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  • Clay tile "Basic"
    Clay tile "Basic"

    For all types of ceramic tiles and small and medium-sized up to 200 g / 100 cm². Designed for wall vertical and horizontal base thin layer stacking blocks all types of porous concrete with a thickness of the adhesive joint of 2-5 mm.

  • Clay tile "Standard"
    Clay tile "Standard"

    For all types of ceramic tiles and small and medium-sized up to 400 g / 100 cm². Designed for tiling vertical and horizontal indoor base of any moisture.

  • Clay tile «UNIVERSAL»
    Clay tile «UNIVERSAL»

    For all types of ceramic tiles and no weight limits, natural and artificial stone, porcelain tiles in standard sizes. Designed for tiling vertical and horizontal justification.

  • One-sided adhesive tape Unibob
    One-sided adhesive tape Unibob
    Souzpak MPF

    Family UNIBOB®, consists of UNIBOB 400, 500, 600, 700, 805 - our best-selling products in Russia, is a self-adhesive tape made on the basis of an oriented polypropylene biaxially.

  • One-sided adhesive tape Profitto
    One-sided adhesive tape Profitto
    Souzpak MPF

    Packing tape - used for packaging, sticking and gluing surfaces. Feeds have high mechanical strength and securely attached to the surface. Adhesive layer - acrylic water-based emulsion.

  • Painting tapes Profitto
    Painting tapes Profitto
    Souzpak MPF

    Masking Adhesive Profitto - special adhesive tape on paper, is used during painting and plastering work, temporary sealing joints, gluing various surfaces. Does not leave adhesive residue after removal. The adhesive layer is a synthetic rubber.

  • Adhesives for rubber crumb
    Adhesives for rubber crumb

    Clay ECO is designed for use as a binder for the mineral filling and rubber granulate when creating surfaces in general and sports destination.

  • BauTex adhesive for wallpapers
    BauTex adhesive for wallpapers

    The renewed receipt of the adhesive is already being produced by BauTex: OKley! Universal, economical and convenient variant of the powder adhesive for application with all kinds of wallcoverings.


    For heavy slabs, mosaics, large format porcelain tiles, artificial and natural stone for interior and exterior use.

  • KTtron-101 (elastic tile adhesive)
    KTtron-101 (elastic tile adhesive)
    KT Tron

    "KTtron-101" - a dry mixture of cement, mineral fillers, reinforcing fibers and modifiers. When mixed with the required amount of water forms a dimensionally stable, thixotropic solution having increased water resistance.

  • Adhesive tapes for the manufacture of solar cells
    Adhesive tapes for the manufacture of solar cells
    Lohmann Rus

    Questions about improving efficiency and performance are even raised during the manufacturing stage. Thanks to Lohmann, you can provide the right answer: our fixing adhesive tapes prevent the solar cells from slipping during the vacuum and lamination p

  • Terrapast M
    Terrapast M

    Terrapast M - a high-quality acrylic adhesive for fixing the insulation boards (mineral wool boards, expanded polystyrene, extruded foam panels) on flexible substrates such as oriented strand board.

  • Poxipol®  - two component gluing product for all surfaces.
    Poxipol® - two component gluing product for all surfaces.
    United Distribution

    POXIPOL® – strong and long-lasting two component gluing product Glues different materials (metal, cement, ceramic, wood, marble, plastic (except polyethylene, polypropylene and PTFE), glass, concrete, granite, porcelain) and different surfaces. Ideal for household needs and reparation, usage at workshop, for hobby and different crafts.

  • Atlas plasticised adhesive - general purpose adhesive (C1TE type)
    Atlas plasticised adhesive - general purpose adhesive (C1TE type)

    Ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, corridors, stairs and small decorative elements on the outside of the buildings – permanently fixes tiles wherever the application of deformable adhesive is not required. Levels mineral substrates – can be used to fill in the surface of walls and jointless floors.

  • Parabond Transparent
    Parabond Transparent
    DL Chemicals

    Parabond Transparent is a high-quality, durable, elastic, MS-Polymer based adhesive with a crystal clear transparency. Bonds without primer on almost all materials occurring in the construction industry. Suitable for use as an universal glue and adhesive for sealing seams, connecting and movable joints.

  • Parabond Construction
    Parabond Construction
    DL Chemicals

    Parabond Construction is a one-component, neutral curing, ready to use, Hybrid Polymer based sealant adhesive with permanent elasticity. Parabond Construction complies with the ISO 11600-F class 25HM, and was awarded an ATG label & SNJF label. It is very useful as universal adhesive in the sealing of horizontal (and vertical) movable and connecting joints, for both interior and exterior.

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Glues and adhesives are essential materials in the construction industry. It's vital that the right product is chosen for the materials and location. Find adhesive suppliers on WorldBuild365, and choose from ranges produced by pressure sensitive adhesive manufacturers, PVC solvent cement manufacturers, and producers of epoxy glues and adhesive tapes too.

Health and safety compliant products - sure to meet and exceed all industry standards.

Competitive pricing - keep a tight eye on your budget and control the purse strings by purchasing your adhesives at wholesale prices.


Epoxy Based Glues and Adhesives

Epoxy - two component fast acting steel filled epoxy is suitable for bonding a wide variety of materials including steel, copper, porcelain and ceramics. Heat resistant to 120°C and with a tensile strength of >3000 psi.

Epoxy AB Adhesive - another two component epoxy adhesive, fully water resistant after curing. Used for dry bonding to interior or exterior stone walls, also suitable for tiles, and for joint or fissure filling in tiles, brick, or concrete.

Epoxy impregnated paint primer - for the best and longest lasting results, spray paint suppliers will always recommend that surfaces are suitably primed and prepared before application of paint. This two component epoxy is used to stabilize concrete and cement before painting.


Solvent Based Adhesives

UPVC glue - a solvent based adhesive used to join PVC pipes and fittings. Forms a strong and durable bond and is suitable for use on cold water pipes including drinking water pipes, as it is non-toxic once fully cured.

PVC solvent cement - a medium strength adhesive suited for bonding and coupling of rigid PVC and uPVC pipes. Certified for use on drinking water pipes and also suitable for irrigation, waste water and sanitary pipes.

Water repellent putty and glue mix - used to bond insulation boards to walls, suited to interior and exterior use


Other Construction Adhesives

Pressure sensitive adhesive - the manufacturer recommendations for these products are that they should be used for laying floor or wall coverings of cork, wood, laminate, or parquet.

Wallpaper adhesive - before selecting your wallpaper adhesive, consider the weight and composition of the paper. Some wallpaper glues also incorporate anti-fungal agents.

Tile adhesive - composed of cement, sand, and other ingredients, and designed to bond clay or ceramic tiles to walls and floors. Factors to consider when selecting the correct adhesive for your tile included any specific recommendations from your tile suppliers or manufacturers, final strength, and tile adjustment time from the moment the tile is first laid into place.

PVA glue - used for wood, paper, cardboard, and textiles and other porous materials. PVA doesn't have the strength of other construction adhesives but as a water based adhesive it's easy to clean up and emits no toxic fumes.

Adhesive tapes - find a wide range of adhesive tapes including temporary tapes suitable for masking prior to painting, double sided, one sided, self-adhesive tapes, and products suited to exterior use. Our product directory even includes tape designated specifically for use in the construction of solar panels. Consider the product specifications carefully in order to select the correct tape for the location, and material to be bonded.