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Wholesale sinks suitable for both bathroom & kitchens are readily available from WorldBuild365. We only work with reputable & trusted sink manufacturers.

Buy Bathroom Sinks Wholesale From WorldBuild365

  • HB3838  Washer
    HB3838 Washer

    Upside you may see a standard model of a sink from stainless steel of the Haiba company. Thanks to the compact sizes, this model is easily established practically in any room.

  • 2 sectional sink STANDART GF-S780K
    2 sectional sink STANDART GF-S780K
    Gran Fest

    Dimensions: Total size: 780х500 mm Bowl size: 335х430х200 mm, 335х430х200 mm Installation opening: 760х480 mm

  • G005 Kitchen stone sink
    G005 Kitchen stone sink

    The feeling of warmth and comfort of home in your kitchen - it is a feature of this kitchen sink. Wing sink with original pattern provides additional easy-to-surface. You will really appreciate the benefits of using a deep bowl of this model.

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WorldBuild365 offers a comprehensive range of wholesale kitchen and bathroom sinks for both space-saving and functional demands.

Investing in quality bathroom and kitchen accessories from a trusted bathroom sinks wholesale supplier ensures quick and easy remodelling without sacrificing style:

Design is really important when enhancing any space - modern elements in a range of shapes and colours will add value and elegance.

Durability means extended lifespans of up to 25 years, as the sinks we supply are made to last.

WorldBuild365 offers a comprehensive range of wholesale kitchen and bathroom sinks for both space-saving and functional demands.


Bathroom Sinks

Ideal for residential properties with bathrooms of any size, durable products from professional sink manufacturers include, but aren’t limited to:

Sinks with built-in dispensers which are perfect for small bathrooms, as a sink with a built-in soap box saves space without compromising on comfort. Wash basins with integrated siphon covers can come with or without tap holes. Thin, oval, and rectangular wash basins with overflow protection are stylish and compact. These high quality bathroom solutions will fulfil all design requirements.

Floor standing sinks which are ideal when space is limited as they provide a different and contemporary option to the standard pedestal and basin. Combining stylish looks with a practical design ensures the incorporation of plenty of washing space. Choose from ceramic and porcelain finishes with tap holes in the centre, or holes for mixers. Or opt for a series of glass wash basins for that extra touch of class.

Sanitary porcelain sinks and ceramics which complement the smaller bathroom with chrome rings for overflow, and fixings for mounting to the walls. Colours include pastel blue for a clean, water-proof, and hygienic accessories. Three hole mixer taps are available. Sanitary ware is durable and economically priced.

Glass wash basins which make use of the most modern equipment and technologies. The special heat treatment of the glass complies with all security standards. Glass sinks have unique shapes, designs, and strong colours. They last for years, and are tough enough to withstand everyday wear. Shells of translucent blue glass have hardened edges that are safe to use. Care of the glass is simple – abrasive cleaners are not recommended.

Counter top basins which are a popular choice with the addition of an integrated shelf. Materials include china and ceramic with an enamel coating. Well-designed modern elements have smoothed corners made from these carefully selected materials.

Kitchen Sinks

Kitchen interior design can be both tasteful and functional. WorldBuild365 has access to premier kitchen sink manufacturers who can provide:

Ceramic sinks which are robust and resistant to extreme temperatures, as well as shocks and scratches. They don’t absorb flavours or odours, and cleaning takes minimum time and effort. Deposits and stubborn stains can be easily removed, and water flow off is immediate.

Stainless steel sinks which are resilient and hard-wearing, remaining attractive for many years. They don’t suffer damage from heat or cold, and they don’t rust, tarnish, or stain. Stainless steel is also a very cost-effective sink option. Maintenance is easy and doesn’t require a special cleaning process. An additional bonus is that the surface won’t allow bacteria to become attached.

Double sinks which are available from outstanding companies specializing in manufacturing stainless steel sinks. Many production processes ensure the durability and increased hardiness of the accessory. Polished or matt finishes are trendy and elegant.

Stone and granite sinks which give a feeling of warmth and comfort in the kitchen workspace. Square shaped, single wing, deep bowls, and original patterns add to the appeal. The benefits of a granite sink are the maintenance of a solid colour – it never fades. And they’re just as easy to clean and maintain.

Corner sinks which can be a smart and efficient way to make the best use of kitchen space. A cabinet under a corner sink provides ample room for cleaning supplies and allows room for plumbing pipes. Placing the sink in the corner will create as much counter worktop space as possible.