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Whatever items you need to accessorize the swimming pool you have installed - or when you're looking for a reliable service to install a pool for you - WorldBuild365 is the place to start

View the Ranges of Leading Swimming Pool Suppliers

  • H2O Home Pool
    H2O Home Pool
    ATM Invest

    If your life is scheduled by minute, if your schedule does not allow you to be distracted by moving to a sports club, and swimming is a vital need, the H2O Home sports pool is for you.

  • Shield Protective Covering
    Shield Protective Covering

    The protective covering for Shield pools is a product of the long and laborious development of American scientists in the study of the strength of materials.

  • Snow Room
    Snow Room

    Отличная новинка в сфере здорового отдыха - снежная кабина. An excellent novelty in the field of healthy recreation is the snow cabin.

  • Master Rx Lifting Chair
    Master Rx Lifting Chair
    Master Spas

    The chair is designed for people with disabilities, it is necessary for everyone who undergoes a course of rehabilitation. Is made to order.

  • Fluvo Cobra Carbon Waterfall
    Fluvo Cobra Carbon Waterfall

    Fluvo Cobra Carbon is the most beautiful waterfall for your pool. The waterfall has a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

  • Taehoon Pool Cover
    Taehoon Pool Cover
    Zibo Taehoon Plastic

    Water resistant Pool Cover will suit anyone who has a pool. High-quality material, UV cover and wide range of colours and shapes allow to choose suitable product.

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Get everything you need for pool construction. As well as the latest accessories for an array of water features - direct from leading pool manufacturers. WorldBuild365 gives you one quick-search directory containing high quality products which will allow you to...

Equip large and small pools with ease, thanks to a wide range of products of varying dimensions.

Prepare for pool maintenance and care - with disinfectants, pH treatments, and more.

Get everything you need for saunas too - this is the place to start when you need those final add-ons for steam rooms.

Whatever items you need to accessorize the swimming pool you have installed - or when you're looking for a reliable service to install a pool for you - WorldBuild365 is the place to start...

Sauna and Swimming Pool Accessories

Get all sorts of wholesale swimming pool and sauna accessories from the product lists of the top suppliers in the business. This category can include...

Pool pavilions are enclosed roofing units designed to protect the pool from weather, as well as to act as a shelter for bathers and swimmers. Most frequently made of a transparent material so as not to impede the look of the garden or the view of swimmers, most swimming pool manufacturers offer several heights of swimming pool enclosures to match the surrounding landscape. Some models are designed to remain in place, while others are modular for easy dismantling, or come mounted on track units. This latter option allows them to be pulled out in the event of bad weather, or to act as a shelter at poolside when retracted.

Aesthetic water falls for swimming pools are an unusual but eye-pleasing addition to many a pool space. Designed to draw water up and then allow it to cascade down, these units are available in both modern steel or chrome designs, which can be placed at any contemporary pool edge, as well as systems designed to be concealed inside other garden features for a more natural look, or even for use as a pond addition.

Sauna control panels and thermostat units allow the control of linked electrical appliances in a sauna or steam room. They usually permit the setting of timed steams, temperature control, the setting of delayed starts, control programmed functionality, and even to control humidity if there is a linked steam generator. Most systems will have multiple language options.

Sauna ladles and other implements are often the final purchase when it comes to sauna accessories. Being available in a wide variety of materials and styles, they offer a clear hand-held - and vital - addition to any sauna. They can also serve to highlight the decor of the sauna or steam room as a whole if they share a lined aesthetic.

Pool construction services are an alternative to buying all of the individual components and installing them yourself. They are usually an option for hotel pools, leisure pools, public and sports pools as well as private pools, they tend to be placed towards the top end of the budgetary spectrum.

If you're looking for options like this, you might also be searching for pool building services, pool builders, or swimming pool construction companies.

Swimming Pool Products

Most swimming pool suppliers also stock products which can be used for the upkeep and maintenance of swimming pools and other water features after they've been installed...

Swimming pool disinfectant is usually a stabilized aqueous solution of sodium hypochlorite. It's designed to be both a preventative and curative solution for the care and disinfection of both private and public swimming pools. This product tends to come from manufacturers of wholesale pool goods in large quantities, but generally has a shelf life of at least 12 months after opening.

Swimming pool liquid detergent is designed to lower the pH level of the water in public and private swimming pools, water parks, ponds, fountains, and others. It can be applied manually or via automatic dosing stations. A separate testing kit is usually required to measure the existing pH level of the water.