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Matches any volume requirements in terms of the level of business the kitchen is expected to do.
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Fit out entire commercial and industrial kitchens with ease. WorldBuild365 is the place to start when you need to search the ranges of leading commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers, getting you the best value for your budget. Here you'll have the best chance at finding equipment which:

Matches any volume requirements in terms of the level of business the kitchen is expected to do.

Fit in with many price points - suitable for both large and small commercial kitchens.

Can cook, wash, freeze, chill, store - and much more!

The product directory you'll find here is constantly updating, so it's always worth checking back to see if you can find more items or get an even better deal from the commercial kitchen equipment suppliers you're interested in...


Most restaurant kitchen equipment suppliers will provide appliances which allow the cooling and freezing of all types of cuisine. They're vital for almost any type of commercial kitchen...

Large fridges and freezers come in many models, including both large freestanding models and units designed to be integrated into stainless steel counters. Counter fridges and freestanding units alike are designed to be hard wearing and hard working, and unlike most domestic models, can withstand being open for a protracted period of time. Most will be fitted with easy to read external or internal digital temperature readouts to allow staff to monitor the internal conditions for the purposes of health and safety records.

You might also be in need of commercial kitchen fridges, commercial kitchen freezers, and chest freezers.


These dishwashing and cleaning units are available from a wide variety of commercial kitchen manufacturers, designed for use in even the busiest food preparation environments...

Dishwashers designed for use in commercial kitchens are heavy duty models set up to allow rapid, straightforward, and effective washing of large volumes of all kinds of kitchenware. This can include ceramics, crockery, glass, stainless steel pots, and more. Dishwasher and sink units, counter top dishwashers, and undercounter dishwashers are all available.

Linked search terms include commercial glass washers, and utensil and potwashers.

Sink units that are suitable for busy commercial kitchens come in various types. One of the most popular to be bought from most commercial kitchen suppliers is a single unit fitted with a raised lip on all edges, designed to prevent items from sliding off. Undershelving is a given standard on most units, allowing for drying or dirty items to be stored on the unit itself without taking up valuable counter space. Many models will feature adjustable feet to allow placement on uneven surfaces. Both double and single sink units are commonly available.

Storage and Surfaces

Most industrial kitchen equipment manufacturers prefer stainless steel as the material to be used in construction because of its immense durability, easy maintenance and clean-wipe capabilities, not to mention its hypoallergenic qualities...

Stainless steel cupboards tend to come in units designed to be wall mounted, as well as freestanding units. Many dimensions and sizes are available from a number of different restaurant kitchen equipment manufacturers, with some models featuring in-built refrigerators and other equipment described in the sections above.

Stainless steel preparation tables are often fitted with undershelves and upstands. They offer outstanding value for money whilst still being practical. They are one of the most popular and sought-after pieces of wholesale commercial kitchen equipment, equally useful for making a central island or lining walls.