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Match any interior design requirements - the huge range you can find in this directory means there'll be something for every situation.

Get Wholesale Kitchen Furniture and Accessories

  • Stone countertop
    Stone countertop

    Stone countertop is stylish element of house and it also underline an exquisite taste of home owners. To buy a stone countertop - means to create convenience and comfort for many years.

  • Kitchen "Lora"
    Kitchen "Lora"

    Facades kitchens film, thanks to this application, they have a high resistance to mechanical damage and moisture, as well as opportunities decorative treatment. Deep milled, bent film door will give your kitchen a spectacular and modern look.

  • Hafele kitchen headset
    Hafele kitchen headset

    Planning and increase comfort and functionality in the kitchen. That all are famous headset from the company Häfele.

  • Kitchen Quintessence
    Kitchen Quintessence

    Our Quintessence kitchens includes 4 types-forces of nature: water, fire, earth and air.Each kitchen has it's own combination of colors. All kitchen are made from oak. We do not just design kitchens, we shape a space for you in order to be able to express yourself in that, we make a space where you would experience emotions and get satisfaction from living. For more information- please contact us

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Arm yourself with the list of items you need, and consult WorldBuild365 to find a list of the top kitchen suppliers who stock them. A whole range of reliable kitchen furniture manufacturers display their products in this huge directory, so it'll be easy for you to locate items which:

Match any interior design requirements - the huge range you can find in this directory means there'll be something for every situation.

Fit out a whole kitchen, or just accessorize as required.

Meet your desired price point - get a wholesale kitchen door, reduced rates on bulk purchases, and more offers from your manufacturer!

There's always something new in this ever-growing product list. So it's always worth checking back to see if your favored kitchen manufacturers have expanded their range...

Kitchen Sets

Full kitchen units allow you to easily purchase matching decor for an entire room...

Complete kitchen furniture sets are a way for kitchen countertop manufacturers and kitchen accessories manufacturers to combine their products into a whole which caters to the needs of any home improvement, renovation, or new build installation. The styles and aesthetic appearances of full ktichen sets are many and varied, and the types of companies supplying them equally diverse. These sets tend to include fitted worktops and cabinets, including wall-mounted units. Materials favored for their manufacture include glass, ceramics, lacquer varnish, metal, and wood. All will be designed to resist changes in temperature, humidity, and spills. Many suppliers offer modular units which allow you to customize the design to meet any spatial requirements in the property in question.

Kitchen storage units are also often available individually - especially the pull-out corner units. These are sometimes known as magic corners, pull out baskets, or tall units.

Other similar search terms include kitchen furniture sets, kitchen designs, kitchen units, kitchen worktops, and kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen Accessories

From doors to spice racks, this category covers the product ranges of a huge number of kitchen accessories suppliers. Entering your search into the WorldBuild365 directory gives you a great head start when you want to buy wholesale kitchen items like this...

Kitchen doors, while not strictly furniture, are a popular type of kitchen accessory. Kitchen door manufacturers tend to produce sturdy products, especially when they're designed to be fitted to a doorframe which allows exterior access. All the standard types of door are usually available from your kitchen door suppliers - with and without windows, with cat flaps fitted, for example - with a wide range of material types being on offer, allowing you to match any decor.

Fitted spice racks are an example of wholesale kitchen accessories which it can be very useful to purchase direct from the manufacturer. They're designed to fit a set number of spices, and can be matched to any kind of decor.

Tables and Chairs

The classic kitchen table and chair sets are the main product of many kitchen furniture suppliers...

Kitchen chairs are almost universally designed to be easy to clean, and suitable for a wide range of environmental conditions. This usually means a metal frame construction, occasionally with fabric covering the seating and backing areas. Wood with fabric panels is another popular material combination, as are various plastics.

Kitchen tables often come with their own set of chairs. Many kitchen table manufacturers favor wood or wood-effect materials because of their ability to give any room a warm and pleasing, "homely" aesthetic. Other popular materials include laminate porphyry sand glass tops on a metal frame for a spacious appearance, and tables and table boards made out of natural stone. Natural stone in particular is a higher end option perfect for creating centerpieces which create a real impact.