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WorldBuild365 works with many different kitchen faucets manufacturers in order to supply a wide range of high-end taps - they're available for purchase now.

Kitchen Mixer Taps Suppliers Who Offer Wide Ranging Faucets

  • Essen Kitchen Faucet
    Essen Kitchen Faucet

    Essen Kitchen faucet with ceramic tap valves 180°, produced by Paulmark.

  • Kitchen faucet AERO-33
    Kitchen faucet AERO-33

    100% tested. Body is made of high-quality brass. Economy - 5 l/min. Swivel anti-limestone aerator. Low level of noise. High-quality chrome plated surface, which is resistant to scratches, dents, limescale, rust. Quick installation system.

  • Electronic touchless kitchen faucet Sensate
    Electronic touchless kitchen faucet Sensate
    Kohler Rus

    Jacob Delafon introduces Sensate, an electronic touchless kitchen faucet that makes kitchen tasks faster and more hygienic than standard kitchen faucets.

  • Kitchen Mixer Sydney line
    Kitchen Mixer Sydney line
    Dietsche (Bravat)

    Stylish: The series features elegant, straight lines, captivating with that certain something, and setting it apart from the rest. The high-quality design emphasises modern interior decorating, accentuating it even more. The exceptionally flat lever is an eye catcher and comfortable to use.

  • HansaDesigno

    The delicate body with an elegantly curved, high spout, with fine harmony in the form transitions and precisely executed details. But HANSADESIGNO can do a lot more than just look pretty. Maximum flexibility due to the 360° swivel spout, ease of cleaning thanks to the minimum clearance and a hidden spray regulator mean it is just as functional as it is stylish.

  • Kitchen Mixer Art. 11163
    Kitchen Mixer Art. 11163

    Enjoy kitchen lifestyle by combining personal taste in furnishings with maximum functionality. Effepi offers a wide range of mixers for modern kitchens, with a large choice from cutting-edge models and innovative finishes, for an effective response to the needs for practicality, functionality and beauty.

  • HansaLoft

    In spite of its omnipresence, real style has a subtle and reserved manner that is genuinely true.

  • HansaMurano

    Our company was inspired by the classic fountains of past eras, when created HansaMurano. Isn't it wonderful to have a small fountain in your house? Hansa answers on this question. Hansa bathroom mixer combines the functions of the washbasin and fountain.

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Kitchen mixer taps will be used throughout the day, everyday, in a property. Therefore they need to be provided by a trusted water tap supplier, and be:

Strong and therefore resistant to scratching, staining, and high temperatures.

Long lasting to withstand many years of use.

Smoothly turned on and off for maximum convenience

Easily maintained and installed

As a professional kitchen mixer taps supplier, WorldBuild365 can deliver all these benefits and much more - we work with many kitchen faucets manufacturers skilled in the construction of a wide variety of monobloc taps. These can be made in a wide variety of different styles, and include all kinds of features.


Tap Finishes to Match Specific Styles

When buying faucets wholesale it’s important to take into account the resources they’re made from. As professional kitchen tap suppliers, we can deliver taps made of the following materials, and more...

Ceramic taps are relatively robust and can withstand extreme temperatures in the form of hot plates, pans, and other items. Furthermore, it should be noted that this type of tap is relatively inexpensive.

Chrome taps are stylish and will enhance the look and feel of all kitchen items that surround them. They are, however, less durable than stainless steel ones.

Granite taps aren’t just beautiful, they’re totally functional. In fact, faucet manufacturers can create taps out of this material that have superior heat, scratch, chip, and stain resistance.

Stainless steel taps aren’t only durable and practical, but easily installed too – unlike heavier sinks which require further supports under-mount. In addition, detergents and heat are unlikely to cause damage, and cracks and chips are unlikely to occur.

Matt taps are easier to clean that most others. And also have moderate levels of strength and resistance.


Varying Tap Controls for a Personalised Touch

Two-handles are found on the majority of taps, and feature one handle for cold, and one for hot. They can be mounted in a single hole in a kitchen sink.

Single-lever varieties allow for water flow and temperature control with just one hand. The lever can be fitted at the top or on the side of a tap body depending on specific requirements.

Button control enables the starting and stopping of water flow with one simple press. The button is usually found on the side of a tap.


High-Tech Faucets

Touchless faucets feature special sensors that detect movements in their immediate vicinity – a mere wave of the hand will turn the water flow on or off. The devices have been designed for total precision. This means they can’t be activated accidentally. Moreover, these sensors don’t need to be powered by separate batteries.

Thermostatic faucets allow for precision controlled water flow. The water can be regulated at specific temperatures by way of a touch screen fitted at the top of the tap body.