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Use WorldBuild365 to purchase from a variety of heated towel rain manufacturers. Buy your towel radiators from a wholesale stockist to refit a number of bathrooms, or source designer options for exclusive and top end projects.
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  • Versailles Gold Towel Radiator
    Versailles Gold Towel Radiator

    The "Versailles Gold" towel radiator will become a real decoration for your bathroom. Thick-walled pipes made of high-quality stainless polished steel will ensure the strength and durability of the structure.

  • Labyrinth-Clip Towel Radiator
    Labyrinth-Clip Towel Radiator

    The cable-type towel radiator has an original design in the form of a paper clip. Installation of a heated towel warmer will not only heat the bathroom, but also reduce the humidity level, prevent the appearance of mold.

  • Water towel warmer Brigantine LR
    Water towel warmer Brigantine LR

    An elegant water towel radiator will visibly decorate your bathroom. The original design of the product is combined with its high performance characteristics.

  • Aphrodite 50-100 Towel radiator
    Aphrodite 50-100 Towel radiator

    Towel dryer Aphrodite has an attractive appearance, the design is in the form of an arch that gives nobility to the interior of the bathroom.

  •  Marcel 50-100 Towel radiator
    Marcel 50-100 Towel radiator

    This model has a unique design. Powerful vertical collectors are combined with flat beams-plates. All together is a harmonious structure that will become a real decoration of the interior.

  • MP Leader  50-50 Towel Radiator
    MP Leader 50-50 Towel Radiator

    MP Leader towel radiator is equipped with two shelves for greater convenience. This model of the towel radiator is connected to the heating pipes or the hot water supply system, using the heat passing through the pipes to dry the towels, linen, and heating the room.

Browse products from electric towel rail suppliers - both budget friendly choices and cutting edge designs are featured. All offer the convenience of year-round usability.

Water powered and duel fuel options may be your preferred choice - whatever your brief, you'll find a heated towel rail supplier who'll help you fill it.

Long lifespan and guarantees - the expected lifespan and guarantee period will vary according to the exact heated towel rail manufacturer. Check your supplier's technical information and product specification to find the information you need to make a fully informed choice.

Choose the Material and Design

Stainless steel - choose a stainless steel towel rail for its smart appearance, strength and durability.

Chrome covered copper - copper is a superior transmitter of heat, while the chrome plating is resistant to tarnishing. This combination offers efficiency and a modern appearance.

Epoxy Coated - a painted finish which allows towel radiators to come in a variety of colors. Suppliers featured here work with clients at all price points. Functionality is always important, and when stylish design is vital too you'll find plenty of choice.

Delivering the Heat

The first decision to be made when selecting heated towel rails is how they will be powered. Choices include:

Electric towel rails - powered from mains supply, essential in bathrooms without central heading, or when the rail needs to operate independently of the central heating system.

Water heated towel rails - the rail forms part of the central heating system, so will only heat up when there is hot water available. Generally more economical to run than electric radiators.

Duel option towel rails - the initial extra investment may be more than offset by the convenience of using the cost-effective water heated option when hot water is available, while having electrical back up when it is not.

Thermostatic control - some towel rail manufacturers offer models with different power settings or thermostatic controls. These are advantageous in any bathroom which may be used by children or vulnerable individuals.


Fitting into the Available Space and Design

Hinge and swing towel rails - from towel radiators manufacturers who understand the challenges of working in small spaces, the rail may be folded flat against the wall or extended out into the room.

Wall mounted towel rails - save floor space or use wall mounted warmrails from a manufacturer who understands the trends in contemporary bathroom design.

Floor mounted towel rails - useful when the room is not suited to a wall mounted option. Floor mounted towel rails generally tend to be bigger, allowing more towels to be aired, and also acting as a heat source for the bathroom itself.

Solid Towel Radiators - available in both budget and high end models. Solid radiators that are safe to use for towel drying are the choice for maximum heat output into the room.

Art towel radiators - choose elegant design while retaining all the functionality of a heated towel radiator. Suppliers of towel rails and radiators include those who work with manufacturers, such as Tonon Forty and Hot Art, who combine efficiency of operation with imaginative and playful design.