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Strong resistance to weather conditions, cracking, water, and more.

Specially Made - The Easy Way to Buy Fillers Wholesale

  • IRSA Platinum Rollgrund
    IRSA Platinum Rollgrund
    Ideal Parket

    Water based primer for application by roller or brush, such as wooden and bamboo parquet flooring chipboard and ladders. Forms-based delivery IRSA Platinum Rollgrund - ready to use aqueous dispersion for application by roller or brush.

  • Puridur®-ground

    Puridur®-easy sanding primer with high solids and fast drying to grinding, for closed-finish wood and MDF, it does not require the use of insulating soil.


    To align the walls and ceilings inside the heated premises with normal and high humidity.

  •  Primer, Petroleum-polymer
    Primer, Petroleum-polymer

    SLAVIANKA Primer, Petroleum-polymer is used for priming of concrete, reinforced concrete, foamed concrete, gas concrete, wooden and metal surfaces before fusing or gluing of rolled and sheet roofing and waterproofing materials.

  • Bituminous Primer
    Bituminous Primer

    Priming of concrete, wood and metal surfaces to provide the best gluing surfaced roofing and waterproofing materials, of flexible tile, as well as to improve the adhesion to work surface of coating waterproofing mastic.

  • Putty finish VGT Premium
    Putty finish VGT Premium

    Finish small-size filler ready for use. Has versatility of use. Used for leveling various surfaces, sealing seams, decorating corners and texturing indoors in all types of buildings and structures (A-B), incl. for which the regime of wet disinfection is provided.

  • Primers

    BauGrunt and Zagruntuy are used for outdoor and indoor works, suitable for all mineral surfaces, equalize the absorption of wall surface, reduce the consumption of the further coating material.

  • Epoxy AZPOL impregnated paint primer
    Epoxy AZPOL impregnated paint primer
    NB Group

    Solvent-based two component epoxy resin coating, colorless, transparent, abrasion resistance and chemically-proof, with high adhesion strength, concrete and cement filling, which can be applied to different plaster floor fillings that are ecologically clean and harmless coating.

  • "E1" acrylic primer
    "E1" acrylic primer

    Impregnating primer for interior and exterior use. Binds loose dust and particles on the surface. Increases adhesion. It provides optimal conditions for applying the paint.

  • Cosmo SP-830.150 Primer
    Cosmo SP-830.150 Primer
    Weiss Chemie + Technik

    Primer as adhesion improving agent for butyl- and bitumen-jointing tapes onto different absorbent, mineral underground. COSMO DS-830.150 permanently remains gluey after the hardening up.

  • Primer for protection NEOMID TOR PLUS
    Primer for protection NEOMID TOR PLUS

    NEOMID TOR PLUS - primer for protecting the ends of the logs, lumber and other large timber. Used to end treatment intended against decay in the natural drying, storage and transportation of wood.

  • Energy Primer
    Energy Primer

    Universal primer for all kinds of finishing decorative plasters - MUREXIN. Intended for interior and exterior use.

  • Supergrund D 4
    Supergrund D 4

    Dispersion, single-component, quick-drying primer for absorbent and non-absorbent bases (including the old tile cladding, asphalt and anhydrite screeds). Designed for indoor and outdoor use, for the treatment of walls and floors.

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Here on WorldBuild365 there are many primer manufacturers and suppliers, as well as putty manufacturers, and wall putty suppliers. They produce items which have...

Strong adhesion properties which ensure they function as intended, and stay in place for a long period of time

Attributes that make them easy to apply and therefore suitable for a wide range of different surfaces

Strong resistance to weather conditions, cracking, water, and more.

All the putties, fillers, and primers on this digital platform can be provided in the form of wholesale orders. Just some of these products are described in detail below...


The putties manufacturers in this online directory can supply the following and more:

Acrylic putty and water thin primer combinations that can achieve high penetrations. If ordered, both these items will be provided by the putties suppliers on this site in a single package. These products are ready-to-use upon delivery, and will stabilize base coats. This in turn will result in a smooth finish that'll enable greater paint coverage.

Universal finishing putties offer many advantages, including finely divided fillers, low shrinkage, excellent adhesion, good cracking resistance, and much more. Just as their name suggests, these products can adhere to almost any surface. It doesn’t matter if it's concrete, drywall, plaster, brick, or metal, they’ll still be suitable. And what’s more, they can be easily applied and sanded down for a high quality finish. Minimal effort is required. Note: these putties can be sold wholesale.

Concrete and plaster finishing putties that are easy to use, and can be applied in layers of thickness between 0.1 and 10mm per pass. They’re resistant to cracking, cold, and water, and totally protected against a variety of weather conditions. These attributes means that less paint will need to be used.

Similar products available include colored putty, white putty, premium putty, and a wide variety of other building putty and finishing putty.


Fillers manufacturers can offer items such as:

Two-component filler systems which contain no solvents or explosive components. Designed to be used as an interlayer, these systems can be used in many different types of buildings – public buildings, schools, health care facilities, parking lots, and maintenance stations. In fact, the product delivered by the expert fillers suppliers on WorldBuild365 are even suitable for cars and boats.

Cement coatings which are ideal for repairing both interior and exterior concrete surfaces. They can be applied in single layers of up to 15mm in thickness, and in multiple layers of up to 30mm in thickness. In addition, a special combination of minerals and polymeric fibres in these products provides a high resistance to frost. Also, any surface they’re applied to will become anti-slip. It should be known that wholesale orders of these fillers can be fulfilled on request.

Glue, fill, and repair pastes that are very easy to apply and fast curing – some actually start working after a mere 25 minutes. There are different versions available. The only difference being how fast they dry following application.


Putty manufacturers can produce:

Foundation preparation primers that should be used before welded or self-adhesive roofing or waterproofing materials are installed. These items can also be used in the interior of properties and in the priming of both sand and cement.

Water-based primer paints that have been designed for interior works. They can be used as a multi-layer structural coating, and once applied will regulate the absorption of substrates and reduce the consumption of the topcoat. These paints can be applied in one or two layers with a roller, brush, or paint sprayer. Moreover, wholesale purchases of the primers can be made.

Metal surface primers that will help prevent corrosion – primer suppliers know the importance of sea water and moisture resistance, and consequently these items will come with these exact attributes. And that’s not to mention how easy they are to apply.

Epoxy primers that are intended for the penetration of concrete bases and sand-cement screed. They’re ideal for use during the construction of very large buildings and rooms.

Other items that offer comparable benefits include, but aren’t limited to: universal fixator primers, acrylic primer-sealers, acrylic penetrating primers, energy primers, binder primers, impregnated paint primer, and quick drying primers.