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Come in various models suitable for upgrading, replacement, or installation of both spa showers and spa baths.

A Constantly Updating List of Hydromassage Bath Manufacturers

  • WellONE Premium
    WellONE Premium
    Wellis Hungary

    The WELLONE hot tub makes relaxation simply unforgettable. Three key elements combined to create a therapeutic, stress-relieving environment: heat, buoyancy and massage. Massage alone is proven to reduce stress, calm anxiety, enhance sleep quality and improve concentration. Find yourself in a relaxing paradise! Our increasingly stressful lives cry out for those little oasis of calm.

  • Elbrus Premium
    Elbrus Premium
    Wellis Hungary

    A main control unit and two extra control panels are included with this model. The massage pumps can thus be controlled from any of the seats. Besides, the PULSAR™ system enables you to choose from 9 tailor-made massage programmes in one of the seats. The fantastic AquaSOUL™ sound system and the smartphone WiFi application proides exceptional comfort.

  • Rio 200
    Rio 200
    Wellis Hungary

    As perfect as a circle. This 2,18 meters diameter round hot tub is built with 22 water jets to provide full back massage for 5 adults, easyly accessible top load filter, ozone water disinfection, 2 HP double speed massage pumps and exclusive chromotherapy LED lighting and round array open seating space.

  • Massage Bathtub BT-65103
    Massage Bathtub BT-65103

    Acrylic hydro-massage bathtub with backlight.

  • Gen-X Top Bath
    Gen-X Top Bath
    Gruppo Treesse

    Gen-X Top Bath is a technological innovation by the Gruppo Treese company. This hydromassage system is designed for taking water procedures mainly in the sitting position. The bathroom is equipped with a variety of technologies for convenience and comfort.

  • Riho HIT 2  Hydromassage system
    Riho HIT 2 Hydromassage system

    Riho HIT 2 is a hydromassage system with pneumatic control. 6 nozzles are located on the sides, 4 are designed for back massage, 2 - for the legs. The pressure adjustment is carried out by means of a special screw. The number of nozzles can be changed depending on the type of bath.

  • Alive Whirlpool
    Alive Whirlpool
    Jaquar & Company

    Alive from Jaquar. Bathrooms that express the beauty of asymmetry. Discover a design that goes beyond the predictability of symmetry. Jaquar offers a design of whirlpool baths in a new design direction with the Alive collection. A unique combination of straight lines and sensual curves. Alive reflects the trend, opening up new opportunities that provide asymmetry in forms.

  • Foot Washer
    Foot Washer
    Karya Tunas Mustika

    Foot Washer is mainly to provide convenience for the elderly, pregnant women, and people who suffer from disabilities. With the ease of use and simple, washers foot is ideal for use for all members your family.

  • Jacuzzi Brand
    Jacuzzi Brand

    Jacuzzi Products revolutionized the pump industry by developing a pump for orchards, earning them a gold medal award in 1930. AM-Group is an exclusive Jacuzzi dealer in the Russian Federation.

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Get a wholesale spa pool to make sure you're paying the best price for the massage bath units that you need. The WorldBuild365 directory contains a comprehensive list of the products of some of the top spa bath suppliers in the business. They provide products which offer:

Different shapes and dimensions - suitable for fitting inside properties with only confined or very limited areas available.

Many price points, with models being on offer from both the budget and extravagant end of the scale.

Massage programs to suit need, with many models providing several pre-programmed options.

Choose the model that's right for your project from the directory here on WorldBuild365. The product list is constantly updating to reflect the ranges of all the spa bath and hot tub manufacturers that are linked to...

Hydromassage Systems

Come in various models suitable for upgrading, replacement, or installation of both spa showers and spa baths. These can include...

Acrylic baths with hydromassage systems are your standard type of bath tub fitted with the hydro jets required to provide the buoyancy, heat, and massage effect required for hydromassage. Most are fitted with chrome or stainless steel handles to allow easy entry and exit from the tub without there being any danger of the handles suffering any wear and tear from protracted use. Most units are fitted with standard taps or mixer taps as well, in order to allow the tub to be used without hydromassage functions.

Rectangular hydromassage baths are specifically produced by hydromassage bath manufacturers to be suited for bathrooms where a more traditional shape of tub is required. They will almost certainly provide identical functionality to the more familiar shapes of spa tubs, but are often useful in renovation or home upgrades because they can be placed neatly where the previous standard bath unit fitted without need for serious alteration work.

Programmable spa baths come fitted with pre-programmed routines allowing for different massages depending on user preferences and requirements. These high tech models are usually also equipped with music playing capabilities, as well as, frequently, the ability to link up with a user's smartphone via Bluetooth or WiFi.

Hydro massage panels and show systems can be fitted into even smaller spaces than other units, and are often used to replace existing shower units without extensive alteration work being required. Most models would only require the replacement of the shower system rather than the entire shower enclosure. Some offer additional OVO seating so that the shower can be enjoyed for longer.

Hut tubs also commonly provide massage functions. They're generally intended for exterior installation, and are suitable for use by one or more persons. Larger models can sometimes accept half a dozen people or more. The best models will include a top load filter which can be accessed easily, and ozone water disinfection capabilities.

Other Washing and Massage Systems

As well as allowing you to connect with a leading hydromassage bath supplier, this huge products directory also contains ancillary items suitable for similar uses...

Foot washers are a popular linked item, often provided in properties for the convenience of the elderly, people who suffer from disabilities, and pregnant women. Most foot washers do not requite electrical current in order to operate, and can be hooked up without professional knowledge.

Steam sauna units can turn any shower into a small, enclosed sauna.