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Buy wholesale swimming pool equipment & accessories from WorldBuild365 - we're trusted swimming pool equipment suppliers. Get pool filters, covers, & more!
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Get Swimming Pool Equipment Wholesale Through WorldBuild365

Swimming pools are a year-round source of relaxation and entertainment. Getting the correct swimming pool equipment from reputable manufacturers is essential for:

Quality assurance - products are fit for purpose

Longevity - products are designed to last

Versatility - products are chosen for strength and durability
WorldBuild365 provides a whole range of swimming pool equipment from reliable wholesale suppliers, and also offers wholesale pool supplies.


Swimming Pools

With careful planning even the smallest space can house a swimming pool!

Swimming pool bowls made from high quality fibreglass are available with modern coatings. The most obvious advantages are affordability and the speed of manufacture, alongside easy maintenance and a smooth, non-abrasive finish. Fibreglass can flex without cracking, so it can accommodate any ground movement. Lengths, widths, and heights vary according to requirements.

Composite pools are equipped with handrails located near the surface of the water, providing support for bathers and giving additional strength to the bowl. Using high-tech ceramics and osmosis, the pool stays warmer and is very durable. Damage to the pool is eliminated due to this unique ceramic technology.

Spa pools come in a range of sizes with differing numbers of pumps and nozzles. Adjustable counter flow systems and hydro massage therapy provide the ultimate in relaxation! Pool spas are modern and elegant with massage jets that achieve a deep, full body massage. Special overflow devices allow water to be poured from the bowl quickly.

Mini-pools have a comfortable ergonomic seat, and a variety of features including underwater lights, lumbar hydro massage jets, aromatherapy, an ozone disinfection system, and more. These small pools can be installed anywhere, making them an indispensable addition when space is limited.

Dream pools are designed for every kind of water recreation, as they’re a complete swimming pool complex. The oval shape allows swimming, water sports, and parties of up to 16 people. There’s no need to disassemble the kit for winter months as its intended to stay outside by utilizing a cold-resistant feature. Pools are easy to assemble and install, and the durable construction means they’ll last for years.

Swimming Pool Equipment

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor pools, this swimming pool equipment is supplied by WorldBuild365 from trusted manufacturers:

Filters are integral parts of any pool as they keep the water clean and clear. Cutting edge technology features fibreglass swimming pool filters with pressure sensors, moulded covers, and manual purge values. Filtration capacity models are constructed from polyester resin and glass, and are recommended for all kind of pools, including seawater. Economy swimming pool filters have everything built-in, and are extremely powerful.

Pumps are used to ensure a continuous circulation of water in the pool, and are connected through an adhesive coupling accessory. Water is integrated through a pre-filtration system before being supplied to the main filter. Pump capacities and power units vary according to the size of the pool. Opt for pumps with hair and fibre traps for optimum efficiency. Easy-clean concepts and reliability ensure low maintenance costs.

Enclosures are designed for the comfort of a covered pool – measurements according to requirements. Wholesale pool covers are economical as well as being visually pleasing, and allow maximum usage of the pool. They’re effective in trapping the heat of the sun, and preventing early morning evaporation. Enclosures are available in different styles, materials, and designs to make the pool a focal point.

Cleaners are needed for cleaning floor areas in all pool shapes. The fully automatic cleaning robot has a powerful cleaning capacity in order to remove all dirt. A timer function enables the start and duration of the work, and the easy-to-use programme display allows the individual setting of cleaning levels, pool length and lining, and delay times. The stable transport trolley is made of aluminium. A must have for the proper cleaning of all pools.

Ladders are a perfect addition to any poolside. Polished stainless steel ladders are elegant and trendy, and rubber feet make adhesion safe and secure. The long lasting finish ensures no degradation or rusting over time, and there’s virtually no maintenance required.