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The Easy Way to Find Your Plastering Materials Supplier

  • Les Badigeons de Chaux Venetian plaster
    Les Badigeons de Chaux Venetian plaster

    Among the materials that imitate marble texture on the surface of the walls, one of the most popular is the Venetian decorative plaster. Such a plaster transforms the appearance and gives the interior a noble magnificent look.

  • Crepis Facade plaster
    Crepis Facade plaster

    Crepis facade decorative plaster will be an excellent choice when deciding on the finish of external surfaces. Crepis protects the surface from sun, moisture, dust, ultraviolet rays. Plaster has also heat-insulating properties, and resistance to external influences of the environment.

  • SETA DAMASCO Decorative Plaster
    SETA DAMASCO Decorative Plaster

    Italica - strong decorative plasters with a long service life: textured coatings, Venetian and Moroccan plasters, matt and glossy decorative coatings, micro cement and art concrete, paints and substrates, as well as materials for facade work.

  • Kolle Pearl Venetian Plaster
    Kolle Pearl Venetian Plaster
    Art Deco

    Venetian plaster is great for finishing walls and ceilings. This is a high-quality and reliable coating that will transform the interior of your room, and create a mysterious atmosphere.

  • Stuc Granito Plaster
    Stuc Granito Plaster

    The unique Stuc Granito plaster will surprise you with its properties. It will allow to achieve the effect of marble surface, and make the painted surface exceptionally smooth. Plaster can be applied in 2-3 layers to achieve the desired result.

  • Aretino seta Decorative plaster
    Aretino seta Decorative plaster

    Aretino seta decorative plaster creates an imitation of the walls with a light silk veil, which in turn creates an atmosphere of wealth and luxury of royal times.

  • Bravo Decor Venetian plaster
    Bravo Decor Venetian plaster

    Bravo Decor is a classic Venetian plaster based on marble powder and acrylic binder. The product is successfully used for finishing classical and modern interiors with imitation of noble marble.

  • Sonora Decorative plaster
    Sonora Decorative plaster

    Sonora is an elite decorative coating with a three-dimensional effect. A collection full of unique patterns, pearl shades here side by side with metallic tones.

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Whether you're plastering in the inside or on the outside of a building, it's important to work with plastering materials suppliers who supply products that are:

Tough and weather-proof for the exterior - properly mixed plaster will be very weather resistant.

Decorative for interior purposes - a variety of plaster and plasterboard supplies can be used to style building interiors.

For manual or machine application, depending on the method you have in mind.

Because of the broad range of plasterboard manufacturers we work with, and the may ways we offer to buy plaster wholesale, you'll always find a match for your needs in our product directory...

Plaster and Plasterboard

Match the effect you're trying to create to the type of product you get from your plasterboard suppliers...

Gypsum-based plaster has a faster drying time to other varieties. It tends to require several coats, and does need a certain amount of experience to mix correctly. Ready-mixed varieties are available from many gypsum plaster suppliers.

Lime plaster is an eco-friendly alternative to other types, and features a base that's made out of lime solution, sand, and marble powder. It's robust, water-resistant, and can be laid in multiple layers.

Facade plaster is the durable variety of plaster that is used on the frontages of buildings. It works to shield the building from the outside environment through thermal insulation, and is tough enough to withstand many years of abuse in all weathers. They protect against dust, moisture, frost, sun rays, UV, and more besides.

Venetian plaster supplies are a variety provided by many leading manufacturers. Venetian plaster allows the user to recreate the effects of classical-age materials like marble and malachite. When dry, the surface of the plaster becomes glossy and water-resistant, recreating the look of classical stonework.

Molding plaster is a white powder in appearance, and is the building plaster that's used in many situations, including casting plasterboard. Some varieties can also then be used to fix the plasterboard in place. The plasterboard suppliers you'll find here in the WorldBuild365 directory offer a variety of high quality versions.

Pre-Mixed Plasters

Rather than mixing your plaster yourself, WorldBuild365 will connect with you manufacturers who supply ready-made options:

Fireproof plaster mix like Protherm Heavy, is specially designed to offer mechanical protection against fire. It contains an anhydrous base of gypsum and perlite, and can be applied by hand or by machine. Great for an internal base in any building, and for use in restoration work.

Pre-mixed plasters for machines are available from the gypsum plaster suppliers in this directory. They're only for use with plastering machines. They also commonly have a high thermal insulating power.

Gypsum Binders and Adhesives

As well as buying plaster wholesale, you can use the WorldBuild365 directory to purchase mortars, binders, and fillers. These include:

Gypsum binders are used in construction. Specifically, they're available from plastering materials suppliers for the purposes of creating artistic interior moldings and sculptures, and for mixing dry mixes, plasterboard, gypsum partition walls, gypsum blocks, and more.

LITOGIPS and other similar products are universal mortars which are fast setting and quick drying. They're the next innovation on from gypsum binders, and have special organic additives to provide improved properties. They don't require any preparation time, and have a very high mechanical resistance to compression and bending strength after only a few hours application. They can also be used on both horizontal and vertical surfaces, with a disposition thickness of between 5mm and 50mm when used vertically.