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Flat surfaces used for food preparation are easy to source on WorldBuild365. Use this comprehensive directory to find kitchen worktops suppliers and kitchen worktops manufacturers.

Find Kitchen Worktops Suppliers on WorldBuild365

  • Kitchen counter top
    Kitchen counter top
    Stone Service

    We realize bespoke kitchen counter top in different marbles and natural stones. Materials from all over the world are manufactured and layed by the skilful hands of our artisans.

  • Table Boards "Werzalit"
    Table Boards "Werzalit"

    Table Boards "Werzalit" - this is the most successful combination of elegance and quality.

  • Countertops Artificial Stone
    Countertops Artificial Stone
    Rehau Ukraine

    Practical and functional, countertops from REHAU RAUVISIO made of a material that is suitable for cladding the facade of the kitchen, and a side wall panel. Countertops RAUVISIO unpretentious in care: Any impurities can be easily removed with a soft sponge and ordinary detergent. Your kitchen will always shine with cleanliness.

Flat surfaces used for food preparation are easy to source on WorldBuild365. Use this comprehensive directory to find kitchen worktops suppliers and kitchen worktops manufacturers. Worktops must be:

Superior in terms of quality.

Stylish and durable.

Properly installed.

Kitchen Worktops

Perfect styles for any home...

Granite has unique color, character, and beauty. The surface is patterned with minerals, creating the overall impression of light. Granite may have pink, red, black, or grey shades, and so is suitable for many kitchen environments. Due to the material possessing good heat and cold resistance, hot pots and pans can be placed directly onto the worktop. Granite also has minimum porosity, with light granite tending to absorb slightly more water than dark. The material's dense structure means it won’t get damaged easily in the course of daily use, and proper maintenance ensures it will last for many years. A huge selection of colors, sizes, and individual treatments are available from the kitchen worktops suppliers you can find on this site.

Marble countertops are beautiful and elegant. Once the rock has been subject to severe heat and pressure it transforms into beautiful stone. Marble can be designed to fit irregular shaped counters, and stays cool naturally, as it’s not a big heat conductor. Although marble is a soft stone it’s still quite durable, and so it is readily available from many kitchen worktops manufacturers. Sealing the countertop on a regular basis will prevent any staining. Marble usually has a light, creamy color that is aesthetically pleasing in any kitchen. Veining is also a distinctive feature.

Natural stone work tops can be made from materials sourced from all over the world. Engineered stone tops are durable and non-porous, and don’t require sealing. They’re also low maintenance, stain-resistant, and easy to clean. Natural stone worktops have a distinct beauty, and the range of materials ensures all individual styles and tastes can be catered to. These worktops won’t age, and the designs will last for years. Every piece is unique, strong, and able to withstand the everyday demands of a kitchen environment.

Other options include quartz, slate, limestone, and semi-precious stonework countertops.

Table Tops

Portable surfaces, including...

Table boards are available in a wide choice of shapes, colors, and decors. Most suitable for restaurants, these tops offer the perfect look for every taste, and the manufacturing process ensures that the material's natural beauty is retained. Table tops have to withstand acid and grease, alongside sun and rain when used outside. The smooth, closed surfaces are easy to clean, and are hygienic as well as being heat resistant. Individual design solutions will suit many modern decors. Table boards available via WorldBuild365 are all manufactured using the highest production standards.

Vanity Counters

Transform any bathroom space...

Vanity counters, including the support frames, are made from high-pressure compact laminate. All fixing brackets are aluminum coated polyester powder. Vanity tops can make any bathroom look graceful, and can be manufactured to fit any size. Laminate counter tops resist moisture and require virtually no maintenance. Modern laminates are practical, textured, and versatile.

See also: square laminates, rolled laminates, beveled laminates, and wrapped laminates for extra appeal.