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Find ceramic sanitary ware manufacturers & buy wholesale sanitary ware. Purchase toilets, bidets, & monoblock urinals for budget & high end installations.
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Buy Sanitary Ware Wholesale - For Quality, Value and Durability

Buy sanitary ware wholesale for hotels, restrooms in restaurants, offices or shops, for new build homes, and for retrofitting or renovation projects. Purchase toilets, bidets and urinals from bathroom sanitary ware manufacturers worldwide through one central stockist - WorldBuild365.

Economy and high end solutions - Whatever the budget of your project you'll find wholesale sanitary ware to fit your needs.

Contemporary and traditional designs - Enabling you to fill your client brief precisely.

Guaranteed durability and quality - Check individual products for details. Many are supplied with a 5 year guarantee, some are covered for as long as 25 years.


Toilets and WCs

Close coupled units - Suited to a traditional bathroom design. Two piece units are also a solution when budgetary concerns are uppermost, and ease of fitting is a concern. As the bowl and cistern are separate, the individual units are relatively light and can generally be fitted by a single labourer. Additionally, a close coupled toilet may be connected to the soil pipe horizontally, vertically, or to the left or right - a significant advantage when retrofitting an existing bathroom.

Monobloc toilets - Fusing the tank and bowl into one unit is a space saving solution, while the elimination of joins or gaps makes cleaning the unit quicker, as well as improving hygiene levels. Monobloc WCs bring a contemporary edge to bathroom design while still retaining the flexibility of connection of a close coupled unit.

Back to wall units - Also known as hidden cistern units. All plumbing and the cistern are concealed behind a plasterboard or studwork wall. This creates a sleek and contemporary look and saves space in smaller bathrooms.

Wall mounted WCs - These are suited to the smallest of spaces, as the visible floor beneath the bowl creates a sense of spaciousness. Mounting a toilet on the wall also makes cleaning the floor quicker and easier. Wall mounted toilets may be hung at a variety of heights, a considerable advantage when designing bathrooms for those with limited mobility.

Rimless bowls - The rimless design increases hygiene levels by eliminating a space which is hard to access for cleaning and which can become a breeding ground for germs. The ultra efficient flushing system is an eco-friendly and money saving feature. In a four person household, over one year around 22m3 water saving can be expected.

Sanitary ware collections - Buy the toilet and hand basin as a pair to coordinate the look of the room.


Bidets, Urinals, and Sanitary Ware Accessories

Bidets - may be floor or wall fitted. Advantages and disadvantages of fitting types are similar to those which apply to WCs.

Urinals - Suited to public restrooms. Urinals are easy to clean and offer considerable water saving when compared to conventional toilets.

Toilet cubicles - Used to divide space and create privacy in public restrooms.


Less Conventional Sanitary Ware

Floor toilets - An economical choice with the minimum use of materials. These units are rarely found in western style bathrooms, and are not suited to a luxury environment. One advantage however is ease and speed of cleaning of the room, as the unit is cleaned at the same time as the floor.

Bio toilets - Not a mainstream product, but suited to the environmentally conscious or for use in an environment where connection to a mains sewage or septic system is impractical. A good bio-toilet will incorporate a valve to prevent liquid overflow, an effective way to deal with waste, and a ventilation system.


Alternative Materials

While the majority of our stock is porcelain, sourced from ceramic sanitaryware manufacturers, glass, steel, and stone products are also available.

White is the classic choice, but alternative colours are available. See the product specifications for more details.