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A range of different dimensions - suitable for every kitchen space and volume of food that needs to be produced. Gas and electric versions - of many different makes and models.

Kitchen Appliances Suppliers - Commercial Electric and Gas Ovens

  • Oven BBQ Saunday 732
    Oven BBQ Saunday 732

    Oven BBQ Saunday 732 with the possibility of a complete set of natural granite countertop. The standard delivery includes a kettle, grill, surface plates, sink, grill, grill, skewers frame, pipe-sandwich corners, ash pan, oven and a kettle CMH work surface.

  • PePo Desktop waredryer
    PePo Desktop waredryer

    White desktop drying for ware has high rates of durability and reliability of a design. The pallet will allow to use drying even in the absence of a crockery case.


    модель z10 овальная с крылом размер 575x450х190 .изготовлена ​​в уникальном ГЛЯНЦЕВОМ ИСПОЛНЕНИИ .материал- с кварцевым составом, который делает мой класс механически тверже, чем чисто мраморные мойки (по таблице мооса кварц по твердости эквивалент граниту и тверже на 3 степени чем мрамор) .внешняя поверхность гелькоут. 30 моделей моек в 20 цветах в глянце и матовом исполнении

Peruse the ranges of modern kitchen appliance manufacturers in one easy-to-search directory - WorldBuild365. Here you'll find it simple to locate the leading companies in the industry, and get the equipment you need to outfit any industrial or commercial kitchen. The suppliers in this directory offer equipment which provides:

The right heat source for oven cooking, flash cooking, baking, and many other culinary endeavors.

Gas and electric versions - of many different makes and models.

A range of different dimensions - suitable for every kitchen space and volume of food that needs to be produced.

WorldBuild365 is a constantly updated business platform, so when you need to purchase a wholesale kitchen appliance it's always worth checking back to see if any manufacturers have updated their ranges to offer better deals...

Natural Gas Ovens and Burner Ovens

Natural gas ovens and range ovens form the backbone of most commercial kitchens. They can be used to perform almost any method of cookery, and come from a number of reliable gas oven suppliers in different makes and models...

Multiple burner natural gas ovens are the workhorses of many commercial kitchens. Most commercial kitchen appliance suppliers will stock more than one model of unit, with popular number of gas burners being four, six, and eight. Most ovens of this type will be designed to handle very large trays, frequently with anti-tilt measures in place. Fast ignition and heating capabilities are also a standard requirement. Heavy pan supports around the burners are to be expected as well. Cleaning can usually be easily achieved thanks to the fact that this type of unit is designed by most restaurant kitchen equipment suppliers to be simple to take apart, clean, and reassemble.

Searches linked to this type of product include commercial ovens, industrial ovens, commercial kitchen ovens, industrial kitchen ovens, burner ovens, and gas hob suppliers.

Electric Ovens

Electric ovens are a great option for many commercial kitchens, or for performing more specialist cooking tasks within larger food preparation environments...

Multi-function commercial combi ovens are essentially commercially-rated units similar to the domestic models found in many homes. They're easy to use and control, and offer superior performance. Many different volumes of combi oven are available from a number of electric oven manufacturers, offering the capacity for a wide array of purposes. They are popularly used in baking and back-kitchen environments, but have many other uses besides. The most advanced models will reduce energy requirements by only drawing in water to create steam when it is required, while other models may have integrated boilers.

Convection ovens are usually used for baking bread, cakes, and other confectionery items. Models from the best electric oven suppliers are designed for even heating throughout the cooking chamber, and will have multiple shelves which can be easily removed, as well as an enamel lining for more straightforward cleaning.

Commercial fryers are available in both counter-top and larger free-standing varieties. Almost any type of commercial kitchen, large or small, will need a fryer of some description. These fast-acting commercial units are designed to heat up quickly, be easy to clean, and provide safety in the form of safe temperature cut-out controls and so on.

You might also be looking for floor standing fryers, electrical fryers, or gas fryers.

Other Heaters and Cookers

In addition to trusted gas oven manufacturers, the WorldBuild365 product directory includes suppliers which can provide an array of other commercial kitchen cooking equipment...

Grills are used for the quick grilling of all kinds of meats, as well as to flash cook other elements of a meal. Most kitchen appliance suppliers will stock gas or electric models, suitable for different set-ups and purposes. Almost all will have multiple temperature controls for different portions of the grill, and a removable dip tray for easy cleaning.

Linked search terms include commercial gas grills and commercial electric grills.

Bain Maries store food at a temperature that's ready to be served, without the risk of overcooking. Most models are quite small so that they can fit within food preparation areas easily, will not require plumbing in, and can be emptied quickly and easily from the front to prevent the need for too much manhandling during cleaning.

Hot cupboards are also designed to store food at a higher than room temperature, in this case by circulating heated air through an enclosed chamber. The most important design requirement for these models is usually that they distribute heat evenly throughout the interior. Most are designed to be taken apart so that they can be cleaned easily.