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WorldBuild365 is host to many professional protective coatings manufacturers, & they provide quality products - all of which can be bought wholesale today.

Get a Polyurea, Ceramic, or Hydrophilic Coatings Supplier

  • Antiseptic "Norteks-Eco»
    Antiseptic "Norteks-Eco»

    Used for treatment and care of different kinds of surfaces. It is used for interior and exterior use.

  • Cutting Fluid Ekol-3
    Cutting Fluid Ekol-3

    Cutting Fluid Ekol-3 is a homogeneous yellow-green transparent liquid for cutting and abrasive processing of ferrous metals.

  • Compressor Oil KS-19
    Compressor Oil KS-19

    High-quality compressor oil KS-19 with high thermal-oxidative stability and foaming. Possess excellent indicators of preventing the formation of oil deposits.

  • Cutting fluid Akvol-2
    Cutting fluid Akvol-2

    Akvol-2 - Cutting homogeneous oily brown liquid. Application: milling, broaching, reaming, turning, drilling, grinding of steels and alloys.

  • Paint Coating Aquaproof
    Paint Coating Aquaproof
    Adhi Cakra Utama

    As market leader of leak-proof paint coating, Aquaproof is the first local brand with the capability to prevent a coated surface from leaking. Made from thixotropic polymer blends, Aquaproof is designed to coat a variety of areas that require extra protection such as roofs and exterior walls. Aquaproof is suitable for tiled roof, concrete roof, zinc, asbestos, and facade.

  • Hyperdesmo Polyurea 2K-HC
    Hyperdesmo Polyurea 2K-HC
    Alchimica .S.A.

    HYPERDESMO-POLYUREA-2K-HC is a two-component polyurea system, composed of 100% solids, for application by plural component spraying equipment. It is highly elastic and has a polymerization profile specially formulated for enhanced adhesion. It is highly recommended for commercial and industrial applications which require high levels of abrasion resistance and impact strength.

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Protective coatings ensure the longevity and durability of various construction materials and elements – listed on WorldBuild365 are various types including polyuria, ceramic, and hydrophilic…

Polyurea coatings have a vast range of applications that allow for anything from strong abrasion resistance to total water proofing.

Ceramic coatings are ideally suited to metal components, and enhance their functional capabilities.

Hydrophilic coatings work fantastically well with materials that must be in close contact with water.

Protective coatings wholesalers featured on this business platform can provide all of these and much more. In fact, a selection of the other products that are offered can be seen below:

Coatings for Wood

Protective coatings manufacturers can produce…

Protective finishes which can act not only as a resistant coating, but also as an attractive addition to almost any type of wood. These are air drying.

Decorative and harsh condition glazes that can be applied to wooden walls, fences, and other similar objects. Decorative glazes can be easily put down, and also offer additional protection for both internal and external surfaces. Harsh condition glazes have been enriched with a special resin, as well as UV absorbers which can protect wood from strong weather for as long as 8 years.

Parquet floor and stair primers, coatings, and varnishes which all dry quickly. These will give the parquet strong abrasion resistance – the varnishes in particular. The application process will require a simple roller or brush. It should also be noted that some of the primers that we can supply can even be used on exotic wood species such as bamboo.

Staining products, which are water-based solutions that can be used to produce special grey hues, mainly in oak wood.

Coatings for Steel, Metal, and Other Construction Materials

Items that can also be supplied include…

Flame retardant coatings perfect for metal structures and ceilings. Once applied, they’ll improve the fire resistance of the surface in question.

Roof coatings that contain special resins which provide protection against weathering, dirt pick-up, and ponding water damage.

Stone protective agents designed to deeply penetrate and deliver excellent chemical, aging, weather, water, and pollution resistance.

Bituminous primers that can be applied to many concrete, wood, and metal surfaces in order to make them extremely adhesive. This is ideal when working with roofing and waterproofing materials – the primers are quick to dry and can penetrate deeply.

Bitumen mastic coatings that can act as a waterproofing agent for most concrete surfaces, foundations, and wooden structures. In fact, they can also be applied to steel tanks to give a better seal.

Environmentally Resistant Coatings

The following coatings are specially designed to resist strong weather conditions, and can all be found on this directory...

Insect resistant coatings that cover general infestation prevention solutions, as well as those specially targeted at specific insects such as mosquitoes. The anti-mosquito products directly interfere with the nervous system of a mosquito as soon as it makes contact with a treated surface. This inhibits their ability to detect blood, and encourages them to move away from the area.

Rot and mildew resistant coatings that can be used as a primer before painting – they won’t change the color or texture of wood.

Harsh condition resistant coatings which are easily applied to and absorbed by wood. These give long lasting protection of up to 50 years, and are ideal for those wood materials which will be in direct contact with large amounts of rain. This includes floors, terraces, roofs, the frames of houses under construction, and much more.

Weatherproof coatings which once applied will form a weatherproof, wear-resistant enamel cover. This type of coating is designed for both wood and metal.