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The anti-corrosion coatings you'll find here are listed from the ranges of leading powder coating suppliers and powder coating manufacturers.

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  • Powder Coating: Self Cleaning Booth
    Powder Coating: Self Cleaning Booth
    SAT Surface Aluminium Technologies

    This booth has been developed in compliance with the need of the most demanding powder coating markets in terms of industrial performances, healthy working environment, ergonomic use, cost effectiveness and quality of the final product.

  • Geotextile Nanoizol GEO 130
    Geotextile Nanoizol GEO 130

    It is a non-woven material of endless fibers of polypropylene, providing high physical-mechanical properties (in particular isotropy) and resistance to various chemical compounds (alkalis, acids).

  • CT 283 006 - Koester Corrosion
    CT 283 006 - Koester Corrosion

    The protective anti-corrosion coating epoxy with excellent adhesion to steel surfaces, contains no solvents. It protects surfaces exposed to high chemical and mechanical stress, such as agricultural, industrial facilities, wastewater treatment plants and reservoirs.

  • Power Lube CRC
    Power Lube CRC

    Power Lube CRC

  • ELASTEKS-P Anticorrosive coating
    ELASTEKS-P Anticorrosive coating

    ELASTEKS-P Polymer anticorrosion coating is designed to protect against underground and atmospheric corrosion of steel trunk pipelines transporting natural gas, oil and oil products.

  • Autocrin-177 Anticorrosive
    Autocrin-177 Anticorrosive

    Autocrin-177 is an anticorrosion coating based on polymer-SBS bitumen, modifying additives and an organic solvent. Autocrine-177 is made in the form of an aerosol.

  • Vixen Composition Of Cold Galvanizing
    Vixen Composition Of Cold Galvanizing

    Professional composition for anticorrosion treatment of metals with a high content of electrochemically active zinc. Used for the treatment of surfaces exposed to external destructive factors - fresh and sea water, ethyl alcohol, aqueous salt solutions.

The corrosion resistance of metals can be determined by their ability to withstand humidity, water, and salt. The anti-corrosion coatings you'll find here are listed from the ranges of leading powder coating suppliers and powder coating manufacturers. These coatings provide:

Complete protection for structures.

Superior power to reject corrosion.

Proven performance and reliability.

Anti-Corrosion Coatings

Protect metal surfaces in high-risk environments...

Rust cover is a fast drying milky white latex that’s applied to metal to prevent rust, protect the surface, and act as a primer for further coats of paint. The water based single component synthetic resin emulsion can be put on bare metal, and is easy to apply. It’s suitable for use in steel construction, machinery, tools, and general industry maintenance. This product has the additional feature that it can kill old rust as well as preventing new. The coating supplied by the anti-corrosion coatings manufacturers you'll find on this site is non-flammable and environmentally friendly.

Enamel anticorrosive solutions offer protection without need for priming. The application is suitable for both interior and exterior use. Metals, wood, concrete, and railings can all benefit from its use. The finish gives a fine, forging effect.

Metals can benefit from a coating of epoxy ether priming enamel, which can be applied with a brush, roller, or pneumatic or airless spray. Available in colors including black, dark brown, green, gray, and white, this complete coating acts as a barrier to inhibit the contact between corrosive materials. Metal coatings provide both corrosion resistance, and corrosion protection.

Protections for padding the surfaces of most building materials and constructions have a ground coating that’s resistant to water, fuel, diluted acids and alkalis, salt, and cleaning solutions. These protections offer strong adhesion to steel surfaces.


Flowcoat immerses and defines...

Flowcoat is a solvent free, durable, high performance epoxy resin coating system. It has good chemical resistance and is hard wearing. Due to its pleasing finish, the type of coating you can get from the flowcoat suppliers you find on this digital platform is most suitable for floor coatings in factories, warehouses, plants, and storerooms. The abrasion resistant surface is also seamless and hygienic, as well as being low maintenance.

Powder Coatings

Apply dry powder to form a skin...

Self-cleaning booths have been developed to cater for the most demanding markets in terms of industrial performance, healthy working environments, and cost effectiveness. The entire powder coating system has been designed to get a color change within five minutes, with the aid of electrostatic powder coating deposition equipment. The booth is also suitable for refitting of existing vertical powder coating plants.

Powder coating vertical lines are just one of the powder coating technologies used to optimize costs and increase productivity in the construction industry. Many manufacturers listed on this site can produce 1000 tons of coated profiles every day.

Flash Anodizing

Flash anodizing is an electrolytic passivation process...

Flash anodising performs all steps on the same line. This includes pre-treatment in a cascade tunnel, flash oxidization, rinsing with demineralized water, drying, coating, polymerization, cooling, and unloading. The flash oxide layer gives excellent protection to the metal, and prevents corrosion.

Power Lube

Smooth power transmission...

Power lube is a fast acting multi-purpose lubricant which quickly penetrates, lubricates, and fights corrosion, as well as loosening rusted parts.

See details of anti-corrosion epoxy coatings, epoxy based protective coatings, and solvent free heavy duty corrosion protections.