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Leave no visible residue behind. Be safe to use on both hard surfaces and fabrics.

Purchase Cleaning Coatings Wholesale

  • Kometa Mould Remover Schimmelspray
    Kometa Mould Remover Schimmelspray

    It is used for the quick and thorough removal of mould, mildew, algue and bacteria. Can be applied on all mineralic surfaces.

  • "Hlorokson"
    Markopool Chemicals

    A comprehensive tool for pools (disinfection, oxidation of organic matter, lighting and water purification pools with chlorine)

  • M3 Neo
    M3 Neo

    M3Neo - сильный концентрат, за счет нейтрального pH может использоваться на любых поверхностях, даже самых деликатных, таких как мрамор и оникс.

  • Pu Foam Cleaner
    Pu Foam Cleaner
    Gorcci International Limited

    PU foam cleaner is used to clean the gun extrusion tube, adapter and other unwanted foam before cured. You might need this when using gun/ professional type PU foam (for straw/manual type PU foam, foam cleaner is not necessary).

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Solvents used to dilute and reduce viscosity, and to clean up after their use, are usually mineral spirits. Thinner manufacturers and paint thinner suppliers can be sourced through WorldBuild365’s online directory. These coatings will...

Leave no visible residue behind.

Be safe to use on both hard surfaces and fabrics.

Remove any contaminants.

To find out about the items a foam cleaner manufacturer or other type of cleaning coatings providers can offer, look below:

Universal and Specialized Cleaners

Find a cleaning coatings manufacturer who can offer:

Universal cleaners are strong concentrates that can be used on all surfaces, even marble and onyx. The cleaners have a neutral formula, and are designed for cleaning dirt, grease, oil, and other household residues. A solution can be prepared and applied onto the surface and rubbed in with a brush or sponge. This needs to be left for 20 minutes and then rinsed thoroughly with water. Stubborn dirt can be removed without diluting the concentrate.

Cement cleaners contain surface acting substances that easily clean cement based residues. This cleaner can be applied to uneven flooring, natural stones, and different kinds of ceramics, as well as tiles and any cement based construction works. The treated surfaces can then easily be cleaned with water.

PVC smoothing agents are strong dissolvers of scratches, fissures, and abrasive traces. Applications are suitable for PVC windows and furniture.

Wood cleaners effectively remove fungi, mold, and discoloration from wood, returning it to its natural beauty. The cleaner acts with high speed, and doesn’t require rinsing with water. The structure of the wood is never damaged as the cleaner effectively removes all lesions.

See other options from a degreaser manufacturer, including lubricants, wipes, degreasing machines, and degreasing systems, with one quick search in the WorldBuild365 product directory.

Anti-Static, Foam, and Swimming Pool Cleaners

Concentrated formulas for cleaning...

Foam cleaners are used to eliminate stains from window and door mounting structures, alongside frames and other building works. This type of cleaning agent won’t leave any marks on PVC or other plastics as they wash with an ultra-efficient mounting gun.

Anti-static cleaners are used for removing static electricity from windows and doors, floors, and walls. Anti-static agents are applied to the surface, and when the solvent evaporates it leaves a conducting skin that prevents static build up. The cleaners are very simple to use, and very effective.

Swimming pool disinfection agents are integrated water treatments with chlorine which protect against a broad spectrum of germs, viruses, and bacteria. New formulations reduce the active chlorine content without affecting the effectiveness. Treatments and recommended dosages can all be found in WorldBuild365’s product directory.

Water treatment agents are chlorine free liquid detergents used for cleaning swimming pools. These treatments disinfect the water, fight against algae, and clarify and stabilize the water. This application is suitable for all types of pools as it doesn’t contain chlorine or heavy metals.

Alternative solutions include: chlorine releasing compounds, sanitizers, chlorinating agents, and ionizers.

Paint Thinners and Degreasers

Dissolve all kinds of substances...

Paint thinners from the thinner suppliers you can find on this business platform are used for diluting lacquers and primers, and are particularly suitable for large surfaces. Thinners can also be used for cleaning brushes and removing excess paint.

Degreasers are recommended for the care of metal parts, preventing breakdown caused by contamination, and minimizing the need for asset replacement. New quick degreasers are available that don’t contain emulsifiers or toxic ingredients. You can source a degreaser supplier very quickly via WorldBuild365.

Other items available from most paint thinner manufacturers include enamel paint thinners, acrylic paint thinners, solvents, and acetone spirits.