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Sanitary fittings such as butterfly valves, shower hoses, drain channels, & more, can be produced by the manufacturers we work with. Buy them now online.

Buy Quality Sanitary Fittings Wholesale

  • Shower channel Legal 360
    Shower channel Legal 360

    The Legal 360 shower tray from Mertonox is a compromise between excellent functions and impeccable price. The grate of the pallet is square, the drain drained to the side.

  • Shower channel Standard Deluxe
    Shower channel Standard Deluxe

    Shower channel Standard Deluxe is a universal solution for your bathroom with increased bandwidth. The water flow rate in this model is 32 l/min.

  • Collector 3 outputs 3/4 "x 1/2
    Collector 3 outputs 3/4 "x 1/2

    The collector for 3 outputs by Santim is a strong and reliable sanitary fittings. The product has a high resistance to corrosion, compact overall dimensions, and also easy to manage.

  • Water supply GIANT 3/4" g/g 30 cm
    Water supply GIANT 3/4" g/g 30 cm

    The water supply from Santim is a flexible connection that is intended for the installation of sanitary ware. If your bathroom has hard-to-reach places where you can not use regular pipes, then the water dispenser from Santim is the solution to your problem.

  • Geberit Drain Systems
    Geberit Drain Systems
    Geberit RUS

    The Geherit drain system is the functionality in the best shape. A distinctive feature of the system is a low installation height.

  • Ванна Астра
    Ванна Астра

    Стильная ванна с удобными подголовниками позволит Вам снять напряжение и усталость. Благодаря своей изящности ванна «Астра» прекрасно дополнит любой интерьер.

  • SIAMP Watertune WC
    SIAMP Watertune WC

    Watertune is a revolutionnary WC solution using artificial intelligence to flush according to the analysis of the bowl content. Equiped with a presence detection system, Watertune is flushing for the user when he leaves the toilets and is assessing hygiene and water consumption. Watersaving can go up to 75% based on a traditional dual flush system; with a minimum of 1.5l flushed.

  • D0100 Siphon
    D0100 Siphon
    ANI plast

    High-quality siphon for washing ANI Plast D0100 is made of white plastic. The neck is made of stainless steel. It is equipped with a hydraulic seal.

  • 111.362.00.05 Toilet Frame
    111.362.00.05 Toilet Frame

    Flexible connection for the corner shut-off valve for the toilet seat frame does not require any tools for installation. The water connections to the fully sealed concealed cistern are centered at the rear or top.

  • ANI Siphon
    ANI Siphon

    ANI Siphon is a siphon for kitchen sinks with a drain hole diameter of 50mm.

  • Terla Freelime Shower Head
    Terla Freelime Shower Head

    Terla Freelime Shower Head to save water in the shower from the Italian manufacturer Terla Freelime limits the flow by 75%, while leaving complete comfort when used.

  • Water-Saving Shower Head Bidwin Spa
    Water-Saving Shower Head Bidwin Spa

    Until recently, water saving in the shower was limited only to the use of water flow economists, which greatly increased the pressure at the outlet from the watering can, and thus increased comfort with the use of a shower, even with minimal water flow.

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When investing in sanitary fittings it’s vital that trusted suppliers are used. WorldBuild365 We offer items like sanitary butterfly valves that have been produced by professional, highly regarded manufacturers. All the products we stock are:

Highly durable, and therefore have a long lifespan

Functional, and can be used in a number of different items such as showers and sinks

Adaptable, and can be given different finishes to suit specific sanitary areas

All these sanitary fittings can be bought wholesale. More details are provided about them below.


Valves, Siphons, Hoses, and Pipes

We can supply:

A range of industry standard valves. We actually consult with manufacturers of not only butterfly valves, but ball, reverse, and many other types too. Each valve allows the regulation of gas and liquids at different temperatures, and are generally durable. However, there are several key differences between them – ball valves give a tighter seal and are better suited to projects involving the flow of gas. Butterfly valves are smaller and lighter and require less support. While reverse valves can be used to turn a flow in the opposite direction.

Siphons for washbasins, shower trays, bathtubs, sinks, and more. There are corrugated, small, and other types of siphons available for many different kinds of requirements and projects.

Rigid and flexible hoses for showers and other sanitary uses. These have long lifetimes and can be as short as 200mm, up to as long as 2000mm.

Pipes made of copper, steel, plastic, and more – copper piping is highly resistant to corrosion and isn’t prone to leaks. Steel piping is incredibly strong. Plastic piping, specifically PVC, is normally used to carry high pressured water is ideal for carrying main water supplies into a property. It should be noted that both rigid and flexible piping can be provided.

Drain Plugs, and Drain Channels

We’re in contact with sanitary fittings manufacturers who can make:

Pop-up wastes are an alternative to the traditional drain plugs found in sinks, bathtubs, showers, and so on. A button is positioned on the faucet of the fitting in question. When pressed it will trigger the pop-up waste, which will open, and any liquids will flow into it.

Click-clacks are drain plugs that must be opened with a firm press. Unlike pop-up wastes there is no separate lever or button necessary.

Drain channels are ideal for use in wet rooms, particularly those with showers. They’re practical yet stylish fittings which allow for the efficient removal of all waste water. What’s more, they can be fitted flush with floors to give a unique look.


Bottle Traps and Control Plates

Additional specialist items that can be supplied include, but aren’t limited to:

Bottle traps specially designed to prevent potentially harmful gases from entering a bathroom. There are various sizes, shapes, and finishes available from the sanitary fitting manufacturers we work with. And therefore a bottle trap can be found to suit the current fittings found in a specific room.

Trumpet control plates which allow for an elegant flush system. A user needs simply to press the plus button to trigger a full flush, and the minus button to trigger a half flush – very little activation force is required. The system is tried and tested, and comes with a two year warranty.