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  • Dry mix "Penetron Admix"
    Dry mix "Penetron Admix"

    PENETRON Admix is added to the concrete mix at the time of batching. PENETRON® Admix consists of Portland cement, very fine treated silica sand and various active, proprietary chemicals.

  • Basic Repair Composition
    Basic Repair Composition

    LAKHTA Basic Repair Composition is used for local recovery of defects (spalled places, dents, erosion) in surfaces of concrete, brick, reinforced concrete, foamed concrete, gas concrete structures.

  • Turnkeys Material Handling
    Turnkeys Material Handling
    Doubrava Industrieanlagenbau GmbH

    The doubrava modular system reaches top flexibility and economic efficiency in the development of stationary and semi-mobile conveying systems of which an individually optimised material flow principle forms the basis. The high industrial prefabrication degree resulting from it guarantees quality, an excellent price-performance ratio as well as short delivery times and cost reduction.

  • Turnkeys dry mortar plants
    Turnkeys dry mortar plants
    Doubrava Industrieanlagenbau GmbH

    The procedure-technical specifications determine the whole system configuration and choice of equipment. All requirements are analysed by doubrava design engineers in close cooperation with the customer to find the perfect solution. The focus of every layout for dry building material plants are the individual bulk material qualities of the raw materials to be processed and the final product.

  • Components
    Doubrava Industrieanlagenbau GmbH

    Doubrava Industrial Plants GmbH developes customized solutions in the fields of dry mortar plants and material handling and presents itself in addition to turnkeys as a competent, flexible partner for the development and construction of individual plant components. By working closely with our customers, a permanent optimization of the components can be guaranteed.

  • Pneumatic transportation
    Pneumatic transportation
    Doubrava Industrieanlagenbau GmbH

    The doubrava company supplies equipment for all kinds of pneumatic conveying systems: special injector rotary vane feeder feeding vessel dilute phase conveying dense phase conveying low-speed conveying under pressure / overpressure conveying low pressure conveying medium pressure conveying high pressure conveying

  • Безусадочная ремонтая смесь Рекс® Структо 100
    Безусадочная ремонтая смесь Рекс® Структо 100
    Trading house "Reks"

    Рекс® Структо 100 представляет собой однокомпонентный предварительно расфасованный порошок, содержащий сульфатостойкий портландцемент. При смешивании с водой образует реопластичный нерасслаивающийся высокопрочный состав с высокой степенью адгезии к арматуре и бетону. Смесь не содержит хлоридов, усилен полимерной фиброй. Соответствует составам класса R4 по стандарту EN 1504-3.

  • Burnt lime Calmit
    Burnt lime Calmit

    White burnt lime 90 EN 459-1 CL of 90-q is burn out in shaft furnace from high-quality limestone, has a small quantity of inextinguishable elements, sizeable output, high plasticity and whiteness. Used for building (stucco grout) and industrial purposes.

  • MFC Final 410
    MFC Final 410
    MFC - Morfico

    MFC Final 410 is a self-levelling flooring mixture on the basis of cement, filler and special additives. It is delivered as an already prepared dry mixture which is mixed with water on the construction site.

  • MFC Cobet 110
    MFC Cobet 110
    MFC - Morfico

    MFC Cobet 110 is a dry shake mixture on the basis of cement, filler and special additives. It is delivered as an already prepared dry mixture for direct use by the “dry into wet” system.

  • Mortars Stako
    Mortars Stako

    Cement based, thick grained lime-free repair mortar containing polymer modified fillings which has been developed in order to correct, fill and repair whole surface or a part of surface.

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