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Long lasting, and therefore suitable for use in large building works.

Suppliers From Whom You Can Buy Mastic Wholesale

  • Stains Liga
    Stains Liga

    Emphasizes the natural texture of wood and her breadth of the show. Provides rich wood tones.

  • Sealed and Hydroinsulating Mastic
    Sealed and Hydroinsulating Mastic

    High-quality one-component sealant based on butyl rubber is widely used to seal joints and interpanel surface waterproofing of building structures. Mastic is available in two versions: white and gray.

  • Roofing Mastic
    Roofing Mastic

    Sealing of joints cracks and roofing, sealing places of an adjunction, laying roofing materials, providing a vapor barrier at the device roofing systems.

  • Parasilico AM85-1
    Parasilico AM85-1
    DL Chemicals

    A solvent-free, multipurpose silicone sealant (RTV-1), based on a neutral oxime curing system. Has a high resistance to ageing, low and high temperatures (- 50°C to +150°C). Has an adhesive strength without primer on the majority of materials used in building and engineering industries.

  • Hyperdesmo
    Ettrilat NT

    ALCHIMICATM is a dynamic company specializing in the development and production of specialty polyurethane materials for construction and industrial applications. For over 25 years, ALCHIMICATM has successfully provided products and services to architects, engineers, home builders, contractors and building owners worldwide. Our 1 and 2 part polyurethane systems have a proven track record of high performance in numerous prestigious construction works around the world. In addition, our industrial spray coatings are trusted as industrial waterproofing and insulating solutions, even in the most demanding of cases, e.g. construction of health-sensitive water drinking reservoirs, restoration of aged buildings and waterproofing of bridge platforms.

  • Parasilico EPDM
    Parasilico EPDM
    DL Chemicals

    Neutral curing silicone sealant, suitable for the bonding, sealing and finishing of EPDM. High resistance to ageing, low and high temperatures.

  • Paraphalt Super
    Paraphalt Super
    DL Chemicals

    Paraphalt Super is a professional bituminous adhesive and sealant based on bitumen and SBS-elastomers that adheres to virtually any construction material, including moist surfaces and even under water. It forms a smooth and tight layer whilst remaining flexible.

  • Paracryl Exterior F & S
    Paracryl Exterior F & S
    DL Chemicals

    Flexible acrylic sealant for interior and exterior use. Watertight within 1 hour. Can be painted. Resistant to low temperatures up to -40°C Available in several colours and with smooth or granulated structure.

  • Vector 1025 Anticorrosive Mastic
    Vector 1025 Anticorrosive Mastic
    PK Kurs

    The two-component anticorrosive mastic based on synthetic resins. Application: As a primer under the coatings, for pipelines, river transport, railway cars, steel structures.

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The professional bitumen suppliers, bitumen manufacturers, mastic suppliers, and other specialists featured in this huge online digital platform – WorldBuild365 – can provide mastics which are:

Highly adhesive, and which can be used to bond a wide range of construction materials.

Long lasting, and therefore suitable for use in large building works.

Attractive, and supplied in various different colors depending on specific customer choices.

More details about the materials on offer can be found below:

Available Mastics

The following can all be supplied:

Sealed and hydro insulating mastics are high quality one-component products which can be used to seal joints – they’re ideal for waterproofing structures. It should be noted that the mastics suppliers on this site can offer two versions, these being white and grey. But no matter which is chosen, the items will provide excellent adhesion to building materials, high insulating capacity, and rapid solidification, as well as high resistance to weathering. And they’re easy and safe to use.

Similar products that are available include bitumen extended polyurethanes, polyurethane dispersion products, and one and two component polyurethane liquid membranes.

Rubber bitumen mastics are primarily utilized for bonding roofing and waterproofing materials together during construction projects. Bitumen suppliers can deliver wholesale orders of these products.

Roofing mastics are perfect for sealing joints and cracks in roofing. In addition, these materials are also ideal when new roof materials need to be laid, and if necessary, they can act as a vapour barrier in a roofing system. Furthermore, these mastics are compatible with the majority of bitumen and bitumen-polymer materials, and contain a herbicide which prevents the growth of plants and the spread of moss in roofing fabric. Otherwise they’re completely non-toxic.

There are other comparable products listed in this online directory. For instance, colored liquid rubber roof mastics – they’re seamless, highly weather resistance, and can withstand frost, UV, and more.

Building work mastic polymer adhesives that can be used for bonding synthetic roll and tile materials, asbestos-cement and wood fiberboards, plaster and wooden bases, and that’s far from all.

Expert mastics manufacturers can also provide small mastic joint glue units that can be used for much the same applications as these adhesives.

Waterproofing adhesive mastics that have been designed to strengthen the bonding of tiles to bathrooms, basement floors, balconies, terraces, and wherever else necessary. These adhesives work rapidly and offer total protection against water and moisture.

Materials for Roadworks

The subsequent items are all available:

Roadwork bitumen emulsions which can be used as a binder or film-forming material in the construction and repair of roads. Note: the emulsions supplied by the bitumen manufacturers on WorldBuild365 should be transported in tanks or metal drums, and have a guaranteed shelf life of two months following production.

Hot road tar constructional mastics which can be applied in a pre-heated state during various different kinds of construction projects. This includes not only jobs on roads, but those on roofs too.

Other Sealants

The sealants below can all be found in this comprehensive catalogue:

Bituminous adhesive sealants that can adhere to virtually any construction materials including moist surfaces, and even those that are under water. They form a smooth and tight layer which remains flexible post-application.

Silicone sealants which have a high resistance to ageing, as well as to low and high temperatures. They'll have strong adhesion to the majority of materials used in the building and engineering industries.

Acrylic sealants which are flexible, and suitable for both interior and exterior use. These sealants will become watertight within one hour after they’re put down, and they offer strong resistance to low temperatures. They’re available in several different colors.