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When you're looking for reliable solarium manufacturers, WorldBuild365 offers you a great place to start.
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When you're looking for reliable solarium manufacturers, WorldBuild365 offers you a great place to start. A constantly updating list representing the best products of leading sun-room builders, this directory will let you source...

Conservatories and extensions ideal for any property.

Sunrooms and solariums which offer significant UV protection while allowing in radiant displays of light.

Solariums with additional features, such as the increasingly popular self cleaning glass roof.

Whatever kind of home improvement, property upgrade, or renovation work you have planned, using WorldBuild365 you can locate everything you need to build a solarium wholesale...

Solariums and Conservatories

Complete solarium installation services are available from many different companies. Start your search for a trusted provider through WorldBuild365 and get the best value on buying a sunroom wholesale. You'll have many options in terms of materials, roofing, and overall design...

Glass-roofed solariums are exactly what they sound like: sunrooms that are equipped with transparent roof elements to allow the maximum amount of sunlight in.

Slate or tile-roofed conservatories replace the transparent material used in glass-roofed solarium construction with slate or tiles, in any one of a number of different effects. This is usually the type of design used to build an extension to a property rather than a true "sun-room."

uPVC solariums and conservatories are minimal maintenance because of the many advantages of the plastic material they are made from. Many solarium manufacturers favor uPVC because the material is immensely hard wearing and not subject to weathering.

Wood solariums and conservatories combine a traditional appearance with modern craftsmanship and material technology expertise. They are very durable, and can be painted or treated to provide additional aesthetic options.

Lean-to conservatories are a very popular type of solarium. They are designed to "lean" up against the wall of an existing structure, essentially providing an extra room to the property. Most solarium suppliers offer them with glass roofs or slate or tiled roofs, as well as in whatever material option is preferred - usually wood or uPVC - as required.

Orangeries have their origins in Italy, but their brick pillar and glass construction makes them suitable for all kinds of climates. Most orangeries feature large sliding or patio doors to allow exit from the property, usually directly onto a patio, garden pool, or entertainment area.

Sunroom Optional Features

Most sunroom suppliers offer models with a wide variety of added technological and material features. These can include elements such as...

Self cleaning glass roofs are a feature which is growing in popularity with many sunroom manufacturers. The self cleaning element of this feature works in two stages. During the first, the sunlight falling on the glass is used to react with any organic dirt that is present, breaking it down. The second part revolves around the glass being designed to let rain water flow off it in a sheet rather than as droplets. The sheeting water then washes away the dirt, making mechanical cleaning unnecessary.

Solar roofs - these are a feature of almost all modern glass roofed solariums. They are designed to reflect almost all UV radiation and a lot of solar heat, allowing occupants to enjoy sitting in their solarium or orangery for an extended period of time without worrying about sunburn or other deleterious effects.