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High quality, and designed for suitability. Able to produce high strength concrete.

Get Wholesale Epoxy Resin and More

  • Cellulose Ethers Company
    Cellulose Ethers Company

    SE Tylose GmbH & Co. KG - a German subsidiary of the group ShinEtsu, whose residence is located in Japan. SE Tylose GmbH & Co. KG with headquarters in Wiesbaden (Germany) develops, manufactures and sells a variety of water-soluble cellulose ethers.

  • PUFAS Fill + Finish Filler and Smoother
    PUFAS Fill + Finish Filler and Smoother

    Cellulose-reinforced plaster filler for indoors. Produces smooth, stressfree surfaces. Ideally suited to fill cracks and holes and for jointing plasterboards.

  • Energy Top Glue
    Energy Top Glue

    Factory-mixed, mineral powder adhesive and base plaster mortar (filling compound) for indoors and outdoors with a high degree of adhesion. Moisture absorbing and easy to use. Cement, organic bonding agent, sand, additives

  • Defoamer Agitan
    Defoamer Agitan

    Allows control deaeration during manufacture, and during the application of building products.

  •  VytaFlex® Series Liquid Urethane Rubbers
    VytaFlex® Series Liquid Urethane Rubbers

    VytaFlex® Series Liquid Urethane Rubbers Using Smooth-On’s exclusive “V-Polymer®” technology, VytaFlex® urethane rubbers offer superior physical and performance properties for casting concrete. VytaFlex® mold rubbers work especially well for casting pigmented / colored concrete. Molds made with VytaFlex® Series urethanes will render accurate and uniform colored castings.

  • M150 Universal Dry Mix
    M150 Universal Dry Mix

    The universal dry mix M150 is manufactured at the factory. The ingredients of the product have a strict dosage in the composition.

  • Micro-cement Havana
    Micro-cement Havana

    Micro-cement materials have recently gained popularity in the Russian market. And this type of micro cement, like Havana, is particularly prominent among the rest of the micro-cement mixtures. Due to the effect of aged marble, the interior takes the form of fairy-tale castles.

  • Primer for Senicryl 2.5 l
    Primer for Senicryl 2.5 l

    The Senicryl primer 2.5 l is perfect for working with all types of decorative plasters of Senideco. The need for soil is dictated by the features of the adhesion of plaster to the surface. For a more solid connection, we added marble chips to the soil mixture.

  • Wax Cire Pour Stuc 3 L
    Wax Cire Pour Stuc 3 L

    Special Cire Pour Stuc wax in volume of 3 litres is made on the basis of beeswax. At furnish and internal works wax put on decorative plaster for giving a surface of shine, and for protection against a moisture.

Epoxy resin suppliers, epoxy resin manufacturers, and white cement suppliers can all be sourced through WorldBuild365’s online directory. Dry mixes should be:

High quality, and designed for suitability.

Able to produce high strength concrete.

Accelerate the drying time of the mortar.

Dry Mixtures

A combination suitable for repairs and general coverage...

Epoxy resins are a class of advanced thermosetting resins that are cured by a hardener. They’re mainly used for laminating due to their strong adhesive properties and water resistance. They can be used as a primary construction material, as shrinkage is minimal. See where to buy wholesale epoxy resin with ease through WorldBuild365.

White cement obtained through any of the white cement manufacturers on WorldBuild365 will be chosen for their high whiteness level - usually over 89% - alongside a high degree of workability. This cement is suitable for applications where very high strength cement isn’t required. Variations include cement for applications requiring extra high strengths with swift setting times, and cement suitable for precast products that need premium high strength.

Portland cement is cement manufactured from chalk and clay which hardens under water, and which when hard resembles Portland stone in color. This material has great strength and durability, and is also frost resistant. Ingredients include 70-80% potassium silicate, alite, and belite. Portland cement suppliers offer products which are used for the preparation of concrete and dry building mixtures. Admixture ratios can be adjusted to suit individual needs, and after the cement has set it should be cured to induce the desired compressive strength. You'll be able to find a number of Portland cement manufactures on this site.

Clinker is a semi-finished product that is used to produce the best quality white cement. It occurs as lumps or nodules that are fused together in a kiln at high temperature. The major raw material is normally limestone mixed with a secondary material containing clay. When ground to a fine powder clinker can be used as a binder in many cement products. Source clinker suppliers and clinker manufacturers on this digital platform.

Construction industry thickeners are agents that increase the viscosity of the liquid used in the manufacture of cement based dry mortars. Many thickener manufacturers can be sourced here.

Find out more about colored cement, pozzolanic cement, ultratech cement, and low iron content clay with one quick search of the WorldBuild365 directory.


Paste for filling crevices...

Double-component epoxy grout for block stones has a high chemical and mechanical resistance, and so is most suitable for use in construction repair. It’s very easy to use, and has a self-sealing property. It’s also frost resistant, as well as being unaffected by salts, acids, and oils.

Double-component epoxide grout has a high elasticity, and so won’t shrink or crack. It’s resistant to moisture, frost, and sudden temperatures, and is unaffected by stains, alkalis, and acids. The creamy consistency makes it easy to apply, and it’s simple to clean with water. These features make it suitable for bathrooms and showers.

Repair composition grout is a mixture of special cements, graded sands, and chemical additives. When mixed with water it forms a stable composition with early strength development.

Other alternatives include unsanded grout, finely sanded grout, quarry type grout, and cementitous grout.


A trusted mortar manufacturer can provide...

Cold-resistant masonry mortar is a solution for lightweight concrete masonry blocks and bricks. It's ideal for use with bricks in winter conditions at temperatures below freezing.

Cement-based lime-free repair mortar is cement based, thick grained lime-free repair mortar used to fill and correct parts or whole surfaces. It can be used safely both internally and externally.

Other options include polymer cement mortar, lime mortar, cement mortar, and surkhi mortar.