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Allow you to equip a steam room, or build one - with construction materials on offer, as well as the heaters and other equipment you need.

Source Sauna, Steam Generator, and Wood Stove Suppliers

  • Steam generator Tylo VA
    Steam generator Tylo VA
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    Tylo VA This model is a powerful and fully automatic steam generator with a large water tank, making it ideal for public spaces. Requires connection to electricity and water. Switches between one and three phases.

  • Sauna heater Sense Sport
    Sauna heater Sense Sport
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    Sense Sport - it is inexpensive and reliable heater from company Tylö. It is equipped with thermostat and mechanical timer, as well as having energy-saving features. Heating power can be 6.6 or 8 kW.

  • Steam cabin Tylo Panacea
    Steam cabin Tylo Panacea
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    The newest steam cabin Tylö Panacea - classical elements in a new incarnation! The soft warmth envelops your body, penetrate into the soul, relieve stress and help relax tired muscles.

  • Sauna oven Glan
    Sauna oven Glan
    Monte Flame

    Sauna ovens are designed with the current requirements of leading manufacturers to convection ovens for saunas, and for the Russian steam bath.

  • Stove wood PAL 16 with the removal
    Stove wood PAL 16 with the removal
    Svit Saun

    Wood burning stove with the removal of PAL - stove for baths Ukrainian production. The advantage of this boiler - Net, it allows you to load up to 80 kg. stones, thereby increasing the amount of heat and steam production increases.

  • AG-0201 Sauna Cabin
    AG-0201 Sauna Cabin
    Appollo Russia

    The sauna has extraordinary relaxation and detoxification powers, and positively influences the mind and body. Nothing is more effective for eliminating nervous tension and reducing anxiety, because the sauna stimulates natural re-balancing of psycho-physical states.

  • AG-0203 Shower Cabin
    AG-0203 Shower Cabin
    Appollo Russia

    AG-0203 has soft rounded outlines. Glitter of glass, matte shine of aluminum in combination with a warm tone of wood complement an outstanding look of this cabin.

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Equip any room as a sauna or steam room easily, when you have access to the steam generator manufacturers and wood stove suppliers listed on WorldBuild365. This ever-expanding online directory lets you consult the ranges of a number of different companies to make sure that you're always getting the best value for your money. The items you source here will always...

Match the needs of the space at hand, with both larger and smaller units being available.

Create heat or steam as required, utilizing a range of different devices.

Allow you to equip a steam room, or build one - with construction materials on offer, as well as the heaters and other equipment you need.

The WorldBuild365 directory is always being added to as various sauna manufacturers increase and alter their product ranges. Make sure that you get the products that are best for you, when you enter your search term here...

Sauna Heating Devices

Including items such as heaters and ovens, and the products of many wood stove manufacturers...

Sauna heaters are straightforward heating units designed for modest-sized saunas. They tend to be modest in terms of price point as well. Most units of this type will be electrically operated, and come fitted with a thermostat and mechanical timing device. Most modern units will have energy-saving options.

Electrical steam generators suppliers provide products which are designed to turn reservoirs of water into steam. They vary in size to suit different dimensions of steam room, with the larger ones being suitable for installation in public spaces. These units tend to require plumbing and installation into the building's electrical system, but most are then designed to function automatically.

Sauna ovens and wood stoves are often similar in design to the Russian steam bath kamenka units described below. Most are designed to heat stones, just like a kamenka. They do this by burning a material, frequently wood. They can be used to warm a steam bath, heat the water, and contribute useful steam saturation to a room.

Specific Types of Sauna and Steam Room

WorldBuild365 offers a diverse range of products suited to the installation of a wide variety of different steam rooms and saunas. Your chosen steam room manufacturers may offer...

Full steam rooms are sometimes made from logs, but are always designed to be an all-in-one solution for the installation of a steam room. Steam room suppliers will frequently include everything required in this type of product package. This means the materials needed to build internal and external walls and roof, a heating device, as well as a variety of extra brackets or fixtures. They provide an excellent way to purchase a wholesale sauna.

Steam cabins - also known as, and resembling, steam showers - are designed to provide relaxation and comfort. There are a wide variety of different models and design aesthetics to choose from, including the very modern with stainless steel handles, comfortable seating, and glass screens. These advanced models will often feature programmable steaming routines, as well as the ability to link up with smartphones or other music playing systems via Wi-Fi.

Another term for this type of unit is a Finnish sauna.

Russian steam baths require a kamenka to provide the heat. Stones within these units are heated in order to generate heat, with larger units obviously being equipped with a larger mass of stones. They provide an even heat to a large area, as well as a moderate heat of steam that is hot without being dry.

Hammam finishing materials are a popular choice for Turkish-style steam baths. They can include marble, mosaic, tile, and insulation materials - all designed to allow the installer to equip a room with the arched ceiling, tilted floor, and other required specifics of a Turkish steam bath.