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WorldBuild365 only chooses to work with additives manufacturers whose products work effectively & efficiently! Buy wholesale silicon, antifreeze & much more

Additives Manufacturers That WorldBuild365 Trusts

  • Aqua Kem Blue
    Aqua Kem Blue
    Thetford BV

    Aqua Kem Blue is a very powerful and easy to use toilet fluid for the waste holding tank which offers the best performance for your Cassette- and portable toilet. Actually, Thetford Aqua Kem Blue is the #1 toilet additive for mobile toilets worldwide!

  • Isosil S208
    Isosil S208
    ISO Chemicals

    Silicone sealants neutral curing with fungicidal additives.

  • Redispersible powders
    Redispersible powders

    Cement is an important binder in construction chemicals, grasped by absorbing water. Using cement can produce high quality, durable, pressure, atmosphere stable, but usually brittle products.

  • Red pigment FEPREN TP
    Red pigment FEPREN TP

    Fine dry-milled pigment with very high tinting-strength, hiding power and good particle size distribution. Possessing good light fastness and heat resistance up to 800 oC, is both alkali and weather resistant.

  • Yellow pigment FEPREN Y710
    Yellow pigment FEPREN Y710

    Fine dry-milled pigment with good tinting-strength and hiding power. Both alkali and weather resistant, possessing high light fastness and heat resistance up to approx. 160 oC

  • Black pigment FEPREN B
    Black pigment FEPREN B

    Fine dry-milled pigments with very high tinting-strength and hiding power. Both alkali and weather resistant, possessing high light fastness and heat resistance up to approx. 110 oC

  • Titanium Dioxide PRETIOX RGU
    Titanium Dioxide PRETIOX RGU

    An universal, high quality micronized rutile titanium dioxide with an organic and increased inorganic surface treatment with aluminum and silicon compounds, with aluminum ion modification in the crystal structure.

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Proper insulation is the key to energy efficiency, and is an essential part of any construction project.

Quality is of paramount importance, so additives need to be purchased from specialist insulation manufacturers.

Choice of a wide range of concrete admixtures from dependable manufacturers is a must.

Ease of application is essential to get the job done.

WorldBuild365 works with trusted insulation manufacturers to provide health and safety compliant materials that meet all industrial requirements.



When the work needs to be done quickly and effectively.

Antifreeze designed for use in heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems is readily available from the leading manufacturers we work with. This additive is used to lower the freezing point of a water-based liquid to achieve depression in cold environments, and also elevate the boiling point in order to allow higher coolant temperature.

Concrete additives will modify the properties of hardened concrete to ensure a top quality mix, transport, and finish. Water-reducing concrete admixtures from highly rated manufacturers will actually reduce the water content considerably. This means a higher strength concrete can be produced without increasing the amount of cement – making it very cost-effective.

Natural oils can be coloured, translucent, matt, or silky. The oil penetrates deep into the wood, and can be applied without any preliminary sanding. The new layer can even be spread on top of an old one without any polishing. Application of these durable waterproof oils ensures any timber won’t crack, and they’re also resistant to UV exposure.

Pigments are suitable for use in the production of paints for the colouring of plaster mixtures and plastics. This makes them perfect for the building industry where they can be added to concrete products such as roof and floor tiles. These fine dry-milled pigments have high colour strength and are weather resistant, heat resistant, and possess high light fastness. Pigments are available in black, yellow, and red.


Mixtures and Insulation

For projects of all sizes.

Texture coating delivers a solvent-free floor coating which is epoxy resin-based and reaction-dry. This insulating material spreads to leave a hard film which in turn provides a level non-slip surface. It’s easily cleanable, hygienic, stays free of dust, and can be smooth or textured.

Adhesives for tiles are easy to use and will bond all types of walls and floor tiles. These universal pastes are ideal for finishing and restoration works as they won’t drip. They don’t contain any organic solvents, and are non-allergenic, odourless, and safe. The antiseptic additives prevent the growth of bacteria and mould, as well as resisting alcohol, acids, and alkalis.

Adhesive mortar from the insulation manufacturers we work with is rainwater proof, and permeable to water vapour. Use in rendering and for fixing insulation materials such as glass fibre and rock wool to walls. This system is breathable and fire-proof, making it very safe.

Silicone fluids and emulsions are resistant to heat - this makes them ideal for use in a vast range of industries. These fluids are tasteless, odourless, and safe, and can be used as thermally resistant lubricants, transformer oils, and so much more. Silicone sealants are used in expansion joints and seams, roof repairs, and external glazing. Silicone manufacturers also recommended them for use with wood, aluminium, concrete, masonry, and other building materials.


Building Chemicals

When cleanliness matters.

Household chemicals will remove dirt, grime, and fats quickly and effectively. These universal cleaners are suitable for de-greasing, polishing chrome, and can be used on nickel-plated surfaces. They also eliminate odours. Household chemicals manufacturers recommend them for cleaning cookers, grills, and barbecues.

Chemical window wash protects glass from freezing, and its unique chemical formula will remove dirt, salt, and film without streaking. The fluid won’t leave any biological residues, and this top quality wash has a pleasant smell.