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Buy wholesale shower doors & find shower enclosures from shower cubicle manufacturers across the world. WorldBuild365 is a major shower enclosures supplier.

Buy Shower Cubicles & Find Frameless Shower Enclosures Manufacturers

  • Shower Enclosure GK-862
    Shower Enclosure GK-862

    Stylish shower enclosure GK-862 with sliding doors from Gutewetter.

  • Euphoria KDJ P Shower Enclosure
    Euphoria KDJ P Shower Enclosure

    Quality wall-adjacent rectangular Euphoria KDJ P enclosure with single door.

  • Shower enclosure Ventospa
    Shower enclosure Ventospa
    Centr Santekhniki Krasnodar

    Eco-friendly materials, high quliaty acrylic, anti stains surface, elegant chrome profile, trim profile to compensate for uneven walls up to 20 mm, modern design chrome handles, reinforced bearing rollers, ability to dismount and tilt the door for cleaning the booth, welded frame, included with shallow pan

  • Shower cabin
    Shower cabin

    Shower cabins by the Ruspanel company differ original design and style. With the help of RPG panels we produce shower cabins of various shapes - round, spiral, square. Our clients choose a color or a design of the future cabin, and our specialists will create a shower that will surely surprise you.

  • Shower door RGW SA-01
    Shower door RGW SA-01
    Trading house RGW

    Hinged shower door Tempered glass 8 mm safe Glass covered with Easy Clean Glass color: Clear Door hinges Steel: Chrome with red accents Scaffoldings steel hinges adjustable 10 mm The upper steel holders Universal installation door opening Door handle steel with color inserts

  • Suez 80 ТН
    Suez 80 ТН

    Tone tempered glass. Сhrome aluminum. Door with opening in and out. Wall profile with +/- 20 mm adjustment. Hinge with a rasing and lowering function. The door is universal.

  • Don 90/26 МТ
    Don 90/26 МТ

    Matt tempered glass. Сhrome aluminum. Wall profile with +/- 20 mm adjustment. Tray with waste (H=26 sm)

  • Nara 90/26 MT
    Nara 90/26 MT

    Tempered glass frosted , Profile matt chrome Rear tempered glass frosted Roof Upper and hand shower

  • Rain 90/46 ТН
    Rain 90/46 ТН

    Tempered glass tinted, Profile matt chrome The rear wall of acrylic Roof Upper and hand shower Blender Shelves 2 pcs . Mirror The seat

  • Shower enclosure Contra
    Shower enclosure Contra
    Kohler Rus

    With Contra, Jacob Delafon offers a range of enclosures and doors specially created for extra-slim shower trays or walk-in showers (tiled floor). Contra suits all bathroom layouts and provides easy access for people with limited mobility, because there is no bottom frame.

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For cutting edge design - choose high-end products from specialist frameless shower enclosures manufacturers by using WorldBuild365 as your shower enclosure suppliers. Connect with shower glass manufacturers who'll fabricate custom solutions for bespoke projects.

For budget friendly solutions - find wholesale shower doors, use us as your shower curtains suppliers, and order off-the-shelf units from leading shower cubicles manufacturers.

Use WorldBuild 365 for your bathroom projects - and be sure of quality, durability, and a wide choice of materials and finishes that can be adapted to your precise needs.

Below you'll find products suited to new installations, and for retrofitting or renovations.


Materials Used by the Shower Doors and Enclosures Manufacturers We Work with

Glass - All glass used in showers is tempered or otherwise treated for safely; thickness varies from 4mm to 16mm. Larger sheets of glass are generally thicker to give added strength. Frameless shower doors will be thicker than the equivalent size in a framed model.

Framing Materials - Include chrome, steel, aluminum, and a wide variety of finishes to coordinate with the overall look of the bathroom.


Economical Options for Budget Projects, Retrofitting, and Renovations

Shower curtains - The simplest and most inexpensive way to keep shower water within a contained area. Buying wholesale shower curtains offers a fast, simple, and very economical way to grant privacy in multiple occupancy areas such as swimming pools or campsites.

Shower doors - Used to enclose and waterproof a built-in shower area. Standard sized doors are available from stock, custom orders of different dimensions are available, and time from order to delivery is typically only around 14 days.

Shower Screen - Doors and sometimes a built-in base unit, but without the fittings for the shower itself. Shower screens may come with pivot or sliding doors, be flat or curved.

Above bath shower enclosures - A glass or PVC sheet fitted above the bath allowing dual use of the tub space. Available from stock in standard size clear glass or constructed by the top shower glass suppliers according to your specifications of size, colour, or pattern at 14 days notice.

Shower room - A term used by some shower cubicles manufacturers, generally intended to mean 2 walls which are fitted into the corner of an existing bathroom to section off a shower space. With the space enclosed, fixtures, fittings, and features are purchased separately to suit client brief and budget.

Shower cabin only - Terminology varies according to the specific bathroom cubicles manufacturer. Some use the term shower cabin to mean the enclosing structure only, so there is an overlap with the term shower room. Shower cabins may be be square, rectangular, or rounded, two sided, or fully enclosed.


Luxury Bathing Choices

Frameless shower enclosures - The frameless design brings a contemporary and luxurious feel to any bathing space, and confers a feeling of spaciousness. On a practical level frameless doors are easier to clean, and with no join between glass and shower, the seam - which can be a perfect place for fungal spores to thrive and turn into mould growth - is eliminated.

Shower box - A combined bath and shower area often incorporating top-end features such as hydromassage and multiple shower heads.

Hydromassage shower enclosures - Choose options including whirlpool, jacuzzi, air blowers, or even steam features.

Shower cabins with fixtures and fittings - For speedy installations use WorldBuild365 as your shower cubicles suppliers and select a cabin with the desired features already installed. Quite apart from top showers, hand held showers, thermostatic touch control panels, side jets and steam, your unit could also include radio, lighting, and a whole host of other extras.