and much more. Other benefits include the ability to make a long-life seal against moisture, air, light, and dust. They also have good resistance to weathering, mildew, and fungus.

Aluminium tapes are widely used in the production of household appliances. The scope of use of the aluminium strip is so wide because of its unique chemical properties. Due to a high heat and moisture resistance this tape is frequently used in ventilation and air conditioning systems, as well as in hydro and thermal insulation work. Renovation projects can be protected against corrosion, and using the tape is easy and convenient for insulating baths and saunas.

Fibreglass tapes are self-adhesive and woven from fibreglass yarn, before being coated with anti-alkaline resin and gum solution. This type of tape is very strong, and used in various construction applications. Totally suitable for reinforcing any cracks in walls, boards, and plasterboard alongside repairing drywall joints and fissures in marble cement. Widths and lengths are measured according to requirements.

Mounting tapes are perfect for glass surfaces, and are resistant to water and heat, making them suitable for all weather conditions. This tape can be used in bathrooms and kitchens, and can be applied to any clean, dry, and smooth surface.