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  • Myfrea Towel Radiators
    Myfrea Towel Radiators

    There are 8 types of towel radiators in this line. Simple design and easy installation. The main feature of the radiators is that they do not require the use of additional fittings.

  • Gold Collection of Towel Radiators
    Gold Collection of Towel Radiators

    New collection of towel radiators 2019. The main feature of this collection is the coating. Finishing is a real gold plating, not an imitation.

  • U-shaped D 25 Towel Radiators
    U-shaped D 25 Towel Radiators

    Electric u-shaped towel Dryers – this is one of the varieties of sanitary devices, which is located in the bathroom and are used for drying various linen, including towels.

  • Designer towel rail Chord 600х195
    Designer towel rail Chord 600х195

    Design radiator Chord will connect any two points in your bathroom. Vertically or horizontally? You decide it. Three sizes of 600 mm, 1200 mm, 1800 mm - the last two in the base have hooks for fixation of towels and clothes elements. Lightweight, elegant, able to work productively with the low-level circulation in the heating system.

  • Classic towel rail Pattern 37
    Classic towel rail Pattern 37

    Water heated "M-shaped" towel rails type - a compromise between simplicity of design, its versatility and appeal. Classic coils that do not look too rough, do not take up much space and allow placing a variety of things to dry on them - that's the use of this type of heated towel rails.

    Hot Art

    Stunning original designer towel rail Gabbana breaks all the stereotypes of the heated towel rail. This is a modern decoration in your bathroom.

    Hot Art

    Designer towel rail with a unique shape, dynamic and contemporary style will adorn your exclusive bathroom.

    Hot Art

    Rectangular and round tubes woven into an elegant design. You can use this model, even if you do not have a central hot water supply. Simplex operates as an electric.

    Hot Art

    Designer heated towel rail is ideal for lovers of rectangular shapes. Cross- towel rail, which are connected directly with clear contours easily.

  • Electric heated towel rail Victoria
    Electric heated towel rail Victoria

    Electric towel warmers used for drying wet clothes and towels. These devices play an important role in maintaining the desired temperature and humidity in the bathroom. Model "Victoria" can have a variety of modifications, which differ in size and the number of bars, the number of which may vary from 4 to 12. At the towel with a large number of bars there are different distances between them.

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